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Sites using thumbnail preview for world wide web file navigation and searching.

Sites using thumbnail preview for world wide web file navigation and

Below are list of sites that are either researching or providing thumbnail
preview images for online web documents. Thumbnail previews are useful for
web site navigation particularly in search engines and directories such as
Google, Altavista and Yahoo. The preview images provide a portion of the
content of the electronic file to aid in navigation.

a.. SearchShots.com - SearchShots is a new kind of visual search engine
that provides preview screenshots of every site. (December 1999)
The idea for SearchShots was conceived in December 1999 because I thought
it would be interesting to see what a website was going to look like before
I clicked on it. The more I thought about the idea I realized that seeing a
preview of what a website looks like along with its description is also very
useful... The presentation of data on a website can tell you a lot about its
quality and content.
Paul Rydell - pr*****@searchshots.com
a.. Grouplab - Alternate Strategies for WWW Page Revisitation (November
Prototype system to generate revisitation of a site using thumbnail
previews of a web site.
a.. Kaasten, S. and Greenberg, S. (2000) Designing an Integrated
Bookmark / History System for Web Browsing. Proceedings of the Western
Computer Graphics Symposium 2000, (Panorama Mountain Village, BC, Canada),
March 26-29, 2000. [PDF]

b.. Greenberg, S., Ho, G. and Kaasten, S. (2000) Contrasting Stack-Based
and Recency-Based Back Buttons on Web Browsers. Report 2000-666-18,
Department of Computer Science, University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada,

c.. Cockburn, A., and Greenberg, S. (2000). Issues of Page
Representation and Organisation in Web Browser's Revisitation Tools.
Australian Journal of Information Systems (AJIS) 7(2), 120-127, May.
(Reprinted from Proceedings of the OZCHI'99 Australian Conference on Human
Computer Interaction, November 28-30, Wagga Wagga Australia). [Pdf]

a.. Cobrow University of ULM - Thumbnail Server is a Web service that
generates thumbnails (small images) of arbitrary Web pages.
The Thumbnail Server is currently running and accessible on a host
(project300.informatik.uni-ulm.de on port 4444) in our department. The
binaries of version 1.0 will be available soon. We will put the application
on our FTP server. Please check this page once in a while.
If you are interested in the software or the service, please feel free to
contact us at th*******@vs.informatik.uni-ulm.de
a.. Stefan Schmid (student research assistent) -
Implementation of the main parts (except
communication tool and job scheduler)
b.. Heiner Wolf (research staff) - http://home.bluehands.de/wolf
Implementation of the communication tool
and job scheduler
Telefon: 0721 16108 70
Fax: 0721 16108 71
Email: in**@bluehands.de
b.. Xerox Parc -
a.. Using Thumbnails to Search the Web -
AllisonWoodruff, Andrew Faulring, Ruth Rosenholtz, Julie Morrison, Peter
We introduce a technique for creating novel, textually enhanced
thumbnails of Web pages. These thumbnails combine the advantages of image
thumbnails and text summaries to provide consistent performance on a variety
of tasks. We conducted a study in which participants used three different
types of summaries (enhanced thumbnails, plain thumbnails, and text
summaries) to search Web pages to find several ifferent types of
b.. Poput Prism - http://www2.parc.com/csl/projects/popoutprism/
Popout Prism is an intuitive, elegant tool to reduce the amount of time
users spend looking for information in Web pages. By creating visual
"popouts" that emphasize critical elements in Web pages, Popout Prism draws
users' attention to the right information. [PDF]
c.. Enhanced Thumbnails - Enhanced thumbnails are images of documents
that are enhanced to emphasize certain elements in the document. To make an
enhanced thumbnail, we start with a small thumbnail image of a document.
Ruth Rosenholtz, Allison Woodruff, Julie Bauer Morrison, Alyssa Glass,
Bryan Pendleton, Gesara Supattanasiri, Peter Pirolli Andrew Faulring (Intern
from Carnegie Mellon University), Bongwon Suh (Intern from University of

c.. Alexa - (April 1996)
Founded in April 1996, Alexa Internet grew out of a vision of Web
navigation that is intelligent and constantly improving with the
participation of its users.

d.. Smartdevil Thumbshots - (Jan 1999)
ThumbshotsT are screenshots of web pages in thumbnail sizes. Integrating
thumbshots in your search engine enables your users to instantly visualize
any web page before navigating to the site. We empower the next generation
of search engines and directories by providing preview functionality.

a.. Copernic - Desktop search engine software that displays preview of web
sites in thumbnail pictures.

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