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find a word in a string.

my problem is that im unable to match a user input word to a word in a string. the strings are in a file and then placed in nodes. i have to go through each token in each node to find the 'word'.
but my code doesn't work. how can i make my code to understand that word: "night" == token in node: "night." .

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  1. import java.util.*;
  2. import java.io.*;
  3. import java.util.StringTokenizer;
  6. class edit 
  7. {
  8.    class Node 
  9.    {
  10.       Node next;
  11.       String text;
  12.    }
  13.     private Node head;
  14.     boolean openB=false;
  15.     Node m=new Node();
  16.     int i;
  18.     Scanner myScanner=new Scanner(System.in);
  20.    System.out.printl
  21.    public void menu() throws Exception
  22.    {
  23.       System.out.println("Enter option --> ");
  24.       String cmd=myScanner.next();
  26.       if(cmd.equals("open"))
  27.       {
  28.          linecount=0;
  29.          System.out.print("Enter file name : ");
  30.          fname=myScanner.next();
  31.          openB=open(fname);
  32.       }
  33.       else if(cmd.equals("find"))
  34.       {
  35.          System.out.print("Text to find? ");
  36.          String textFind=myScanner.next();
  37.          System.out.println("ontop of method call: "+textFind);
  38.          find(textFind);
  39.       } 
  40.       else
  41.          break;
  42.    }
  43.    public void find(String s) 
  44.    {
  45.       m=head;
  46.       i=1;
  47.       String temp, line;
  49.       System.out.print("Found on line(s): ");
  50.       while(m!=null) 
  51.       {
  52.           if(i==1)
  53.              line=head.text;
  54.           else
  55.              line=m.text;
  57.           StringTokenizer tokenizer=new StringTokenizer(line);
  58.           while(tokenizer.hasMoreTokens())
  59.           { 
  60.                temp=tokenizer.nextToken();
  61.                if( temp.equals(s))
  62.                { System.out.print(" "+i); }
  63.           }
  64.           m=m.next;
  65.           i++;
  66.       } 
  67.    }
  69. }
Sep 25 '08 #1
1 3920
11,448 Expert 8TB
Your code doesn't even compile; you have to fix that first.

kind regards,

Sep 26 '08 #2

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