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DIV and IFRAME onload

On our Intranet homepage, I have a layer with an iframe contained in it. The iframe is linked to an html document that is stored in our Content Library system. You have to be authorized to view the documents in Content Library. The problem I'm having is that when you launch the Intranet site, the SSO login screen appears, but it looks like the iframe is trying to launch the html file before the homepage loads. So after you log in, the iframe displays the authentication screen. When you refresh the browser, it then displays the html file because you were authenticated when you logged in. it seems as if the iframe is launching ahead of logging in.

I would like iframe to display after the browser loads. With doing this you should be authenticated and the html page will display. Currently when the body loads, the animation for image links loads. I would like to add the iframe to onload function. This is the code I had prior to editing suggesting I saw online. I have it in BOLD:

<!--#INCLUDE VIRTUAL="/Common/Includes/global.asp"-->


dim ServerName, VUurl, QALBSurl, PRODLBSurl, URL, PromoDoc

ServerName = LCase (Request.ServerVariables("Server_Name"))

VUurl = "/VU/default.asp"
QALBSurl = "/em_uat.html"
PRODLBSurl = "/em_prod.html"

If ServerName = "www.test.gliconline.com" Then
VUurl = "http://" + ServerName + VUurl
URL = "https://" + "www.qa.gliconline.com" + QALBSurl
PromoDoc = "uat017348.html"

ElseIf ServerName = "www.qa.gliconline.com" Then
VUurl = "https://" + ServerName + VUurl
URL = "https://" + ServerName + QALBSurl
PromoDoc = "uat017348.html"

VUurl = "http://" + ServerName + VUurl
URL = "https://" + ServerName + PRODLBSurl
PromoDoc = "015935.html"
End If


<script LANGUAGE="JavaScript">
dynamicanimAttr = "dynamicanimation"
animateElements = new Array()
currentElement = 0
speed = 0
stepsZoom = 8
stepsWord = 8
stepsFly = 12
stepsSpiral = 16
steps = stepsZoom
step = 0
outString = ""
function dynAnimation()
{ Code for the dynamic animation is entered here

<title>Main Page - Right Side</title>


<div id="background" style="position:absolute; left:0; top:0; width:92px; height:90px; z-index:1">
<img src="../images/bluwatermrk.gif">

<!--Promo Box added 7/26/06-->

<div style="position: absolute; width: 458px; height: 73px; z-index: 3; left: 75px; top: 10px" id="Promobox">
<iframe name="I1" src="../webdocs/cl_getStellantDoc.asp?DocName=<%=PromoDoc%>" scrolling="no" border="0" frameborder="0" width="448" align="center" height="62" marginwidth="1" marginheight="0"></iframe></div>

<!--<div id="g" style="position:absolute; left:326px; top:221px; width:125px; height:135px; z-index:2">-->
<div id="g" style="position:absolute; left:0px; top:0px; width:125px; height:495px; z-index:2">

<table border=0 cellpadding=0 cellspacing=0 width=615>
<td height=89>&nbsp;</td>
<td align=center colspan=2>
<p ALIGN="center" dynamicanimation="spiral" style="position: relative !important; left: 10000 !important">
<img src="../images/welc_online2.gif" border=0>


<A HREF="../webdocs/cl_ContentLibraryLink.asp?CLLink=GOLWhatsNewResult s.do"
<p ALIGN="left" dynamicanimation="flyBottom" style="position: relative !important; left: 10000 !important">
<IMG BORDER="0" NAME="roll" SRC="../images/whatsnew.gif">

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