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Positioning relative v absolute-- Style or functionality, not both

Neither go the way I want them to... Absolute doesn't get it right
over multiple browsers. Relative puts it in the right place, but only
the portion that it is "relative" the style, #wleMenu, is running.
Holding the cursor over any portion OUTSIDE of this block is not
Mozilla doesn't do anything, IE will fire off an error, when I go past
"the zone" with "object required" (like the scipting isn't even there)

I have the following CSS code.


position: absolute;
left: 1;
width: 245px;
height: 786px;

#twoLine {position:absolute;bottom:-325;left:-5;width:850;height:40;}
/* ( I've also tried, {position: relative;bottom-770;left;-85;width:
(also have had "px" at the back of the width and height) */
--- filebloc1

<script language="javascript" src="js/t.js"></script>
<!---side menu covers the dividing bar and the side menu--->
<div id="oneLine" class="bi24" &nbsp;</div<!---dividing bar--->
<div id="wleMenu" class="bi52" align='center' <!---side menu--->

<div align='center'><div class="bi40">Services</div></div>
<!--colors the menu section-->
<a href="index.php" onMouseOut="swapImgRest()"
onMouseOver="swapImg('j1','','images/r180hom.gif',1)"><img name="j1"
alt="8" border="0" src="images/b180hom.gif" ></a>
<a href="intro.php" onMouseOut="swapImgRest()"
onMouseOver="swapImg('j2','','images/r180care.gif',1)"><img name="j2"
alt="8" border="0" src="images/b180care.gif" ></a>
<a href="compSvc.php" onMouseOut="swapImgRest()"
onMouseOver="swapImg('j3','','images/r180cs.gif',1)"><img name="j3"
alt="8" border="0" src="images/b180cs.gif" ></a>
<a href="Skills.htm" onMouseOut="swapImgRest()"
onMouseOver="swapImg('j4','','images/r180pgm.gif',1)"><img name="j4"
alt="8" border="0" src="images/b180pgm.gif"></a>
<a href="weblinks.php" onMouseOut="swapImgRest()"
onMouseOver="swapImg('j5','','images/r180ws.gif',1)"><img name="j5"
alt="8" border="0" src="images/b180ws.gif" </a>
<a href="vertgen.php" onMouseOut="swapImgRest()"
onMouseOver="swapImg('j8','','images/r180fs.gif',1)"><img name="j8"
alt="8" border="0" src="images/b180fs.gif" </a>

<a href="ebyaTA.php" onMouseOut="swapImgRest()"
onMouseOver="swapImg('j6','','images/r180ta.gif',1)"><img name="j6"
alt="8" border="0" src="images/b180ta.gif" </a>
<a href="#" onMouseOut="swapImgRest()"
onMouseOver="swapImg('j7','','images/r180msg.gif',1)"><img name="j7"
alt="8" border="0" src="images/b180msg.gif" </a>
<div class="bi40" align='center'>On the Lighter Side</div>
<a href="#" onMouseOut="swapImgRest()"
onMouseOver="swapImg('j9','','images/r180int.gif',1)"><img name="j9"
alt="8" border="0" src="images/b180int.gif" </a>
<a href="#" title="coming Soon" onMouseOut="swapImgRest()"
name="j10" alt="8" border="0" src="images/b180trav.gif" </a>
<!---expand this one to cover the first I-40, my trip to PA/west
coast/experiences in PA. Make it entertaining, wahoo.--->
<a href="swtoc.html" title="Yes, these were my experiences"
onMouseOut="swapImgRest()" onMouseOver="swapImg('j11','','images/
r180AM.gif',1)"><img name="j11" alt="8" border="0" src="images/
b180AM.gif" </a>

</div><!--closes wlemenu-->

----Fileblock2--- this follows the above... it's the bottom menu I
want to have functionality with when doing a relative position, and
which very little of it works in its current stead.
<div id="twoLine" class="bi47">
<table width="775" " border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" >
<td width="55" ><a href="index.php"
onMouseOut="swapImgRest()" onMouseOver="swapImg('I1','','images/
bk90hom.gif',1)"><img name="I1" alt="8" border="0" src="images/
r90hom.gif" ></a></td>
<td><a href="intro.php" onMouseOut="swapImgRest()"
onMouseOver="swapImg('I2','','images/bk90care.gif',1)"><img name="I2"
border="0" src="images/r90care.gif" ></a></td>
<td width="87"><a href="Skills.html"
onMouseOut="swapImgRest()" onMouseOver="swapImg('I4','','images/
bk90pgm.gif',1)"><img name="I4" border="0" src="images/r90pgm.gif" ></
<td ><a href="portfolio.htm" onMouseOut="swapImgRest()"
src="images/r90ebya.gif" name="I8" border="0"></a></td>
<td ><a href="http://www.responsemarketing.com/"
onMouseOut="swapImgRest()" onMouseOver="swapImg('I5','','images/
bk90msg.gif',1)" target="_blank"><img name="I5" border="0" src="images/
r90msg.gif" ></a></td>
<td ><a href="http://rjlauren.com/rjlauren/index.html"
onMouseOut="swapImgRest()" onMouseOver="swapImg('I6','','images/
bk90fs.gif',1)" target="_blank"><img name="I6" border="0" src="images/
<td width="87"><a href="compSrv.php"
onMouseOut="swapImgRest()" onMouseOver="swapImg('I3','','images/
bk90cs.gif',1)"><img name="I3" border="0" src="images/r90cs.gif" ></
<td ><a href="contact.htm" onMouseOut="swapImgRest()"
onMouseOver="swapImg('I7','','images/bk90trav.gif',1)"><img name="I7"
border="0" src="images/r90trav.gif" width="50" height="28"></a></td>
<td align='center' class="smallpr" colspan="8">FAQ | <a
href="mailto:da***@steric.net"Contact Me</a</td>


all in the form of php includes (again, it does not matter if I hard
code it into a file or use server includes ala php--- same result.)
When I use "relative" (the second option), I get what I want. Just
nothing outside of the wleMenu works.
When I use "absolute", the design really sucks, but I get
I know it is better to use relative, but how do I get the other damned
options to work the way they are supposed to?

I'm too embarassed to show my site.

Mar 10 '07 #1
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