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need code that forces horizontal scroll bar in all cases.

785 512MB
I need a code that forces all people's firefox browsers to give them a horizontal scroll bar regardless of what their tool bars and other factors tell the browser to do. I have a crossword puzzle game that does not show up on my friends browser correctly, but shows up correctly in mine and on my sisters. My sister and he has the same screen size. He says he was using FF like me. I put the game up on IE and it showed up correctly. It only doesn't show up correctly on his computer.

Currently, I use an image thats longer than necessary to get the horizontal bar on my page.
the page can be found here: crossword puzzle
The puzzle is in a form. The snippets of code is below. Thanks in advance!
(I did google search this, but they all say the same thing and then give me a code to hide the silly bar I can't force to show up in the first place). The below contains both html and JS.

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  1. <TABLE BORDER WIDTH="100%" >
  3. <tr>
  4. <td>
  5. <img src="http://www.tpgames.net/gaming/2/word/xw/img/z.gif" width="1206" height="2" alt="">
  6. <TR BGCOLOR="#000000">
  7. <TD>
  8. <script>
  10. function crossWord(){
  11. if (document.form.c1.value=="S"
  12.     && document.form.c2.value=="O"
  13.     && document.form.c3.value=="L"
  14.     && document.form.c4.value=="D"
  18. && document.form.c413.value=="N") 
  19.     alert("GREAT!! You solved the puzzle correctly!")
  20. else {alert("Not quite right, check your answers.")}
  21.    }
  22. </script>
  24. <form name="form">
  26. <img src="http://www.tpgames.net/gaming/2/word/xw/img/z.gif"
  27. width="1200" height="8"><br>
  28. <img src="http://www.tpgames.net/gaming/2/word/xw/img/1AD.gif">
  30. <!-- SOLD -->
  31. <input type="text" name="c1" size="1">
  32. <input type="text" name="c2" size="1">
  33. <input type="text" name="c3" size="1">
  34. <input type="text" name="c4" size="1">
  35. <img src="http://www.tpgames.net/gaming/2/word/xw/img/3D.gif">
  36. <img src="http://www.tpgames.net/gaming/2/word/xw/img/x.gif">
  37. <img src="http://www.tpgames.net/gaming/2/word/xw/img/x.gif">
  40. <img src="http://www.tpgames.net/gaming/2/word/xw/img/x.gif">
  41. <img src="http://www.tpgames.net/gaming/2/word/xw/img/x.gif">
  42. <img src="http://www.tpgames.net/gaming/2/word/xw/img/z.gif">
  43. <br>
  44. <center>
  45. <input type="button" value="Check Puzzle" onClick="crossWord()">............................................<input type="reset" value="Reset Puzzle">
  46. </center>
  48. </form></TD>
  49. </TABLE>
Oct 21 '07 #1
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785 512MB
If I were to use min-width in the CSS in the body tag part, would it solve the problem? I'm using only the bare minimum of CSS, as the game doesn't need the td tags and text to be any different from the main body. Thanks!

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  1. BODY {
  2.        background-color: #ffffff;
  3.         background-image: url(/gaming/2/20squares/marble30.jpg);
  4.         background-repeat: repeat;
  5.         background-position: top center;
  6.         border: 2px;
  7.         min-width:1220px;
  8.         margin: 1% 1% 10% 0%;
  9.         font-family: Arial, Helvetica, Verdana, sans-serif;
  10.         font-size: 16px;
  11.         line-height: 18px;
  12.         vertical-align: text-top;
  13.        color: #000000;    
  14. }
Oct 21 '07 #2
7,435 Expert 4TB
In your css, under body, you are missing the semicolon behind width. Does this fix the problem?
Oct 21 '07 #3
785 512MB
In your css, under body, you are missing the semicolon behind width. Does this fix the problem?
I can't believe I did that. LOL I knew it had to be some silly error somewheres. Thanks! I did email my friend, so I'll find out if his pc shows it correctly. I'm sure it will though.
Oct 22 '07 #4
7,435 Expert 4TB
This is what validation is for. You would have caught it just like I did.
Oct 22 '07 #5

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