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Java:noSuchElem entException.

10 New Member
text file
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Data are separated by tabs

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  1. public class Book{
  2.  private String ISBN;
  3.  private String title;
  4.  private String   type;
  5.  private String status;
  6.  private String author;
  7.  private String publisher;
  8.  private String dateborrowed;
  10.  public Book( String isb, String tit, String typ, String sta, String aut, String pub, String dateb )
  11.  {
  12.   ISBN         = isb;
  13.   title        = tit;
  14.   type         = typ;
  15.   status       = sta;
  16.   author       = aut;
  17.   publisher    = pub;
  18.   dateborrowed = dateb;
  19.  }
  20. public String toString(){
  21.   String str;
  22.   str = "ISBN" + ISBN+"\n"+
  23.   "title "       + title+"\n"+
  24.   "type   "      + type+"\n"+
  25.   "status  "     + status+"\n"+
  26.   "author   "    + author+"\n"+
  27.   "publisher "   + publisher+"\n"+
  28.   "dateborrowed " + dateborrowed+"\n";
  29.   return str;
  31.  }
  32. }//End Book class 
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  1. import java.io.*;
  2. import java.util.*;
  3. public class Test1{
  4.  static Book[] book = new Book [ 100 ];
  5.  public static void main(String [] args)throws IOException{
  7.  Scanner input = new Scanner(new FileReader("db.txt"));
  10.   input.useDelimiter("\t");  //Set scanner to break on tabs
  12.   int a = 0;
  13.   String x = input.next();
  15.   while(!(x.equals("END"))){
  16.    book[a] = new Book(x, input.next(),input.next(),input.next(),input.next(),input.next(),input.next()); //noSuchElementException
  17.    a++;
  18.    x = input.next();
  19.   }
  23.   for(int i = 0; i < a; i++){
  24.    System.out.println(book[i].toString());
  25.   }
  27.   }//end class main 
  28. }//end class test
I am trying to read the text file above and store the first 2 rows in book and array of objects. Every time I run the program it gives a noSuchElementEx ception. I am reading 7 text strings , I cannot understan why. Please help.
Oct 8 '08 #1
6 5742
13,262 MVP
That exception is thrown when no more tokens are available for the scanner.
Oct 8 '08 #2
188 New Member

The scanner fails to find any more tabs before reading END. That's why it fails. It means all your data is not delimited by tabs.
Check the documentation for the Scanner class.


Oct 8 '08 #3
11,448 Recognized Expert MVP
Why not write a little debug message that prints out what the Scanner has just read?
Something like this will do:

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  1. private String next(Scanner scan) {
  2.    String result= scan.next();
  3.    System.out.println("read: '"+result+"'");
  4.    return result;
  5. }
Use this method in your main() instead of input.next() directly and see what happens.

kind regards,

Oct 8 '08 #4
11,448 Recognized Expert MVP
FYI: chetah also posted this question on the Sun Java forums.

kind regards,

Jos (moderator)
Oct 8 '08 #5
188 New Member
FYI: chetah also posted this question on the Sun Java forums.

kind regards,

Jos (moderator)
Intrestingly there is this too...
Oct 8 '08 #6
3,112 Recognized Expert Specialist
Intrestingly there is this too...
... and in both that thread and in this one here, the [CODE...[/code] tags had to be added for you. Now, I'm giving you an official warning: Use the CODE tags! That means, put the begin tag [CODE] before and the end tag [/code] after your code. Failing to do so makes your code much harder to read and therefore we insist, that they are used here.

Nepomuk (Moderator)
Oct 8 '08 #7

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