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Connect Daily Web Calendar Version 3.2.11 Released

MH Software, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of version 3.2.11 of
its Connect Daily web calendar software. This is primarily a small
feature release with a few bug fixes.

Topics in this message:

What's New in this Version

Complete Change Log

Putting Maps in to your Resources or Events


What's New in this Version

MySQL 5.0 support was added.

Any URLs embedded in the long description of an event will be converted to
clickable links when displayed.

The Email Password screen will now send the Email for ALL accounts that
match the specified Email address. Previously duplicate Email addresses
would cause it to send no messages. Case doesn’t matter in the Email
password screen now.

ICal Export was writing malformed Organizer Lines.

ICal import was not correctly handling Organizer/Contact Records. Many
fixes to the iCal import routine.

Removed 64 date limitation for specific or exception dates.

Repaired several items relating to deploying Connect Daily as a packed WAR

The RSS feed was not properly encoding some fields.


Putting Maps in to your Resources or Events


Many times when you publish an event in Connect Daily, you’d like to give
people a map that displays the location of your event. There are a couple
of ways to do this with Connect Daily.

If you won'’t have a lot of events at one location, the simplest thing to
do is to copy and paste the URL into the long description text box for
your event. The newest version of Connect Daily will automatically turn
the URL into a link. Just put something like:

Map to Event:

If you wi’ll have many events at the same location, we recommend you
create a resource for the event. Once you create the resource, you can
assign it to the events you create. To associate a map with your resource
you’ll need to do a little HTML coding. Don’t worry. We’ll explain how
to do it.

Here’s our example for the local baseball field.

2100 Blake Street   


Denver, CO

The “&nbsp;” are non-breaking spaces. We want to put some space between
the address (2100 Blake Street) and the link to the map.

The part starting with <A is the HTML link tag. The two important parts


This forces the map to open in a new window with the “name” of Coors
Field. The important thing to know is that it just makes sure a new map
window will open the first time the event is clicked on.

The second important part is:


This is the actual link to the map. In my example, I copied and pasted the
URL from Google. I went to their site and used the address search feature.
I then copied and pasted the URL bar into the text box.
Once you’ve put in your address and map link for your resource, you’ll
need to make sure it shows up. Login, and go to System | Configuration |
Resources. Make sure the option

Show Resource Descriptions on View Item?

is set to “Yes”.

Now when visitors click on your event, they will see the address to your
event location, and a clickable link to a map.
George Sexton
MH Software, Inc. - Home of Connect Daily Web Calendar

May 5 '06 #1
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