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Generate JTree with Data from XML files as input

50 New Member

How to generate Tree with Data from XML as Input.

I use Netbeans and i tried generting a tree using DefaultMutableT ree node and inputs mentioned in same pane like,

DefaultMutableT reeNode classname1=new DefaultMutableT reeNode("CLASSN AME1");

But netbeans displays only the empty pane and no tree...

How to solve the two problems...

Thank you...
Mar 29 '09 #1
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11,448 Recognized Expert MVP
Did you do something like the following in your JFrame?

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  1. this.getContentPane().add(new JScrollPane(tree), BorderLayout.CENTER);
You do have to hookup your JTree to its parent component.

kind regards,

Mar 29 '09 #2
50 New Member

I had a panelname whose contents are dislayed in contentpane.

getContentPane( ).add(panelname );

scrollpane.getV iewport().add(t reename);

panelname.add(s crollpane,Borde rLayout.CENTER) ;

//scrollpane is name initialised for JScrollPane and
//panelname for JPanel
Mar 29 '09 #3
11,448 Recognized Expert MVP
Try to do it this way:

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  1. scrollpane.setViewportView(treename);
kind regards,

Mar 29 '09 #4
50 New Member

Still i get only an empty frame as output. The tree is not displayed.
Mar 29 '09 #5
11,448 Recognized Expert MVP
Show us a bit of relevant code: remove everything that is not directly relevant to the creation and display of your tree and produce a short, compilable example.

kind regards,

Mar 29 '09 #6
50 New Member
package name;
import stmts;

public class Classname extends JFrame {

private JPanel topPanel;
private JTree tree1;
private JScrollPane scrollpane;

public Classname {
initComponents( );

setTitle(" Classes Trial ");
setSize(400,500 );
setBackground(C olor.gray);

topPanel = new JPanel();
topPanel.setLay out(new BorderLayout()) ;
getContentPane( ).add(topPanel) ;

DefaultMutableT reeNode className1 = new DefaultMutableT reeNode("TreeRo ot");

DefaultMutableT reeNode Methods1 = new DefaultMutableT reeNode("Method s1");
allMethods(Meth ods1);
className1.add( Methods1);

DefaultMutableT reeNode Attributes1 = new DefaultMutableT reeNode("Attrib utes1");
className1.add( Attributes1);

DefaultTreeMode l treeModel1=new DefaultTreeMode l(TreeRoot);
tree1=new JTree(treeModel 1);

scrollpane = new JScrollPane();
scrollpane.getV iewport().add(t ree1);
topPanel.add(sc rollpane1,Borde rLayout.BEFORE_ FIRST_LINE);

public void allMethods(Defa ultMutableTreeN ode mthd)
mthd.add(new DefaultMutableT reeNode("MD1")) ;
mthd.add(new DefaultMutableT reeNode("MD2")) ;
mthd.add(new DefaultMutableT reeNode("MD3")) ;

public static void main(String args[]) {
java.awt.EventQ ueue.invokeLate r(new Runnable() {
public void run() {
new Classname().set Visible(true);
Mar 29 '09 #7
11,448 Recognized Expert MVP
Your example doesn't compile: what is TreeRoot?

kind regards,

Mar 29 '09 #8
50 New Member
its classname.tree rootnode.

Replace classname with ClassDisp and TreeRoot with Classname1;

sorry for the inconvenience..

Mar 29 '09 #9
50 New Member
i worked in netbeans.. it generates some code automatically.. .

the initcomponents will be that way na..

/** This method is called from within the constructor to
* initialize the form.
* WARNING: Do NOT modify this code. The content of this method is
* always regenerated by the Form Editor.
// <editor-fold defaultstate="c ollapsed" desc=" Generated Code ">//GEN-BEGIN:initCompo nents
private void initComponents( ) {

setDefaultClose Operation(javax .swing.WindowCo nstants.EXIT_ON _CLOSE);
javax.swing.Gro upLayout layout = new javax.swing.Gro upLayout(getCon tentPane());
getContentPane( ).setLayout(lay out);
layout.setHoriz ontalGroup(
layout.createPa rallelGroup(jav ax.swing.GroupL ayout.Alignment .LEADING)
.addGap(0, 400, Short.MAX_VALUE )
layout.setVerti calGroup(
layout.createPa rallelGroup(jav ax.swing.GroupL ayout.Alignment .LEADING)
.addGap(0, 300, Short.MAX_VALUE )
}// </editor-fold>//GEN-END:initCompone nts

should you include initcomponents code which is generated by the netbeans itself.
Mar 29 '09 #10

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