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Java programming language (Sun Microsystems) - Ask questions about java programming, OOP, JRE, SDK, Swing, Plugins, Java Virtual Machine(JVM), Java Libraries: Collection, XML Processing, Security, JDBC, JNDI, RMI, CORBA, AWT (GUI) and more.
thread by: cmlingams | last post Oct 26 '16 by: chaarmann
Example String: hello: how, are, you; i'm; fine, and, you; Expected String hello:((how,((are, you;)) i'm fine,((and, you;)) how to add brackets this type
thread by: Lumieres | last post Oct 12 '16 by: chaarmann
Hi, I'm trying to make a code that gives me ONLY the lowest integer divisible by 5 and 7 (which should be 35) in decrement. I've been trying it for hours and I just don't understand what I'm doing wrong. Below is what I have written so far. Can anyone please help me review this and see what I'm doing wrong? public class FiveAndSeven { ...
thread by: sang | last post Oct 12 '16 by: Karidev
Hi I am writing a application program that checks if the input is integer, if it is integer print the integer value only. i have no idea about that please any one help me. Thanks Sang
thread by: shainarushton6 | last post Oct 8 '16 by: Oralloy
Does anybody know the structure of an array that could be used to handle a traffic light sequence?
thread by: ramadeviirrigireddy | last post Oct 4 '16 by: Samer14
Hi All, I have installed myeclipse some time back. and now i'm getting this message when i do any operation in the IDE like "buy or renew ur subscription code". what i can do to continue using the eclipse with out buying or renewing the subscription code.Anyone plz help me
thread by: rspvsanjay | last post Sep 26 '16 by: Oralloy
import java.io.*; class FirstClass { public static void main(String a) { try{ String prg = "import sys\ndef main():\ndef get_text(str):"+"\n return str"+ "\ndef get_url_text(url):"+"\n return get_text(url)" +"\ndef main():"+"\n get_url_text(sys.argv)"+"\nif __name__ == \"__main__\": main()";
thread by: Austinwhite1995 | last post Sep 24 '16 by: Oralloy
// can anyone help me find out what im doing wrong. ive spent my free time in my last couple days working on these and im now behind in my class and am afraid of getting lost in the subjects. the point of this assignment is to find the sum of all numbers from 1 to the number given by the operator. thank you for your time so much and have a good...
thread by: rspvsanjay | last post Sep 24 '16 by: Oralloy
import urllib2 import re def get_text(str): return str def get_url_text(url): return get_text(url)
thread by: TutSav | last post Sep 15 '16 by: Oralloy
Sqlserver table QualifyDate DATETIME; RenewalDate DATETIME --- on Bean qualifydate private Date QualifyDate; private Date RenewalDate; public Date getQualifiyDate() { return QualifyDate;
thread by: shyam123 | last post Sep 9 '16 by: Oralloy
How to print hindi word using java
thread by: jinnejeevansai | last post Sep 6 '16 by: jinnejeevansai
I have made a priorityqueue which inserts objects and compares them with cost parameter ,when two costs are equal it should keep them in enqueued order,but i found after debugging one time it is in enqueued order and other time it is not in the order but i am not getting what is wrong with my code /* package whatever; // don't place package...
thread by: MaheshNarayanan | last post Aug 29 '16 by: Kara Hewett
Below I am using two different ways to pass parameters to SQL queries. 1st Method String sql = "insert into db_table (associateid,comment) values(:associateId,:comments)"; Map<String, Object> paramMap = new HashMap<String, Object>(); paramMap.put("associateId", "12345"); paramMap.put("comments", "some comments"); int...
thread by: itiank200 | last post Aug 29 '16 by: Kara Hewett
Hi All, Iam Learning Java and preparing for my Java Certification using these tutorial links.. Java Java Certification If any one has Java Certification materials let me know.. Thank you in advance..
thread by: rajamohammed | last post Aug 8 '16 by: jenishca
Hi Everyone, I am gettiing exception while deleting a record,that java.sql.SQLException: No ResultSet set was produced. But the record is deleted successfully. Please help me. Thanks, Raja Mohammed
thread by: ksrashmi | last post Aug 4 '16 by: pradeepkhyd07
Hi , I want to change the system date using java/jsp . i am using linux system . public class LinuxJava { public static void main(String args) { try { String command = "date 07212008"; final Process process = Runtime.getRuntime().exec(command);
Ashish Bisht
thread by: Ashish Bisht | last post Jul 27 '16 by: HargreavesRandy
Hi everyone, I would like to know that how to work with text to speech functionality from API level 4 in Android.
Ashish Bisht
thread by: Ashish Bisht | last post Jul 27 '16 by: Ashish Bisht
Hi friends, I am a android learner & want to learn how can we create Custm keyboard an Android application without using third party libraries. Hoping great support & suggestions.
Ashish Bisht
thread by: Ashish Bisht | last post Jul 25 '16 by: LandryAlesha
Hi friends, i want to build a project in Android & want to figure out some effective online project management tools that offer tracking history of client. I have searched many forums to resolve my issue. I hope some of the tech experts will help me in resolving my issue.
thread by: mdismukeths2003 | last post Jul 15 '16 by: mdismukeths2003
!-- start Documents --> <pcs:foreach var="list" expr="itemByPath('Index')"> <!-- Start unslider DIV source http://unslider.com/ --> <div class="unsliderContainer"> <pcs:foreach var="item" expr="filter(list.items, 'filtered.published &and; !filtered.hidden')"> <ul> <li> <table width="90%"> <tr> <td...
thread by: ChrisIsa | last post Jul 13 '16 by: zmbd
Hello, i work at an 2003 ms access with two files the front vb gui with username and password and a backend (all tables) which cant be opened as individual file. I can not connect to either using ucanaccess and paremeteres as username, pass. I have tried everything
Ashish Bisht
thread by: Ashish Bisht | last post Jul 13 '16 by: Ashish Bisht
Hi friends, i am a developer & i have been searching for essential stages in project management. Hoping for great support.
thread by: SmallCat1 | last post Jul 6 '16 by: FordAna
I know LruCache and ASimpleCache. anything else??
thread by: PreethiGowri | last post Jun 18 '16 by: Dikaios
I have created a desktop application using java swing on a system with resolution- 1920 x 1080. When i run this application on a lower resolution screen the screen size seems to be to large to be visible on the lower screen resolution sizes. How do i overcome this problem using programming? I have tried below code, which is not satisfying...
thread by: babs115 | last post Jun 15 '16 by: Kara Hewett
ERROR MESSAGE public static void main(String args) { Product p = new Product(110,"Books",15.00,2010,"Wiliams"); p.setproductId(110); p.setproductName("Books"); p.setCost(15.00); p.setyearOfPublication(2010); p.setpublishingHouse("Wiliams");
thread by: Xillez | last post Jun 15 '16 by: Xillez
Hey, I wonder if it's a way of making a variable type that accepts all kinds of data. Like in c++ we have the "unsigned" variable type that takes string, number and boolean values. Any ideas on how to do this?

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