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Pass data to fill in form variables?

I'm sure this is an easy one for you old pros?
I am using filemaker to browse some records, and I have created a button in my filemaker layout that launches a web browser with a certain url. Right know, I have to manually enter 3 numbers into 3 fields of a form on that webpage. Is there a way I could pass the info in the url so that when the page loads it will have the form already filled in with my data? I have figured out how to do this with some other websites that pass the information in the url (so I just end up at the page that I want, as though I pressed the submit button), but can not figure out how to do it when a webpage doesn't pass that data in the url. How can I skip this page and just get to the destination with my data sent along in the form's 'post' method?
I'm sure I sound like a retard, but I am just a hack looking for a shortcut.
1k thanks!

The url that I need help with is here:

and i think this is the html that I can't seem to figure out:

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  1. <form method='post' name='pageform' action='https://ttax.co.la.ca.us/secured_asp/vcheck_new/index.php?page=main&amp;SSID=r636gmbit671k3d4ji98lce363'>
  2.         Enter <a href='http://ttax.co.la.ca.us/Proptax/Ttc/ttc/TTCAIDNum.html'>ASSESSOR'S IDENTIFICATION NO. (AIN)</a>
  3.         <br />
  4.         which consists of: Map Book, Page and Parcel.
  5.         <br />
  7.         <table class='aintable'>
  9.             <tr>
  10.                 <td><input type='text' name='mapbook' size='6' maxlength='4' value='' /></td>
  11.                 <td><input type='text' name='page' size='5' maxlength='3' value='' /></td>
  12.                 <td><input type='text' name='parcel' size='5' maxlength='3' value='' /></td>
  13.             </tr>
  14.             <tr>
  15.                 <th>Map Book</th>
  17.                 <th>Page</th>
  19.                 <th>Parcel</th>
  20.             </tr>
  21.         </table>
  22.         <input type='image' src='images/Search.gif' alt='Click Here To Search For Payment Status' />
  23.     </form>
Dec 27 '06 #1
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I think if you add value="MyValue" to the input tags you will achieve your effect.

Dec 27 '06 #2
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Sorry just noticed are you doing all of this work on the server side? What are you doing with this line:
Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. <form method='post' name='pageform' action='https://ttax.co.la.ca.us/secured_asp/vcheck_new/index.php?page=main&amp;SSID=r636gmbit671k3d4ji98lce36  3'>
Are you sure you want to send everyone to the same page?
Dec 27 '06 #3
This is for personal use really. This page gives me property tax status for the entered parcel of land. Right now I have to manually enter the 3 fields and hit the submit button to get to the destination page. If I could avoid the manual entry, I could retrieve the information 10X faster (and then work on finding a way to automate the retrieval). I am thinking there is a way to modify the code and run the page locally so that I can pass the data via the url (of the local page). Does that make any sense?
Thanks for thinking about this!

Dec 28 '06 #4
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You can't do it the way you want to because it it's a post request.

What you could do is an http request using a server side language, e.g., ASP, JSP, PHP, Coldfusion. In Coldfusion, you can use the cfhttp tag, not sure about the other languages. Then you could have a local page which has the variables in the URL and passes these as a post request. Then just display the result.
Dec 28 '06 #5

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