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Problem with anchor navigation in frames

Could somebody help me ? I believe this might be elementary, but I am not much familiar with HTML .In my page i have two frames. I have a number of anchor tags in right frame. Every anchor tag in left side is associated to some text and one anchor as header in right frame. When I click in left anchor tag it should focus the associated content in the right frame.
Below is main HTML page partly.
Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. <frameset  cols="40%,60%">
  2.     <frame src="frame1.html" id="leftFrame1" name="leftFrame1">
  3.     <frame src="frame2.html" id="rightFrame1" name="rightFrame1">
  4. </frameset>
And below is left frame's ( frame1.html) content.
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  1.  <BODY>
  2. <A HREF="#a1" target="rightFrame1">tag1</A>
  3. <A HREF="#a2" target="rightFrame1">tag2</A>
  4.  </BODY>
And right frame's ( frame2.html) content.
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  1. <BODY>
  2.  <A HREF="" id="a1" name="a1">tag1</A>
  3.  <TABLE>
  4.  <TR>
  5.      <TD>1</TD>
  6.      <TD>2</TD>
  7.  </TR>
  8.  <TR>
  9.      <TD>3</TD>
  10.      <TD>4</TD>
  11.  </TR>
  12.  <TR>
  13.      <TD>5</TD>
  14.      <TD>6</TD>
  15.  </TR>
  16.  <TR>
  17.      <TD>7</TD>
  18.      <TD>8</TD>
  19.  </TR>
  20.   <TR>
  21.      <TD>7</TD>
  22.      <TD>8</TD>
  23.  </TR>
  24.  <TR>
  25.      <TD>7</TD>
  26.      <TD>8</TD>
  27.  </TR>
  28.   <TR>
  29.      <TD>7</TD>
  30.      <TD>8</TD>
  31.  </TR>
  32.  <TR>
  33.      <TD>7</TD>
  34.      <TD>8</TD>
  35.  </TR>
  36.   <TR>
  37.      <TD>7</TD>
  38.      <TD>8</TD>
  39.  </TR>
  40.  <TR>
  41.      <TD>7</TD>
  42.      <TD>8</TD>
  43.  </TR>
  44.   <TR>
  45.      <TD>7</TD>
  46.      <TD>8</TD>
  47.  </TR>
  48.  <TR>
  49.      <TD>7</TD>
  50.      <TD>8</TD>
  51.  </TR>
  52.   <TR>
  53.      <TD>7</TD>
  54.      <TD>8</TD>
  55.  </TR>
  56.  <TR>
  57.      <TD>7</TD>
  58.      <TD>8</TD>
  59.  </TR>
  60.   <TR>
  61.      <TD>7</TD>
  62.      <TD>8</TD>
  63.  </TR>
  64.  <TR>
  65.      <TD>7</TD>
  66.      <TD>8</TD>
  67.  </TR>
  68.   <TR>
  69.      <TD>7</TD>
  70.      <TD>8</TD>
  71.  </TR>
  72.  <TR>
  73.      <TD>7</TD>
  74.      <TD>8</TD>
  75.  </TR>
  76.   <TR>
  77.      <TD>7</TD>
  78.      <TD>8</TD>
  79.  </TR>
  80.  <TR>
  81.      <TD>7</TD>
  82.      <TD>8</TD>
  83.  </TR>
  84.   <TR>
  85.      <TD>7</TD>
  86.      <TD>8</TD>
  87.  </TR>
  88.  <TR>
  89.      <TD>7</TD>
  90.      <TD>8</TD>
  91.  </TR>
  92.   <TR>
  93.      <TD>7</TD>
  94.      <TD>8</TD>
  95.  </TR>
  96.  <TR>
  97.      <TD>7</TD>
  98.      <TD>8</TD>
  99.  </TR>
  100.   <TR>
  101.      <TD>7</TD>
  102.      <TD>8</TD>
  103.  </TR>
  104.  <TR>
  105.      <TD>7</TD>
  106.      <TD>8</TD>
  107.  </TR>
  108.   <TR>
  109.      <TD>7</TD>
  110.      <TD>8</TD>
  111.  </TR>
  112.  <TR>
  113.      <TD>7</TD>
  114.      <TD>8</TD>
  115.  </TR>
  116.   <TR>
  117.      <TD>7</TD>
  118.      <TD>8</TD>
  119.  </TR>
  120.  <TR>
  121.      <TD>7</TD>
  122.      <TD>8</TD>
  123.  </TR>
  124.   <TR>
  125.      <TD>7</TD>
  126.      <TD>8</TD>
  127.  </TR>
  128.  <TR>
  129.      <TD>7</TD>
  130.      <TD>8</TD>
  131.  </TR>
  132.   <TR>
  133.      <TD>7</TD>
  134.      <TD>8</TD>
  135.  </TR>
  136.  <TR>
  137.      <TD>7</TD>
  138.      <TD>8</TD>
  139.  </TR>
  140.   <TR>
  141.      <TD>7</TD>
  142.      <TD>8</TD>
  143.  </TR>
  144.  <TR>
  145.      <TD>7</TD>
  146.      <TD>8</TD>
  147.  </TR>
  148.   <TR>
  149.      <TD>7</TD>
  150.      <TD>8</TD>
  151.  </TR>
  152.  <TR>
  153.      <TD>7</TD>
  154.      <TD>8</TD>
  155.  </TR>
  156.   <TR>
  157.      <TD>7</TD>
  158.      <TD>8</TD>
  159.  </TR>
  161.  </TABLE>
  162. <A HREF="" id="a2" name="a2">tag2</A>
  163.  </BODY>
In simple when I click link in left frame (i.e. link tag2 ), right frame should display tag2 on screen. And anchor's in right frame is only serve as heading's and has no target. If it is necessary javascript also I could use, like using window.scrollTo ( I am not sure) etc.
Sep 12 '07 #1
1 1754
7,435 Expert 4TB
This cannot be done using html. You need to ask on the javascript board.
Sep 12 '07 #2

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