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The standard why does IE6 make my sites look like sh*$

P: 70
So in IE7, FF, and Opera my site looks great! IE6 screws me again.

Check it out, i just threw up a quick verison that I am not totaly worrying about grammar or anything. Any hints as to how i can the css to work in all four browers?
Feb 28 '07 #1
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Expert 5K+
P: 7,435
You are seeing why, for several years, I have been preaching about what a bad browser IE is. You are doing nothing wrong and CSS is working as it should because your site is working in the two best browsers around, Firefox and Opera, and IE7 as a bonus.

Unfortunately, I am not running Windows and any screenshots get hung up on the flash so you will have to explain specifically what the problem is.
Feb 28 '07 #2

P: 70
Well I have floated a main text area to the right a used a 120px left margin just to make sure it clears my 120px width link bar on the left. I have absolutely positioned the link bar on the left side. In IE6 the link bar is no where to be seen. The main text area floats right but the link bar just never appears.

I have removed the 120px left margin with no il effect in IE7, FF, and Opera. I have to use somebody elses computer to check in IE6, but I assume it only moved the main text over and the link bar still is lost in between dimensions somewhere.
Feb 28 '07 #3

Expert 5K+
P: 7,435
Yes, the margin is unnecessary and may be the cause of the problem in IE6. I'm guessing that, while the other browsers also float the margin for that div, IE may not and caused the link div to go elsewhere.
Mar 1 '07 #4

P: 70
Ok, well i made a few changes and now the link bar appears but no luck on positioning for IE 6. Now it forces the floated item(div id="main") below the link bar instead of beside where it should be.
Mar 1 '07 #5

P: 70
I should note, I had to to fixed position instead of aboslute position. I don't really want to have it fixed. So i dont know what to do. I'm down right confused. Perhaps, absolutely position the div id=main directly to the right of it and then perhaps IE 6 wont screw me.
Mar 1 '07 #6

Expert 5K+
P: 7,435
Now don't screw yourself by breaking correct code so it will work in a lousy browser. There is nothing wrong with your code so quit trying to fix it.

Position:fixed doesn't work in IE6 at all.

The reason the div may be dropping beneath the other is because IE tends to add margins where there aren't any. Try widening the container by a few px and see if it all fits.

I really am sorry I don't have my Windows development system running. I've converted everything I have to FreeBSD expecting to inherit a third box which I was going to dedicate to Windows so I can test sites there. Unfortunately, that box won't get here for another month.
Mar 1 '07 #7

P: 70
Well, i went ahaed and worked over an absolutely position setup. Both the sidebar and main content and it aligns nicely. Although, I havent check IE6.

The only problem that remains is that the footer will not clear the content. It positions behind the main content and sidebar. I am not sure what to do. If I could fix that it would be good to go.
Mar 1 '07 #8

P: 70
Actually, why dont i inlcude the footer into the main content of the page. this would allow it to expand with the page. What do you think?
Mar 1 '07 #9

P: 70
Well, I think i got it. It doesn't look as good as before, but it does look good in every browser. Persistance paid off, and thanks for your help. If you need help on anything i'll try to help.
Mar 1 '07 #10

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