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HTML code in CAPITALS or small letters.. any difference?

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This question might sound stupid,
but I just want to know if it effects the performance of the browser if the whole HTML code is in CAPITAL letters or small letters?
Feb 11 '08 #1
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There is no difference. apart from capital letter won't validate at w3c. You should try to make your code validate via the w3c validation service...


There are some simple rules that will make your code validate. if you look through thier site you can learn more.

But in short to your answer. It will not affect performance, your code just won't be valid.
Feb 11 '08 #2
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Capitalized letters validate just fine because case does not matter in HTML. XHTML is a different story because it is XML designed to support HTML; that will not validate and case does matter. However, most people serve XHTML as HTML and won't notice the difference.

It is recommended you use lower-case in all your markup.
Feb 11 '08 #3

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