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stylesheet trouble in IE 5 Mac

This is a site i'm working on:


The stylesheet fonts look just fine under windows, but as I was QAin
it on IE 5 mac, some parts of the text are formatted according to th
stylesheet and some aren't.

EX: the main links & text under the flash movie (Automobilia, Vehicl
Information, etc...) are not formatted. Yet the bottom links on th
page (Log In, Site Map, etc..) look just fine. They are all coded th
same way. I've tried adding quotes around the class fields, and takin
the quotes away, but neither helps.

Anyone have any ideas?
<td class=smwhite>< a href="/main.asp?Catego ryID=1
class=smwhite>< b>AUTOMOBILIA</b></a></td>

<a class="smlinkBl ue2" href="/main.asp?Catego ryID=11"><b>Log In</b></a
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