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align fieldsets with css

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hi guys,

i wanna set my fieldsets properly without using table.. like two fields in one row... here are my fieldsets..

Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1.             <fieldset>
  2.                             <legend>Personal Information</legend>
  3.                             <p><label>First Name</label><br/>
  4.                             <input type='text'size='38' name='fname'/></p>
  5.                             <p><label>Last Name</label><br/>
  6.                             <input type='text'size='38' name='lname'/></p>
  7.                             <p><label>Display Name</label><br/>
  8.                             <input type='text'size='38' name='dname'/></p>
  9.                             <p><label><input type='checkbox' name='chk'onClick='en_bday(this)'/>Fill Birthday</label><br/>
  11.                             Day<select name='bday' id='bday' disabled='disabled'>
  12.                             <?php $i=1;
  13.                             while($i!=32){
  14.                             echo"<option>$i</option>";
  15.                             $i++;
  16.                             }?>
  17.                             </select>
  18.                             Month<select name='bmon' id='bmon' disabled='disabled'/>
  19.                             <option>Jan</option><option>Feb</option><option>Mar</option>
  20.                             Year<select name='byr' id='byr' disabled='disabled'/>
  21.                             <?php $j=1900;
  22.                             while($j!=2002){
  23.                             echo"<option>$j</option>";
  24.                             $j++;
  25.                             }?></select>
  26.                             </p>
  27.                             <p><label>Few Lines About yourself<br />
  28.                                 <textarea cols='25' rows='5' name='yrself'></textarea></label></p>
  30.                     </fieldset>
  32.                         <fieldset><legend>Websites</legend>
  33.                                 <p><label>Website<br/><input type='text' name='web' size=38/><br /></p>
  34.                                 <p>Yahoo ID<br/><input type='text' name='ymsg' size=38/><br /></p>
  35.                                 <p>MSN ID<br/><input type='text' name='msn' size=38/><br/></p>
  36.                                 <p>GTalk ID<br/><input type='text' name='gtalk' size=38/></label></p>
  37.                         </fieldset>
  41.                         <fieldset>
  42.                                 <legend>Change Password</legend>
  43.                                 <p><label>Old Password<br />
  44.                                 <input type="password" name="opass" size='38' /></p>
  45.                                 <p>New Password<br />
  46.                                 <input type="password" name="npass1" size='38' /></p>
  47.                                 <p>Repeat New Password<br />
  48.                                 <input type="password" name="npass2" size='38' />
  49.                                 </label></p>
  50.                         </fieldset>
  52.                         <fieldset>
  53.                                 <legend>Customize</legend>
  54.                                 <p><label>Do not like the GUI, 
  55.                                 Change the one you like</label></p>
  57.                         </fieldset>
And here is the CSS i am using

Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. fieldset {
  3.     padding: 0px 50px 10px 50px;
  4.     border:1px solid blue;    
  5.     float:left;
  6.     margin-right:5px;
  7.     color:black;
  8.     position:relative;
  12. }
  15. fieldset legend {
  16.     padding: 0px .1em 0px .3em;
  17.     color:blue;
  18.     font: 13px "Lucida Grande", "Lucida Sans Unicode", Tahoma, Verdana;
  20. }

Please help me.. the one with legend customize.. comes really down.. i also wanna add three buttons .. but it doesnt come below the fieldsets.. please help me.. do i need to add one more div for button ??

sorry for my n00bness in css :(

thanks for ur time :)
Aug 15 '07 #1
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254 100+
well i couldnt edit the above post so i have to reply to it and to make my post more clear i am adding the actual picture of the layout.. now the problem/issue is more clear to you experts, please help me guys

i hope you can see the image, the direct link is here

Direct Link
Aug 15 '07 #2

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