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problem run php scripts on localhost using iis

24 New Member
i have a problem with my iis it doesnt want to open up my php file and it did work in the pas but now al of a suden it doesnt want to open.I didnt make any changet or nothing

Can you hlp
Jan 24 '07
14 12767
24 New Member

well its shows the php code on all the pages that contains php code. is look like it is unble to read the php code .Must i chech the php.ini file
Jan 25 '07 #11
5,058 Recognized Expert Expert
Try setting short_open_tag to On in your php.ini
Jan 30 '07 #12
1 New Member
i'm quiet blur to open IIS. where i must go to open the IIS... before this, i'm trying open IIS in Services and under Administratives tools.. but i can't still found the features that you explained.. like below :

2. Under Home Directory : Set "Execute Permissions" to "Script Only"

and the rest...

... please help me
Jan 31 '07 #13
2 New Member
That simply Perfectly worked for me.You r gr8.Thankx Dear
Feb 7 '07 #14
2 New Member
If its Manual installation on IIS 5.1

Then theck these steps.

The first step is to extract all of the files from the downloaded zip file into C:PHP (create the folder if it doesn’t already exist).
You may choose a different location, although it is not recommended. The path must NOT have spaces, for example, you cannot use C:Program FilesPHP. Some web servers may not be able to handle the path name and will fault. PHP 5 includes a CGI executable, a CLI executable as well as the server modules. The DLLs needed for these executables can be found in the root of the PHP folder (C:PHP). php5ts.dll needs to be available to the web server. To do this, you have 3 options:

1. Copy php5ts.dll to the web server’s directory (C:inetpubwwwro ot).

2. Copy php5ts.dll to the Windows system directory (C:windowssyste m32).

3. Add the PHP directory path to the environment variables PATH.

We will go with option 3, because we would like to keep all of our PHP install files in the same location, for easier cleanup later, if needed. Let’s proceed…

Instructions on how to put C:php in env variables PATH.

First we want to open System Properties. There are two ways to get to System Properties. Either way will work.

1. Right-Click on My computer and choose “properties”.

2. Go to Control Panel, and select “System”.

Once here, we want to select the Advanced tab. In the Advanced tab, click the “Environment Variables” button. There are two sections in the Environment Variables window, User Variable and System Variables. We will be using System Variables. Scroll down in System Variables until you find the variable PATH. Highlight that line and the select Edit below the System Variables window. We will only be adding to the Variable Value. BE CAREFUL HERE. You do not want to delete anything on this line. Simply find the end of the line and add a semi-colon ( ; ) if there is not one already. After the semi-colon, type: C:PHP and then hit OK. Now click OK on the Environment Variables window. Finally click OK on the System Properties window and we are done with this part.

Now we must restart the computer to make the Environment Variables changes come into play. We cannot simply log off and log on, you must restart.

The next step is to set up a config file for PHP, php.ini. In C:PHP you will find two files named php.ini-dist and php.ini-recommended. We will use php.ini-recommended for this install, and all you need to do is rename it from php.ini-recommended to php.ini.

1. doc_root = C:inetpubwwwroo t

2. cgi.force_redir ect = 0

Now PHP is installed, lets move on to preparing our IIS to use PHP.

Configure IIS to use PHP.

1. Open IIS

2. Under Home Directory: Set “Execute Permissions” to “Scripts Only”

3. Click on configuration..

a. Click Add

b. Set “executable” to C:PHPphp5isapi. dll

c. Set “extension” to .php (don’t forget to include the . )

d. Click OK

e. Click Apply, then OK.

Under ISAPI Filters

a. Click “Add”

b. Set Filter Name to PHP

c. Set Executable to C:PHPphp5isapi. dll

d. Click OK.

e. Click Apply, then OK.

Restart the Web Server
Now we want to test PHP on our system. To do this, we will create a file called phpinfo.php and it will be used to display all of the PHP info from our system in our web browser.

1. Open Notepad and type:

2. Save the file as phpinfo.php and select the file type ‘All Files’ (Important: do not save the file as .txt, as it will not work).

3. Move the file into C:inetpubwwwroo t

4. Open your web browser and type: http://localhost/phpnfo.php

5. Your browser should display a lot of PHP information.
thats the perfect answer for me.Thankx.U r gr8
Feb 7 '07 #15

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