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WebService cant access Postgre database

51 New Member
Hi all, could you please help me with my big problem?

I have WebService on IIS. This WebService has methods to control database stored on server.
I am using Postgre database and to access to database I have Npgsql.dll library.
This library is stored in GAC (global assembly cache).

The WebService is not able to open the connection to the database even the connection string is allright, everything seems to be OK. But when the function Open() is called, there occurs an errror "Object reference not set to instance of object" or something like this.

Although, if I access the database with some console application, everything goes well.
Just the bloody WebService :(

Thank you very much for any help.
Zdenek Mach.

ICQ# 173965423
skype: Zdenek_Mach
Mar 21 '07 #1
14 4694
4,871 Recognized Expert Specialist
Welcome to the site. I assume that the problem is in the web service and not IIS. So the question is, what object reference is not set?
Mar 21 '07 #2
51 New Member
I downloaded source code for Npgsql.dll and debug it.
The problem lies in section where sockets are made:

Socket socket = new Socket(AddressF amily.InterNetw ork,SocketType. Stream,Protocol Type.Tcp);

IAsyncResult result = socket.BeginCon nect(new IPEndPoint(Reso lveIPHost(conte xt.Host), context.Port), null, null);

I thought about it and it seems to me that the problem could be in setting of WebService account.
Is it right that if I debug WebService, it all runs under some other account than localhost?
I think it would be somewhere here in all of these accounts and permissions.

Am I right?Tell me please :D
Thx, Zdenek.
Mar 21 '07 #3
4,871 Recognized Expert Specialist
You receive the error when you open try to open the connection, so what information do you have that its to do with sockets? Are you able to test the connection and the sockets separately?
Mar 23 '07 #4
51 New Member
I have found it from source of Npgsql.dll library. I step into Open() function and further found that it ends when there is invokes a method socket.BeginCon nect() or something like this.
Thus I think that if I debug my Web Service, "I have no permimssions to create sockets".

Do yoy understand what I am trying to say?
Mar 26 '07 #5
51 New Member
I also tried to create simple web service and console application and simple create socket and call BeginConnection on it.
Console application works well but WebService ended with same exception "Object reference not set to instance of object".
So thereby I think it would be just in debugger permissions.

Tell me, am I wrong?
Mar 26 '07 #6
4,871 Recognized Expert Specialist
Maybe an example will help:
ASP.NET Web Service
Mar 27 '07 #7
51 New Member
Sorry but this wouldnt help me.
Mar 27 '07 #8
5,058 Recognized Expert Expert
The problem is not that you dont have permission. If that would be the case it would throw some permission exception, not a null reference exception.

As the error say's. Some object that your code is trying to access is set to null.
My guess would be the object you are calling the Open() method on.

Could you perhaps show us the code that gives you the error?
Mar 27 '07 #9
51 New Member
Yes, it could be.
This object may be the Npgsql.dll library which I have in GAC.
I have method to open connection to Postgre database:

private void Open()
// open connection
if (_conDatabase == null)
_conDatabase = new NpgsqlConnectio n(_sConnectionS tring);
_conDatabase.Op en();
Then there is just code from Npgsql.dll and on the end there is

Socket socket = new Socket(AddressF amily.InterNetw ork,SocketType. Stream,Protocol Type.Tcp);

IAsyncResult result = socket.BeginCon nect(new IPEndPoint(Reso lveIPHost(conte xt.Host), context.Port), null, null);

And then exception occurs.
Do you think that it could be in Npgsql.dll in my GAC?
Or could I add this dll to GAC in some wrong way or what?

Thx a lot for any help, Zdenek.
Mar 27 '07 #10

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