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Broken Protocol on Web Server

Greetings from the fifty-second parallel, My Sirs and Madams of
Edmonton Public Library, the World Wide Web Consortium situated
primarily at Michigan I.T., and Edmonton Community Network. To
fail at mentioning developers of the mechanical natural language
translator at babelfish.altavista.com would be to omit where I first
noticed this problem:
Edmonton FreeNet is the sole provider of public dial-up
access to [4]Edmonton Public Library.

While EFN is experiencing difficulties with guest access for the
above purpose, in the above quotation of EdmontonCommunityNetwork's
front page, it seems that even Edmonton's Library is breaking protocol
by ignoring what my browser puts after HTTP-ACCEPT-CHARSET.

It's iso-8859-1, not utf-8. Here is a big difference. I would
configure an HTTP-ACCEPT-CHARSET into the default configuration for
Lynx on my remote site, because we are using a version prior to
UNICODE translation in Lynx to stop-gap a transition to Lynx compiled.

One standard is HyperTextTransferProtocol. It's a standard based
upon English for portability and Micro$oft for expense. UNICODE as a
standard would be more portable if the world record for acquired
languages were not less than fourty, even without a fluence
requirement. Currently, a grand total of two UNICODE fonts reside on
my computer, each serving a different operating system, and a few
hundred other encodings are more useful for being more portable.

Edmonton Public Library, W3.ORG, and babelfish.altavista.com must
be using a broken enjin for protocol when their web server requires a
specific font of me. It always has been, and it will be wrong to
require a font of me as long as I can work my pencil.

My browser can yell at these web servers for sending me a sixteen
bit font that it can't display, especially since I filled in the font
I can actually read.

I suspect that some undocumented Public Access Terminal providers
that weathered EdmontonCommunityNetwork's change in phone number would
find common utility in access to the library for members of both
freenet.edmonton.ab.ca and publib.edmonton.ab.ca. That can't happen
again until EPL's web server modifies their web server, not unless
many people at this site are used to making their own server REserve
web documents that claim to be utf-8, but look just fine when sent as

In short, this document describes a useless bug that is
proliferating like a queen bee that is alone. Please kill it and leave
the ones on my lawn alone, because it is making the World Wide Web
harder to read.

Your client, +780-472-7827, by many kinds and ways of indirection.
Oh what a wicked web we weave when first we practice to deceive.
Real standards do not break protocol.
About people are interested in standards that don't change every five
Sloppy browsers ignore this tag: <link rev=made
href="mailto:br******@ecn.ab.ca"> . Sloppy people reinvent it.
[1]This is real Hyper-Text Mark-up Language!
[2]Related Miscellany


1. http://validator.w3.org/check?uri=ht...cept.htm&pw=on
2. file://localhost/u/020/brewhaha/public/finance/leasing/MayField.pdf

Jul 23 '05 #1
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