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help with Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NullP ointerException

1 New Member
HI i am writing this for college i know i have loads of combo boxes with nothing in the i havent got that far yet. but every time i run this is comes up with this erro
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NullP ointerException
at java.awt.Contai ner.addImpl(Con tainer.java:104 1)
at java.awt.Contai ner.add(Contain er.java:365)
at orderingsystem. OrderingSystem. <init>(Ordering System.java:261 )
at orderingsystem. OrderingSystem. main(OrderingSy stem.java:361)
Java Result: 1
BUILD SUCCESSFUL (total time: 1 second)
thanks for any help

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* and open the template in the editor.
package orderingsystem;

import javax.swing.*;
import java.lang.Strin g;
import java.awt.*;
import java.awt.event. *;
import java.text.Numbe rFormat;
import java.util.Local e;

* @author Scott.Emberson1 2
public class OrderingSystem extends JFrame {

//Genral widegets
JPanel panelWidget;
Toolkit toolkit;
JButton buttonWidget;
JLabel PizzaShackWidge t;
JLabel priceLabel;
JLabel subtotalLabel;
JLabel totalLabel;
JLabel numberLabel1;
JLabel numberLabel2;
JLabel numberLabel3;
JLabel numberLabel4;
JLabel numberLabel5;
JLabel numberLabel6;
JLabel numberLabel7;
JLabel numberLabel8;
JLabel numberLabel9;
JLabel numberLabel10;

JComboBox DrinksComboBoxW idget;
JComboBox DrinksCombo1;
JComboBox PizzaCombo1;
JComboBox PizzaBaseCombo1 ;
JComboBox IceCombo1;

JComboBox DrinksCombo2;
JComboBox PizzaCombo2;
JComboBox PizzaBaseCombo2 ;
JComboBox IceCombo2;

JComboBox DrinksCombo3;
JComboBox PizzaCombo3;
JComboBox PizzaBaseCombo3 ;
JComboBox IceCombo3;

JComboBox DrinksCombo4;
JComboBox PizzaCombo4;
JComboBox PizzaBaseCombo4 ;
JComboBox IceCombo4;

JComboBox DrinksCombo5;
JComboBox PizzaCombo5;
JComboBox PizzaBaseCombo5 ;
JComboBox IceCombo5;

JComboBox DrinksCombo6;
JComboBox PizzaCombo6;
JComboBox PizzaBaseCombo6 ;
JComboBox IceCombo6;

JComboBox DrinksCombo7;
JComboBox PizzaCombo7;
JComboBox PizzaBaseCombo7 ;
JComboBox IceCombo7;

JComboBox DrinksCombo8;
JComboBox PizzaCombo8;
JComboBox PizzaBaseCombo8 ;
JComboBox IceCombo8;

JComboBox DrinksCombo9;
JComboBox PizzaCombo9;
JComboBox PizzaBaseCombo9 ;
JComboBox IceCombo9;

JComboBox DrinksCombo10;
JComboBox PizzaCombo10;
JComboBox PizzaBaseCombo1 0;
JComboBox IceCombo10;

JTextField NameWidget;
JTextField NumbweOfPeopleW idget;
JTextField TimeSeatedWidge t;
JTextField quantityTextFie ld;

//Close of Widgets
public OrderingSystem( ) {
setSize(900, 600);
setTitle("Graph ical User Interface");
setDefaultClose Operation(EXIT_ ON_CLOSE);

toolkit = getToolkit();
Dimension size = toolkit.getScre enSize();
setLocation(siz e.width / 2 - getWidth() / 2, size.height / 2 - getHeight() / 2);

JPanel panel = new JPanel();
getContentPane( ).add(panel);
panel.setLayout (null);

priceLabel = new JLabel();
priceLabel.setB ounds(220, 10, 100, 25);
priceLabel.setT ext("0.00");

quantityTextFie ld = new JTextField();
quantityTextFie ld.setBounds(33 0, 10, 100, 35);
quantityTextFie ld.setText("0.0 0");
quantityTextFie ld.addFocusList ener(new FocusListener() {

public void focusGained(Foc usEvent event) {

public void focusLost(Focus Event event) {
subtotalLabel = new JLabel();
subtotalLabel.s etBounds(440, 10, 100, 35);
subtotalLabel.s etText("0.00");

totalLabel = new JLabel();
totalLabel.setB ounds(440, 500, 100, 35);
totalLabel.setT ext("0.00");

//Order 1

numberLabel1 = new JLabel();
numberLabel1.se tBounds(10, 65, 200, 20);
numberLabel1.se tText("Order 1");

//Pizza Shack Label
PizzaShackWidge t = new JLabel();
PizzaShackWidge t.setBounds(10, 10, 200, 20);
PizzaShackWidge t.setText("Pizz a Shack");

//Table Selector
String[] TableStrings = {"Please Select Table Number", "1", "2", "3", "4", "5", "6", "7", "8", "9", "10", "11", "12", "13", "14", "15", "16", "17", "18", "19", "20", "21", "22", "23", "24", "25"};

//table number
JComboBox TableList = new JComboBox(Table Strings);
TableList.setBo unds(200, 10, 200, 20);
TableList.setSe lectedIndex(0);
TableList.addAc tionListener(ne w ActionListener( ) {

public void actionPerformed (ActionEvent event) {

//Pizza Combo box
String[] Pizza = {"Please select a Pizza", "Cheese and tomato", "Ham and Pineapple", "Vegetarian ", "Meat Feast", "Seafood"};
PizzaCombo1 = new JComboBox(Pizza );
PizzaCombo1.set Bounds(75, 60, 150, 30);
PizzaCombo1.add ActionListener( new ActionListener( ) {

public void actionPerformed (ActionEvent event) {
if (PizzaCombo1.ge tSelectedItem() .equals("Cheese and tomato")) {
priceLabel.setT ext("3.50");
} else if (PizzaCombo1.ge tSelectedItem() .equals("Ham and Pineapple")) {
priceLabel.setT ext("4.20");
} else if (PizzaCombo1.ge tSelectedItem() .equals("Vegeta rian")) {
priceLabel.setT ext("5.20");
} else if (PizzaCombo1.ge tSelectedItem() .equals("Meat Feast")) {
priceLabel.setT ext("5.80");
} else if (PizzaCombo1.ge tSelectedItem() .equals("Seafoo d")) {
priceLabel.setT ext("5.60");
//Base Combo
String[] Base = {"Please select a Pizza Base", "Thin & Crispy", "Traditiona l", "Stuffed Crust", "Deep Pan", "Cheesey Bites"};
PizzaBaseCombo1 = new JComboBox(Base) ;
PizzaBaseCombo1 .setBounds(235, 60, 195, 30);
PizzaBaseCombo1 .addActionListe ner(new ActionListener( ) {

public void actionPerformed (ActionEvent event) {
if (PizzaCombo1.ge tSelectedItem() .equals("Thin & Crispy")) {
priceLabel.setT ext("0.0");
} else if (PizzaCombo1.ge tSelectedItem() .equals("Tradit ional")) {
priceLabel.setT ext("0.0");
} else if (PizzaCombo1.ge tSelectedItem() .equals("Stuffe d Crust")) {
priceLabel.setT ext("0.0");
} else if (PizzaCombo1.ge tSelectedItem() .equals("Deep Pan")) {
priceLabel.setT ext("0.0");
} else if (PizzaCombo1.ge tSelectedItem() .equals("Cheese y Bites")) {
priceLabel.setT ext("0.0");

//Drinks Combo Box
String[] drinks = {"Please select a drink", "Cola", "Lemonade", "Fanta"};
DrinksCombo1 = new JComboBox(drink s);
DrinksCombo1.se tBounds(445, 60, 150, 30);
DrinksCombo1.ad dActionListener (new ActionListener( ) {

public void actionPerformed (ActionEvent event) {
if (DrinksCombo1.g etSelectedItem( ).equals("Cola" )) {
priceLabel.setT ext("0.90");
} else if (DrinksCombo1.g etSelectedItem( ).equals("Lemon ade")) {
priceLabel.setT ext("0.95");
} else if (DrinksCombo1.g etSelectedItem( ).equals("Fanta ")) {
priceLabel.setT ext("0.95");
//Ice or not
String[] ice = {"Ice", "With Ice", "Without Ice"};
IceCombo1 = new JComboBox(ice);
IceCombo1.setBo unds(600, 60, 80, 30);
IceCombo1.addAc tionListener(ne w ActionListener( ) {

public void actionPerformed (ActionEvent event) {
if (IceCombo1.getS electedItem().e quals("With Ice")) {
priceLabel.setT ext("0.0");
} else if (IceCombo1.getS electedItem().e quals("WithoutI ce")) {
priceLabel.setT ext("0.0");

//To Add items to the panel

panel.add(Pizza ShackWidget);
panel.add(subto talLabel);
panel.add(total Label);
panel.add(Table List);

panel.add(Drink sCombo1);
panel.add(Pizza Combo1);
panel.add(numbe rLabel1);
panel.add(Pizza BaseCombo1);
panel.add(IceCo mbo1);

panel.add(Drink sCombo2);
panel.add(Pizza Combo2);
panel.add(numbe rLabel2);
panel.add(Pizza BaseCombo2);
panel.add(IceCo mbo2);

panel.add(Drink sCombo3);
panel.add(Pizza Combo3);
panel.add(numbe rLabel3);
panel.add(Pizza BaseCombo3);
panel.add(IceCo mbo3);

panel.add(Drink sCombo4);
panel.add(Pizza Combo4);
panel.add(numbe rLabel4);
panel.add(Pizza BaseCombo4);
panel.add(IceCo mbo4);

panel.add(Drink sCombo5);
panel.add(Pizza Combo5);
panel.add(numbe rLabel5);
panel.add(Pizza BaseCombo5);
panel.add(IceCo mbo5);

panel.add(Drink sCombo6);
panel.add(Pizza Combo6);
panel.add(numbe rLabel6);
panel.add(Pizza BaseCombo6);
panel.add(IceCo mbo6);

panel.add(Drink sCombo6);
panel.add(Pizza Combo6);
panel.add(numbe rLabel6);
panel.add(Pizza BaseCombo6);
panel.add(IceCo mbo6);

panel.add(Drink sCombo7);
panel.add(Pizza Combo7);
panel.add(numbe rLabel7);
panel.add(Pizza BaseCombo7);
panel.add(IceCo mbo7);

panel.add(Drink sCombo8);
panel.add(Pizza Combo8);
panel.add(numbe rLabel8);
panel.add(Pizza BaseCombo8);
panel.add(IceCo mbo8);

panel.add(Drink sCombo9);
panel.add(Pizza Combo9);
panel.add(numbe rLabel9);
panel.add(Pizza BaseCombo9);
panel.add(IceCo mbo9);

panel.add(Drink sCombo10);
panel.add(Pizza Combo10);
panel.add(numbe rLabel10);
panel.add(Pizza BaseCombo10);
panel.add(IceCo mbo10);


private void recalculate() {

// recalculate subTotal
double price;
// int quantity;
double subtotal;
double total;
String subtotalOutput;
String totalOutput;
NumberFormat subtotalFormat;
NumberFormat totalFormat;

price = Double.parseDou ble(priceLabel. getText());
int quantity = Integer.parseIn t(quantityTextF ield.getText()) ;
subtotal = price * (double)quantit y / 100.0;
// see Java in Easy Steps page 129 - formating numbers
// subtotalFormat = NumberFormat.ge tNumberInstance ();
// subtotalOutput = String.valueOf( subtotal) + subtotalFormat. format(0.00);
//subtotalLabel.s etText(subtotal Output);
// now recalculate total
total = Double.parseDou ble(subtotalLab el.getText());
// NOTE: if you have many subtotal labels get the
// text from each one using:
// total = Double.parseDou ble(subtotalLab elOne.getText() )
// + Double.parseDou ble(subtotalLab elTwo.getText() );
totalFormat = NumberFormat.ge tCurrencyInstan ce(Locale.UK);
totalOutput = totalFormat.for mat(total);
totalLabel.setT ext(totalOutput );


* @param args
public static void main(String[] args) {
// TODO code application logic here
OrderingSystem gui = new OrderingSystem( );
gui.setVisible( true);


May 17 '09 #1
1 6737
11,448 Recognized Expert MVP
Look at line 261 of your class OrderingSystem; it is somewhere in the constructor of that class. You pass something (as a parameter) that happens to be equal to null; the calling method called the constructor at line 361.

Always read those stack traces, they tell you where the error is.

kind regards,

May 17 '09 #2

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