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'JAVA' and 'JAVAW' on Windows XP standard VM?

It's obvious, that Windows XP has a Java 2 VM (including the SWING-module),
because we can all run Java 2 applets in Internet Explorer. But what about
the support for Java 2 Applications?

I would just like to run an application packed in a JAR-file on Windows XP:
JavaProg.jar (Java Archive Resource). But without installing a SDK, i don't
have an association of the JAR-file to be started with JAVAW, or the JAVA
command to use 'java -jar JavaProg.jar'. I know that the Java 2 VM on
Windows XP can run applets from a JAR-file with the archive="JavaPr og.jar"
attribute in the <APPLET> tag. So it is obvious that the VM can run Java 2
programs from JAR-files.

If I would like to send my JavaProg.jar to a friend of mine, who is using
Windows XP, what should I tell him to do? With a normal Windows XP setup,
he does not have the JAVA-command or the JAR-file association to JAVAW,
as I have with my SDK installed. Wouldn't he be able to run my application
with the VM from the Windows XP installation, or would he really have to
download a really BIG file with a new VM first? I guess that there MUST
be a full Java 2 VMto both applets and applications with Windows XP. But
what should we do to run this JAR-application on it?

We need the JAR-file association, or the JAVA-command to run the program
from the command-prompt. Maybe it is very obvious how to do this, but I have
no idea of what to change or what to install!

On the other hand, if we have what we need to run an application from a
JAR-file, why isn't there made some association to JAR-files as a standard
on Windows XP? -Or maybe it is just my setup, there is something wrong with?

I would probably not be able to make my friend run my Java-Program, if he
would have to download some of these very BIG files with new Virtual
Machines from Sun or MicroSoft first. It's many MB, and it takes several
hours on a modem-connection to Internet.

How do we configure this standard VM to run the application? -Or isn't it
possible at all without installing extra software first?

Would be really glad, if someone had a simple solution on this problem.

Jul 17 '05
11 12269

I must admit, that I didn't know that there was this conflict between
Sun MicroSystems and MicroSoft, when I started this thread about
JAVA.exe and JAVAW.exe. I now know, that the whole J2RE is 'missing'
on Windows XP and that the only thing we have is an 'older' version of
Java under the command JView.

My user must update his VM to Java 2 first, else he can't run Java 2
programs on Windows XP. We do not have jawax.swing with Win XP, but
there is another package called Windows Foundations Classes (WFC) in
com.ms.WFC and so on...

It's not a big problem for me, as I'm not working and any major
program or something commmersial at all. I'm just studying the Java
language and working on my own programs. -And I can just let the
friend have the VM from one of my CD-ROMS. That's no problem.

But I could imagine, that somebody making programs with Java 2 in a
more professional or commersial way, could be very dissapointed about
this problem!


"Staffan Wrange" <sw*****@telia. com> wrote in message news:<z6******* ************@ne wsb.telia.net>. ..
Hi everyone!

Maybe you can find what you need at this site: http://www.virtualmachine.tk


"Peter Christensen" <Pe************ **@lycos.com> skrev i meddelandet
news:c1******** *************** ***@posting.goo gle.com...
am*****@yahoo.c om (Amey Samant) wrote in message

news:<66******* *************** ****@posting.go ogle.com>...
hi there
ye your friend needs JavaRuntimEnvir onment (JRE) installed on his
JRE was designed for end users & JSDK was designed for developers.
i wrote a small program in C based on some online tutorial which you
can associate with .class file & on double clickin any .class file it
would invoke java with that .class file
currently i did not provide for other command line arguments
but if you want i can mail you the current version.
(requires java.exe to be present in directory PATH variable holds)

Thanks, but it would not solve the problem with no J2VM on Windows XP.
I thought that there was, but that there was something to configure
first before it could be used.


it was really annoying to write a program & invoke through command
prompt(when you dont have IDE available) so i found this tut online n
wrote it.

now ill try to improve it by recognizing .jar files & invoking

Sounds interesting. Could be something like JAVAW.exe from the SDK. -I
must admit that I'm not sure about it, but I think that the SDK from
MS should also have the JAVAW.exe command. -And that it should
automaticaly be associated with JAR-files when the SDK is installed. I
think that I used it a few years ago with a MS J++ SDK and a trial
copy of Visual Studio. But I could have mixed it somehow with the
setup from another SDK from Sun.


> On the other hand, if we have what we need to run an application from a > JAR-file, why isn't there made some association to JAR-files as a standard > on Windows XP? -Or maybe it is just my setup, there is something wrong with? >
> Would be really glad, if someone had a simple solution on this problem. >
> /PC

Jul 17 '05 #11
"R" <R@charabia.net > wrote in message news:<bk******* ***@news-reader4.wanadoo .fr>...
"Peter Christensen" <Pe************ **@lycos.com> a écrit dans le message de
news:c1******** *************** ***@posting.goo gle.com...
downloaded from Sun's site today. I'm surpriced that Win XP can ONLY
run 1.1.4 without the javax.swing packages and all the other from Java
I guess that it is a security rather than a technical issue. We also
This is neither a security nor a technical issue. This is a political issue.
Microsoft decided not to support anymore Java, and even removed it from XP.
After a lawsuit from Sun's, they finally added their JView, but it's only a
1.1.4 vm.

I understand. There is probably a very BIG interest for MicroSoft to
have their own Java on Windows XP. Many J++ programs can only be run
on Windows-XP-Java and other Java 2 programs need an additional
software package (from MS) to run under Windows. Probably there is
very much to earn this way.

I found some other JAR -> EXE conversion programs, for example from
XLSoft.com and Exe4J.com. I would need something like these Java (2)
-> Windows (XP) products to make my program run under Windows XP.
-Otherwise I would have to use MicroSofts Visual J++ instead of my SDK
from SUN. -But i haven't seen a SDK from MS. I was looking on MSDN
under J++ yesterday, and I couldn't find any SDK. -I know, that I had
a SDK from MS a few years ago!

But maybe there is no free SDK available anymore?
However, your desktop vendor may have bundled a J2SE JRE with your computer,
for instance HP and Dell support java and include a JRE by default. Most of
the windows user though still need to download a java vm in order to run
j2se applications.

I will use the solution like JSmooth. I will continue with my Java 2,
and then use the Windows XP version of the J2RE from Sun as a
platform. My user must just download the J2VM from www.Java.com or
by/have it on a CD-ROM.

Or maybe one could go down to Jviews 1.1.4 Java for some applications.
-And then work without javax.swing and all the other J2 features. I
don't know if I can make the 1.4.1 compiler from SUN make Java 1.1
output suitable for JView.

I guess that many must have these problems.
Jul 17 '05 #12

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