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jpeg manipulation using java

some of my friends have planned to do A F.R. project using a simple algorithm Eigen Faces usnig Principal Component Analysis( by turk and Petland )

I have used the following code to extract pixel values from a Jpeg image , but it gives me negative values wen i print the pixel values!!
I dont know if I can continue with negative values for further computation like finding the co-variance matrix ...eigen vectors etc... ...
If u know anything please reply.....

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  1. private byte bytes[]=null;
  2. private double doubles[] = null;
  3. private String filename=null;
  4. private int height = 0;
  5. private int width = 0;
  8. private void readImage() throws FileNotFoundException, IOException {
  10. FileInputStream fIn = new FileInputStream(filename);
  11. JPEGImageDecoder jpeg_decode = JPEGCodec.createJPEGDecoder(fIn);
  12. BufferedImage image = jpeg_decode.decodeAsBufferedImage();
  15. width = image.getWidth();
  16. height = image.getHeight();
  18. int[] rgbdata = new int[width * height];
  20. image.getRGB(0,0,width,height,rgbdata,0,width);
  23. bytes = new byte[rgbdata.length];
  24. doubles = new double[rgbdata.length];
  26. for (int i = 0; i < bytes.length; i++) {
  27. bytes = (byte) (rgbdata & 0xFF);
  28. doubles = (double)(rgbdata);
  29. }
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1. I think you are using old code for reading a jpeg that is not part of the J2SE. You can now use class javax.imageio.ImageIO:

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  1. BufferedImage image = ImageIO.read(url_or_file_etc...);
2. Your code doesn't compile (rgbdata is an array so you can't write "rgbdata & 0xFF"), but I'm guessing your problem is the following. You have some data in a byte. In Java bytes are always signed, so they hold a value in the range [-128,127]. Nevertheless, most programmers use them as though they held a value in the range [0,255]. To obtain this "unsigned" value, do the following:

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  1. byte b = ...
  2. int value = b & 0xff;
I hope the problem doesn't really have to do with your algorithm, which went flying over my head.

If you still have a problem, post a SSCCE: http://mindprod.com/jgloss/sscce.html
Jan 11 '08 #2
Thanks!!!!!!!!!!! i'll be back if i have any more queries
Jan 12 '08 #3
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Please remember to provide a meaningful Title for any threads started (see the FAQ entry Use a Good Thread Title).

This helps to ensure that other members, and also the general public, will have a better chance of finding answers to any similar questions.

Jan 14 '08 #4

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