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Firefox problem - on Mac PPC only?

Hi there everyone.

I'm developing a site with a function where you can switch css file, and when you do an element is going to ontop of another..

However in Firefox the scrollbar of the element underneath is "breaking through" and lies ontop of everything even though it should be underneath.

I'm using the latest version of Firefox on a PPC and the in the same verion of Firefox it looks just fine, but on an Intel Mac. It works just fine in both Safari and Shiira on my computer. Firefox and IE on Win.

The question is; Is this a phenomenon on PPC or is it just something wrong with my Firefox??

Is there anyone with a Mac PPC and Firefox who would like to check it, and compare it with Safari?


Thanks for any help with this issue.
May 6 '07 #1
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7,435 Expert 4TB
Your xml declaratrion, <?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?>, is in the wrong place. It should be the first line. Then validate for the list of your errors.
May 6 '07 #2
Oops. Thank you for that, corrected and checked it. Still the same problem for my Firefox and the validator didn't complaint about anything except a "<u></u>", presumably due to the "strict" doc-declaration.

But how did the page appear in your browser?
May 6 '07 #3
7,435 Expert 4TB
I don't have a Mac but you can't rely on invalid code.
May 7 '07 #4
5,821 Expert 4TB
I've noticed all sortsa scrollbar problems in Firefox lately.

For example, if you have a floating DIV with scrollbars, and you set its visibility style property to 'hidden', the scrollbars are still visible (the rest of the DIV is not). But when you set the display property to 'none', then the scrollbars disappear.

My guess is that it's just something you'll have to work around. You could set the DIV's overflow style property to 'hidden' while the div should be non-scrollable, though.

Oh, btw:
Intel Mac running Safari & Firefox. Works great in Safari. Not so much in Firefox. If that's what you were getting at. If not... Well, UPS let their mascot elephant sit on my G5 free of charge, so I'm unable to test on the PPC side at the moment.
May 8 '07 #5
Thanks ya'll :)

Yes, how the page looks in Firefox on PPC vs Intel was what I was getting at.
In Firefox on the Intel Mac I've got it appears as I intended - as two layers where you can see the div below the table with scrollbar and all - but on my PPC Firefox the scrollbar is scrollable. The scrollbar should be inaccessible.

The page sourcecode is perfect (according to http://www.totalvalidator.com) except for the <u></u> wich I promise has nothing to do with the problem in hand.
May 8 '07 #6
5,821 Expert 4TB
I'm looking at your CSS source right now. I don't know if this will solve your problem or not, but in Firefox, I can't tell which element is on top of the other or vice versa.

Maybe setting the z-index property will help.
May 8 '07 #7
Many thanks for the tip :) Didn't know about z-index before and was really getting my hops up...

I tried using z-index, and it had affect on the table and the div but the scrollbar in Firefox didn't seem to care so much about it. Typical, huh.
It feels more and more like it isn't the page-sourcecode or the css who's responsible for the scrollbar act in Firefox on PPC Mac.

Or is there anyone out there with with Firefox on a PPC Mac where the page looks as inteded?
Or someone with another browser, on a different platform maybe, who get the same problem.

If anyone's got the time and would like to try and sort this strange problem out, please visit the page with the "layer /scrollbar test" ( http://hackan.starkast.net/test/scrollbar2.html ) and post a reply, wether it's a negative or positive reply.

Thanks all you who have help me so far, really appreciate your time.
May 9 '07 #8
Just wanted to give you all a update on my problem;

I tried "position: fixed" on the element that I wanted to be ontop and guess what... The scrollbar no longer interferes!! :)

Havn't checked it on the Intel Mac yet, but in Shiira and Safari however the page looks just as before and as intended - you can see the scrollbar underneath but in Firefox the scrollbar is now *invisible* where the element ontop covers - something I might just have to live with...
May 10 '07 #9

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