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Youtube Video Downloader

Hi all,
I m going to make a Youtube Video Downloader in JAVA, but i dont know where to start and how to do this... i have googled a lot to find any help in this case but i didn't find any helpful material...

Apr 5 '09 #1
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First you need to have the swf file then use URL class API then i think you can get the help.
If you want to incorporate the Java file with the Youtube player then i think it's not possible ;)
Ok i m also trying, let's see what happens with URL class ;)
Apr 6 '09 #2
2,476 2GB
See i tested this code but i could not able to download ..i able to save the SWF file but it's not playing and even not saying that this is an invalid file.
My code goes here.

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  2. import java.io.BufferedInputStream;
  3. import java.io.BufferedOutputStream;
  4. import java.io.FileOutputStream;
  5. import java.net.InetAddress;
  6. import java.net.InetSocketAddress;
  7. import java.net.Proxy;
  8. import java.net.SocketAddress;
  9. import java.net.URL;
  11. /*
  12.  * To change this template, choose Tools | Templates
  13.  * and open the template in the editor.
  14.  */
  15. import java.net.URLConnection;
  17. /**
  18.  *
  19.  * @author Admin
  20.  */
  21. public class SWfDowloader {
  22.     public static void main(String a[]) throws Exception{
  23.         String swf_path = "http://s.ytimg.com/yt/swf/watch_v8-vfl87635.swf";
  24.         URL swf_url = new URL(swf_path);
  25.         byte address[] = {(byte)144,(byte)16,(byte)192,(byte)245};
  26.         SocketAddress socket_address = new InetSocketAddress(InetAddress.getByAddress(address),8080);
  27.         Proxy proxy = new Proxy(Proxy.Type.HTTP,socket_address);
  28.         URLConnection url_conn = swf_url.openConnection(proxy);
  29.         url_conn.connect();
  30.         BufferedInputStream swf_in_stream = new BufferedInputStream(url_conn.getInputStream());
  31.         FileOutputStream swf_file = new FileOutputStream("d:/test.swf");
  32.         BufferedOutputStream swf_out_stream = new BufferedOutputStream(swf_file);
  33.         byte bytes[] = new byte[512];
  34.         int read_bytes = 0;
  35.         while((read_bytes=swf_in_stream.read(bytes))!=-1)
  36.             swf_out_stream.write(bytes, 0,read_bytes);
  38.         swf_in_stream.close();
  39.         swf_file.close();
  40.         swf_out_stream.close();
  41.     }
  42. }
I think the part of the SWF file downloaded.you know when you play a video in Youtube then it takes time to play the full one ...but i am not sure that the whole content i am getting here .. you also try ...i also keep searching. Le's see what happens ;)
Apr 6 '09 #3
The swf file you are downloading is the flv player while we need the flv file not the swf file...

Apr 6 '09 #4
but they havnt included the feature for download :)
I have a youtube downloader on vb i m thinking to convert that into java.... may be that logic works for java too....
Apr 6 '09 #6
2,476 2GB
I didn't get you what you meant ;)
What you need ..Flash View Player?
Apr 6 '09 #7
I need to download videos from youtube.. this is what i want.
I didnt want to build a youtube client application...
Apr 6 '09 #8
2,476 2GB
How do you incorporate your Java code into the Youtube player?
What i did that's not downloading the full one.
Let's try with another file..what my code says ;)
Apr 7 '09 #9
2,476 2GB
See..Just now i tried with one link.
I tried to download it using my code.
But it's not working :(
When i tried to unzip it then it said "unexpected end of archive" but it shown me the proper file structure.
Could anyone tell me what happened? ;)

One more thing .. The file was 17K and my calculations was also 17.48 K on the basis of read bytes :) I don't what went wrong?
Apr 7 '09 #10
2,476 2GB
I tried with one more link "http://www.prototypejs.org/assets/2008/1/25/prototype-"
That's the plain text file so that i could check the easily how much left to download.
Right now i saw that some of the bytes left to download ... the same thing happened with ZIP file ;) What would be the reason? Where i did wrong so that it behaved like this?
Apr 7 '09 #11

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