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How do you turn off all styling within a div


I am having a problem with a control which is caused by a style on the
page which I am not able to trace. If I use the control in a page
without any styling it looks ok. Is there a way to remove/turnoff all
CSS styling inside a div?

Jul 16 '07 #1
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In article
<11*********************@d55g2000hsg.googlegroups. com>,
Momomo <le******@yahoo.comwrote:

I am having a problem with a control which is caused by a style on the
page which I am not able to trace. If I use the control in a page
without any styling it looks ok. Is there a way to remove/turnoff all
CSS styling inside a div?
Depends what you are talking about, for your own pleasure or
authoring for others?

I will assume authoring since this is more on topic for this
group. And I have always been a big stickler for protocol on this

For literally "turning off" all styling for a particular element
we need to discuss the idea of turning off all styling for the
whole of the html first.

When you supply no css at all, just html with no inline styles
either, the page will get some minimal styling from a style sheet
that is supplied automatically as default by the browser.
Different browsers will supply different css sheets. So by
supplying no styling you will not succeed to have your viewers
have no styling. They will get a no-frills one. Perhaps this is
what you likethe look of in small doses?

If you want to recommend a plain style to all or some of your
html, then go ahead and supply it with css. CSS is capable of
supplying a plain look as well as fancy. It is not essentially
for fancy. (Make up artists on film sets go to a lot of trouble
to make essentially glamorous women look plain on occasions).

If you want a particular div to have a certain look, a plain one,
then style it to have that look. Without any url, best not to
discuss this matter further.

Jul 16 '07 #2
Scripsit Momomo:
I am having a problem with a control which is caused by a style on the
page which I am not able to trace.
Use proper tools then, such as Firefox Web Developer Extension or Firebug.

Alternatively, start from an unstyled version and add pieces of CSS code at
a time, until the problem emerges. Then you know pretty well which addition
triggered it.

To get more specific answers, ask a more specific question. Hint: URL.
Is there a way to remove/turnoff all
CSS styling inside a div?
No, and that would be a wrong approach anyway.

Jukka K. Korpela ("Yucca")

Jul 16 '07 #3
-Lost wrote:
To disable CSS in general, you need only remove the declarations or if
using Firefox, you could install an extension that disables styles on
all objects.
That would be overkill for the matter in hand, as FF has this function
incorporated: View --Page Style --No Style. On the other hand, the
Web Developer extension¹ has also an option to disable browser default
styles and much more.


¹ http://chrispederick.com/work/web-developer/

Jul 18 '07 #4

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