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Big, successful companies prove backward compatibility works.

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I have been reading for a few years false claims from various sources that if someone does not use the "latest" or the "most recent", web browser with the latest version of MS Windows, then they cannot see the best company's web site offerings.

Some might have wondered about the truth of those claims.

Here is an example of a web site that uses an "expert" on it's staff and I can see it quickly and easily with FireFox 43.0b9 and Microsoft Windows XP (service pack 2) and I have an IPV4 connection.

where I read on a post here that an "Expert" and "Moderator" works. If someone like this with expert level in C++, DDS, Vehicle Software, UML, and Communications, works there, then those claims of no more seeing backward compatibility look to me to be false.

Their latest financial statement shows earnings revenue of over $3 million (in just one quarter or a year!).
Full sized company with experts like that on staff, and they still have a backward compatible web site!

I occasionally use an old laptop to browse the internet.
If your web site locks up my browser, that is your fault and (in my determined opinion) your laziness. If your excuse is that the JavaScript is too complicated for my old laptop, then I consider that your laziness also. Whatever your excuse, I consider that your laziness also.

Look at the site that I referenced. They are big. They are successful. Don't pretend that your laziness is someone else's ineptness. It is YOU. Make your site compatible or potentially be blocked by customers.

Backward compatibility works. Laziness does not.
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