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Opera problem with auto centered menu

I'm working on a lightweight, auto width, auto centered, one level drop
down menu. It's working in FF, IE7 and Safari (all windows versions on
my local system), however it fails in Opera.

Can someone please take a look at this and give some suggestions.
Thank you


PS The testmenu is stripped down for testing purposes and will not work
in IE6, where Javascipt and an additional line of css are needed.
Feb 24 '08 #1
5 2261
totalstranger wrote:
I'm working on a lightweight, auto width, auto centered, one level drop
down menu. It's working in FF, IE7 and Safari (all windows versions on
my local system), however it fails in Opera.

FYI, it also fails when the window size isn't wide enough to hold it all
on one line. In my case, the last 2 menu items centered on a 2nd line,
covering up the first link in the Editions drop down which makes it

Something for you to ponder:

Feb 24 '08 #2
totalstranger wrote:
I do comprehend why some people don't like dropdowns, however I like
the way they work.
Are you going to be the only visitor to the web site?

Or do you expect others to look for Zydeco schedules and so forth?

Really? ;-)

-Friends don't let friends drive Vista
Feb 25 '08 #3
On 24 fév, 17:30, dorayme <doraymeRidT...@optusnet.com.auwrote:
In article <47c1a4b3$0$8067$607ed...@cv.net>,


Frankly, how sure is he in wanting centred text in the drop
downs? The idea of dropdowns is fiddly enough, why add a ragged
element? Neat and smart to be left aligned.
I fully agree: why the centered links in the drop down?
All drop-down menus in applications are left-aligned, not centered.

Feb 26 '08 #4
GTalbot wrote:
1- I suggest to forget IE6 entirely.
Personally I think IE6 is a pile of dung, but your recommendation is ill
advised. At most of the sites I manage, IE6 still accounts for about 30%
of the traffic. That's something that can't be ignored, regardless of
how I feel about it personally or how many "get rid of IE6" campaigns
are out there.

Feb 26 '08 #5
On 24 fév, 09:48, totalstranger <totalstran...@not.yahoo.netwrote:
Can someone please take a look at this and give some suggestions.http://www.arnb.org/testmenu.html

I checked your stylesheet and I saw a few problems:

/* Set up the first level list items */
#nav li {
position:relative; /* this allows positioning of second level */
display: inline; /* show as a horizontal line */

but that's not the correct CSS rule for the first level items. The
correct rule is:

#nav li {
position:relative; /* this allows positioning of second level */
display: inline; /* show as a horizontal line */

and when correcting such CSS rule, that makes this other CSS hack
background:transparent url(IMAGES/transparent.gif);/*forces IE7 to
work without scripting*/
/* otherwise secondary menu blanks out on a hover*/

... completely useless, pointless: so, you can remove that
background: transparent url(...);
declaration entirely.

Some other points:

#nav, #nav ul { /* all lists */
padding: 0;
margin: 0;
list-style: none;
text-align: center;
can be better replaced by

padding: 0;
margin: 0;
list-style: none;
text-align: center; /* although we explained centering is not best */

The selector
#nav li ul li a, #nav li ul li a:visited { ... }
can be better replaced by
#nav ul a, #nav ul a:visited { ... }

You may think those changes are cosmetic but they help in fact parse
the CSS code faster and with lesser chances of triggering bugs in

I then checked in Opera 9.26 and my demo works .. although Opera 9.26
is a bit iffy. It works better in Opera 9.50 build 9807 though.

Regards, Gérard
Feb 29 '08 #6

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