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Trouble aligning tables horizontally

I am trying to get a floating center table. I have tables on the left and right, but I am having troubles in particular with my center and right floating boards. I have set the width the boards are supposed to be, however the right forum feels the need to size itself to a much wider forum, same with the middle forum, and because of these I cannot manage to get them to fit neatly beside eachother

This is my code defining the size of the tables

Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. #rside_menu {float:right;width: 19%; margin-left: 1%;}
  2. #rside_menu .tableborder { margin-bottom: 5px;}
  3. #rside_menu .row4 p {margin:0;padding:3px;}
  5. #cside_menu{width: 50%;float:center;}
  7. #lside_menu {float:left;width: 19%; margin-right: 1%;}
  8. #lside_menu .tableborder { margin-bottom: 5px;}
  9. #lside_menu .row4 p {margin:0;padding:3px;}
  11. #board {width: 100%;float:center;}
This is my code places in the Navigation section of the Header and Body

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  1. <body bgcolor='#FFFFFF' leftmargin="1" topmargin="1" marginwidth="1" marginheight="0" alink='#000000' vlink='#000000'>
  2. <% BOARD HEADER %>
  3. <% NAVIGATION %>
  5. <div id="main_content">
  6. <div id="lside_menu">
  7. <a div class="tableborder">
  8. <div class="maintitle">
  9. Server Leaders
  10. </div>
  11. <div class="row4">
  12. <p>
  13. <span style='color:bue;font-weight:bold'>
  14. Server Owner:</div><div class="row5">
  15. Jackass[DFJM]</div><div class="row6">
  16. <span style='color:yellow; font-weight:bold'>
  17. UWC3 DM Leader:</div><div class="row7">
  18. <span style='color:pink; font-weight:bold'>
  19. kRe-aT!V* Leader:</div><div class="row8">
  20. Karneey</div><div class="row9">
  21. <span style='color:purple; font-style: italic'>
  22. Dual Administrator:</div><div class="row10">
  23. <span style='color:black; font-style: italic'>
  24. UWC3 DM Admin:</div><div class="row11">
  25. <span style='color:green; font-style: italic'>
  26. kRe-aT!V* Admin:</div><div class="row12">
  27. <span style='color:red; text-decoration: line-through; font-weight: bold'>
  28. kRe-aT!V* Member:</div><div class="row13">
  29. Drag-on & pass it on</div><div class="row14">
  30. Exodus</span></a></p></div></div></div>
  32. <div id="main_content">
  33. <div id="lside_menu">
  34. <a div class="tableborder">
  35. <div class="maintitle">
  36. Navigation
  37. </div><div class="row4"><p>
  38. <href="http://www.freewebs.com/kre-ativ">Home Page | 
  39. <href="http://z3.invisionfree.com/kReaTiV/index.php?act=site">Portal
  40. <href="http://z3.invisionfree.com/kReaTiV/index.php?act=help">Help | 
  41. <href="http://z3.invisionfree.com/kReaTiV/index.php?act=members">Members
  42. <href="http://z3.invisionfree.com/kReaTiV/index.php?act=search&f=">Search | <href="http://z3.invisionfree.com/kReaTiV/index.php?act=calender">Calendar</p></div></div></div>
  44. <div id="main_content">
  45. <div id="rside_menu">
  46. <a div class="tableborder">
  47. <div class="maintitle">
  48. Upcomming Matches
  49. </div><div class="row4"><p>
  50. Comming Soon
  51. </p></div></div></div>
  53. <div id="main_content">
  54. <div id="cside_menu">
  55. <a div class="tableborder">
  56. <div class="maintitle">
  57. News and Announcements
  58. </div><div class="row4"><p>
  59. November 16, 2007
  61. Both servers should be up by this upcomming wednesday.  Anyone with experience setting up external mods, and editing UWC3 Mod may post in the Suggestions Section under the UWC3 DM section.  Providing help may lead to rewards when the server is set up!</p></div></div></div>
  63. <div id="main_content">
  64. <div id="cside_menu">
  65. <a div class="tableborder">
  66. <div class="maintitle">
  67. Shoutbox
  68. </div><div class="row4"><p>
  69. Comming Soon
  70. </p></div></div></div>
  72. <div id="board">
  73. <% BOARD %>
  74. <% STATS %>
Nov 17 '07 #1
2 1398
My forums are s3.invisionfree.com/jackservers

This will give you a view of exactly the problem I am having.
Nov 17 '07 #2
7,435 Expert 4TB
Validate for your list of 88 html errors and 10 css errors that need correcting.
Nov 17 '07 #3

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