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slide menu how to make it relative to table

I have following code for a slide menu but i twiked it to work for a
single level menu. Open it in a Browser to get a clear picture.

I have 2 Qs
1) How to make first entry as non-link. i.e i want to make first text
as Table Heading/menu category. For examle in the given menu i want to
make a heading as "Comp. Languages" which won't be a link.

2) The position of this menu is absolute to the page. I want to make
it absolute to the Table (2nd down table). So that this menu doesn't
move with resizing of window.

Basically my requirement is not of a sliding menu. I want to have a
menu with the same effect as it's achieved by this manu. i.e when i
hover over a link it should highlight the complete row.

<!doctype html public "-//w3c//dtd html 4.0 transitional//en">
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html;
<meta name="GENERATOR " content="Mozill a/4.79 [en] (Windows NT 5.0; U)
<title>Ajay's Home Page</title>
<center><font color="#FFFF00" ><font size=+3>Ajay's Home

<p><script type='text/javascript'>

function Go(){return}
/*************** *************** *************** *************** ***********
*************** *************** *************** *************** ***********/
Menu1=new Array("C","http ://","",0,20,1 50);
Menu2=new Array("Data Structure","htt p://","",0,20,1 50);
Menu3=new Array("C++","ht tp://","",0,20,1 50);
Menu4=new Array("Borland C++ Builder","http://","",0,20,1 50);
Menu5=new Array("HTML","h ttp://","",0,20,1 50);
Menu6=new Array("ASN.1"," http://","",0,20,1 50);
Menu7=new Array("PERL","h ttp://","",0,20,1 50);
Menu8=new Array("Delphi", "http://","",0,20,1 50);
Menu9=new Array("SDL","ht tp://","",0,20,1 50);
Menu10=new Array("OOD","ht tp://","",0,20,1 50);
Menu11=new Array("UML","ht tp://","",0,20,1 50);
var NoOffFirstLineM enus=11; // Number of first level items
var LowBgColor='FFD 9D9'; // Background color when mouse is not over
var LowSubBgColor=' 0080FF'; // Background color when mouse is not over
on subs
var HighBgColor='FF FFFF'; // Background color when mouse is over
var HighSubBgColor= '009CE8'; // Background color when mouse is over on
var FontLowColor='0 000FF'; // Font color when mouse is not over
var FontSubLowColor ='FFFFFF'; // Font color subs when mouse is not
var FontHighColor=' 0000FF'; // Font color when mouse is over
var FontSubHighColo r='0000FF'; // Font color subs when mouse is over
var BorderColor='00 0000'; // Border color
var BorderSubColor= '000000'; // Border color for subs
var BorderWidth=1; // Border width
var BorderBtwnElmnt s=1; // Border between elements 1 or 0
var FontFamily="Tah oma, Verdana, Arial" // Font family menu items
var FontSize=11; // Font size menu items
var FontBold=0; // Bold menu items 1 or 0
var FontItalic=0; // Italic menu items 1 or 0
var MenuTextCentere d='left'; // Item text position 'left', 'center' or
var MenuCentered='l eft'; // Menu horizontal position 'left', 'center'
or 'right'
var MenuVerticalCen tered='top'; // Menu vertical position 'top',
'middle','botto m' or static
var ChildOverlap=.2 ; // horizontal overlap child/ parent
var ChildVerticalOv erlap=.2; // vertical overlap child/ parent
var StartTop=200; // Menu offset x coordinate
var StartLeft=200; // Menu offset y coordinate
var VerCorrect=0; // Multiple frames y correction
var HorCorrect=0; // Multiple frames x correction
var LeftPaddng=4; // Left padding
var TopPaddng=0; // Top padding
var FirstLineHorizo ntal=0; // SET TO 1 FOR HORIZONTAL MENU, 0 FOR
var MenuFramesVerti cal=1; // Frames in cols or rows 1 or 0
var DissapearDelay= 1000; // delay before menu folds in
var TakeOverBgColor =1; // Menu frame takes over background color
subitem frame
var FirstLineFrame= 'navig'; // Frame where first level appears
var SecLineFrame='s pace'; // Frame where sub levels appear
var DocTargetFrame= 'space'; // Frame where target documents appear
var TargetLoc=''; // span id for relative positioning
var HideTop=0; // Hide first level when loading new document 1 or 0
var MenuWrap=1; // enables/ disables menu wrap 1 or 0
var RightToLeft=0; // enables/ disables right to left unfold 1 or 0
var UnfoldsOnClick= 1; // Level 1 unfolds onclick/ onmouseover
var WebMasterCheck= 0; // menu tree checking on or off 1 or 0
var ShowArrow=0; // Uses arrow gifs when 1
var KeepHilite=0; // Keep selected path highligthed
var Arrws=['tridark.gif',5 ,10,'tridarkdow n.gif',10,5,'tr idarkleft.gif', 5,10];
// Arrow source, width and height

/*************** *************** *************** *************** ***********
*************** *************** *************** *************** ***********/

var AgntUsr=navigat or.userAgent.to LowerCase();
var DomYes=document .getElementById ?1:0;
var NavYes=AgntUsr. indexOf('mozill a')!=-1&&AgntUsr.inde xOf('compatible ')==-1?1:0;
var ExpYes=AgntUsr. indexOf('msie') !=-1?1:0;
var Opr=AgntUsr.ind exOf('opera')!=-1?1:0;
var Opr6orless=wind ow.opera &&
navigator.userA gent.search(/opera.[1-6]/i)!=-1 //DynamicDrive.co m
added code
var DomNav=DomYes&& NavYes?1:0;
var DomExp=DomYes&& ExpYes?1:0;
var Nav4=NavYes&&!D omYes&&document .layers?1:0;
var Exp4=ExpYes&&!D omYes&&document .all?1:0;
var PosStrt=(NavYes ||ExpYes)&&!Opr 6orless?1:0;
var FrstLoc,ScLoc,D cLoc;
var ScWinWdth,ScWin Hght,FrstWinWdt h,FrstWinHght;
var ScLdAgainWin;
var FirstColPos,Sec ColPos,DocColPo s;
var RcrsLvl=0;
var FrstCreat=1,Loa dd=0,Creatd=0,I niFlg,AcrssFrms =1;
var FrstCntnr=null, CurrntOvr=null, CloseTmr=null;
var CntrTxt,TxtClos e,ImgStr;
var Ztop=100;
var ShwFlg=0;
var M_StrtTp=StartT op,M_StrtLft=St artLeft;
var StaticPos=0;
var LftXtra=DomNav& &!Opr?LeftPaddn g:0; //Changed for Opera
var TpXtra=DomNav?T opPaddng:0;
var M_Hide=Nav4?'hi de':'hidden';
var M_Show=Nav4?'sh ow':'visible';
var Par=parent.fram es[0]&&FirstLineFram e!=SecLineFrame ?parent:window;
var Doc=Par.documen t;
var Bod=Doc.body;
var Trigger=NavYes& &!Opr?Par:Bo d; //Changed for Opera

MenuTextCentere d=MenuTextCente red==1||MenuTex tCentered=='cen ter'?'center':M enuTextCentered ==0||
MenuTextCentere d!='right'?'lef t':'right';
WbMstrAlrts=["Item not defined: ","Item needs height: ","Item needs
width: "];

if(Trigger.onlo ad)Dummy=Trigge r.onload;
if(DomNav||Opr) Trigger.addEven tListener('load ',Go,false); //Changed
for Opera
else Trigger.onload= Go;

function Dummy(){return}

function CnclSlct(){retu rn false}

function RePos(){
FrstWinWdth=Exp Yes?FrstLoc.doc ument.body.clie ntWidth:FrstLoc .innerWidth;
FrstWinHght=Exp Yes?FrstLoc.doc ument.body.clie ntHeight:FrstLo c.innerHeight;
ScWinWdth=ExpYe s?ScLoc.documen t.body.clientWi dth:ScLoc.inner Width;
ScWinHght=ExpYe s?ScLoc.documen t.body.clientHe ight:ScLoc.inne rHeight;
if(MenuCentered =='justify'&&Fi rstLineHorizont al){
FrstCntnr.style .width=FrstWinW dth;
var P=FrstCntnr.Frs tMbr,W=Menu1[5],i;
for(i=0;i<NoOff FirstLineMenus; i++){P.style.wi dth=W;P=P.PrvMb r}}
if(TargetLoc)Cl cTrgt();
if(MenuCentered )ClcLft();
if(MenuVertical Centered)ClcTp( );
PosMenu(FrstCnt nr,StartTop,Sta rtLeft)}

function UnLoaded(){
if(CloseTmr)cle arTimeout(Close Tmr);
Loadd=0; Creatd=0;
var FCStyle=Nav4?Fr stCntnr:FrstCnt nr.style;
FCStyle.visibil ity=M_Hide}}

function ReDoWhole(){
if(ScWinWdth!=S cLoc.innerWidth ||ScWinHght!=Sc Loc.innerHeight ||FrstWinWdth!= FrstLoc.innerWi dth||
FrstWinHght!=Fr stLoc.innerHeig ht)Doc.location .reload()}

function Check(WMnu,NoOf ){
var i,array,ArrayLo c;
ArrayLoc=parent .frames[0]?parent.frames[FirstLineFrame]:self;
for(i=0;i<NoOf; i++){
array=WMnu+eval (i+1);
if(!ArrayLoc[array]){WbMstrAlrt(0, array); return false}
if(i==0){ if(!ArrayLoc[array][4]){WbMstrAlrt(1, array); return false}
if(!ArrayLoc[array][5]){WbMstrAlrt(2, array); return false}}
if(ArrayLoc[array][3])if(!Check(arra y+'_',ArrayLoc[array][3])) return
return true}

function WbMstrAlrt(No,X tra){
return confirm(WbMstrA lrts[No]+Xtra+' ')}

function Go(){
if(Loadd||!PosS trt)return;
Creatd=0; Loadd=1;
status='Buildin g menu';
if(FirstLineFra me =="" || !parent.frames[FirstLineFrame]){
FirstLineFrame= SecLineFrame;
if(FirstLineFra me =="" || !parent.frames[FirstLineFrame]){
FirstLineFrame= SecLineFrame=Do cTargetFrame;
if(FirstLineFra me =="" ||
!parent.frames[FirstLineFrame])FirstLineFrame =SecLineFrame=D ocTargetFrame=' '}}
if(SecLineFrame =="" || !parent.frames[SecLineFrame]){
SecLineFrame=Do cTargetFrame;
if(SecLineFrame =="" ||
!parent.frames[SecLineFrame])SecLineFrame=D ocTargetFrame=F irstLineFrame}
if(DocTargetFra me =="" ||
!parent.frames[DocTargetFrame])DocTargetFrame =SecLineFrame;
if(WebMasterChe ck){ if(!Check('Menu ',NoOffFirstLin eMenus)){status ='build
aborted';return }}
FrstLoc=FirstLi neFrame!=""?par ent.frames[FirstLineFrame]:window;
ScLoc=SecLineFr ame!=""?parent. frames[SecLineFrame]:window;
DcLoc=DocTarget Frame!=""?paren t.frames[DocTargetFrame]:window;
if (FrstLoc==ScLoc ) AcrssFrms=0;
if (AcrssFrms)Firs tLineHorizontal =MenuFramesVert ical?0:1;
FrstWinWdth=Exp Yes?FrstLoc.doc ument.body.clie ntWidth:FrstLoc .innerWidth;
FrstWinHght=Exp Yes?FrstLoc.doc ument.body.clie ntHeight:FrstLo c.innerHeight;
ScWinWdth=ExpYe s?ScLoc.documen t.body.clientWi dth:ScLoc.inner Width;
ScWinHght=ExpYe s?ScLoc.documen t.body.clientHe ight:ScLoc.inne rHeight;
if(Nav4){ CntrTxt=MenuTex tCentered!='lef t'?"<div
align='"+MenuTe xtCentered+"'>" :"";
TxtClose="</font>"+MenuText Centered!='left '?"</div>":""}}
FirstColPos=Nav 4?FrstLoc.docum ent:FrstLoc.doc ument.body;
SecColPos=Nav4? ScLoc.document: ScLoc.document. body;
DocColPos=Nav4? DcLoc.document: ScLoc.document. body;
if (TakeOverBgColo r)FirstColPos.b gColor=AcrssFrm s?SecColPos.bgC olor:DocColPos. bgColor;
if(MenuCentered =='justify'&&Fi rstLineHorizont al)ClcJus();
FrstCntnr=Creat eMenuStructure( 'Menu',NoOffFir stLineMenus);
FrstCreat=Acrss Frms?0:1}
else CreateMenuStruc tureAgain('Menu ',NoOffFirstLin eMenus);
if(TargetLoc)Cl cTrgt();
if(MenuCentered )ClcLft();
if(MenuVertical Centered)ClcTp( );
PosMenu(FrstCnt nr,StartTop,Sta rtLeft);
if (AcrssFrms) //Added for Opera
{ //Added for Opera
ScLdAgainWin=Ex pYes?ScLoc.docu ment.body:ScLoc ;
ScLdAgainWin.on unload=UnLoaded ;
} //Added for Opera
Trigger.onresiz e=Nav4?ReDoWhol e:RePos;
if(MenuVertical Centered=='stat ic'&&!AcrssFrms )setInterval('K eepPos()',250);
status='Menu ready for use'}

function KeepPos(){
var TS=ExpYes?FrstL oc.document.bod y.scrollTop:Frs tLoc.pageYOffse t;
if(TS!=StaticPo s){
var FCStyle=Nav4?Fr stCntnr:FrstCnt nr.style;
FCStyle.top=Frs tCntnr.OrgTop=S tartTop+TS;Stat icPos=TS}}

function ClcJus(){
var a=BorderBtwnElm nts?1:2,b=Borde rBtwnElmnts?Bor derWidth:0;
var Size=Math.round (((FrstWinWdth-a*BorderWidth)/NoOffFirstLineM enus)-b),i,j;
for(i=1;i<NoOff FirstLineMenus+ 1;i++){j=eval(' Menu'+i);j[5]=Size}

function ClcTrgt(){
var TLoc=Nav4?FrstL oc.document.lay ers[TargetLoc]:DomYes?FrstLoc .document.getEl ementById(Targe tLoc):FrstLoc.d ocument.all[TargetLoc];
StartTop=M_Strt Tp;
StartLeft=M_Str tLft;
while(TLoc){Sta rtTop+=TLoc.off setTop;StartLef t+=TLoc.offsetL eft;TLoc=TLoc.o ffsetParent}}
else{ StartTop+=Nav4? TLoc.pageY:TLoc .offsetTop;Star tLeft+=Nav4?TLo c.pageX:TLoc.of fsetLeft}}

function ClcLft(){
if(MenuCentered !='left'&&MenuC entered!='justi fy'){
var Size=FrstWinWdt h-(!Nav4?parseInt (FrstCntnr.styl e.width):FrstCn tnr.clip.width) ;
StartLeft=M_Str tLft;
StartLeft+=Menu Centered=='righ t'?Size:Size/2}}

function ClcTp(){
if(MenuVertical Centered!='top' &&MenuVerticalC entered!='stati c'){
var Size=FrstWinHgh t-(!Nav4?parseInt (FrstCntnr.styl e.height):FrstC ntnr.clip.heigh t);
StartTop=M_Strt Tp;
StartTop+=MenuV erticalCentered =='bottom'?Size :Size/2}}

function PosMenu(CntnrPn tr,Tp,Lt){
var Topi,Lefti,Hori ;
var Cntnr=CntnrPntr ;
var Mmbr=Cntnr.Frst Mbr;
var CntnrStyle=!Nav 4?Cntnr.style:C ntnr;
var MmbrStyle=!Nav4 ?Mmbr.style:Mmb r;
var PadL=Mmbr.value .indexOf('<')==-1?LftXtra:0;
var PadT=Mmbr.value .indexOf('<')==-1?TpXtra:0;
var MmbrWt=!Nav4?pa rseInt(MmbrStyl e.width)+PadL:M mbrStyle.clip.w idth;
var MmbrHt=!Nav4?pa rseInt(MmbrStyl e.height)+PadT: MmbrStyle.clip. height;
var CntnrWt=!Nav4?p arseInt(CntnrSt yle.width):Cntn rStyle.clip.wid th;
var CntnrHt=!Nav4?p arseInt(CntnrSt yle.height):Cnt nrStyle.clip.he ight;
var SubTp,SubLt;
if (RcrsLvl==1 && AcrssFrms)!Menu FramesVertical? Tp=FrstWinHght-CntnrHt+(Nav4?4 :0):Lt=RightToL eft?0:FrstWinWd th-CntnrWt+(Nav4?4 :0);
if (RcrsLvl==2 && AcrssFrms)!Menu FramesVertical? Tp=0:Lt=RightTo Left?ScWinWdth-CntnrWt:0;
if (RcrsLvl==2 && AcrssFrms){Tp+= VerCorrect;Lt+= HorCorrect}
CntnrStyle.top= RcrsLvl==1?Tp:0 ;
Cntnr.OrgTop=Tp ;
CntnrStyle.left =RcrsLvl==1?Lt: 0;
Cntnr.OrgLeft=L t;
if (RcrsLvl==1 && FirstLineHorizo ntal){
Hori=1;Lefti=Cn tnrWt-MmbrWt-2*BorderWidth;T opi=0}
else{ Hori=Lefti=0;To pi=CntnrHt-MmbrHt-2*BorderWidth}
while(Mmbr!=nul l){
MmbrStyle.left= Lefti+BorderWid th;
MmbrStyle.top=T opi+BorderWidth ;
if(Nav4)Mmbr.Cm dLyr.moveTo(Lef ti+BorderWidth, Topi+BorderWidt h);
if(Mmbr.ChildCn tnr){
if(RightToLeft) ChldCntnrWdth=N av4?Mmbr.ChildC ntnr.clip.width :parseInt(Mmbr. ChildCntnr.styl e.width);
if(Hori){ SubTp=Topi+Mmbr Ht+2*BorderWidt h;
SubLt=RightToLe ft?Lefti+MmbrWt-ChldCntnrWdth:L efti}
else{ SubLt=RightToLe ft?Lefti-ChldCntnrWdth+C hildOverlap*Mmb rWt+BorderWidth :Lefti+(1-ChildOverlap)*M mbrWt+BorderWid th;
SubTp=RcrsLvl== 1&&AcrssFrms?To pi:Topi+ChildVe rticalOverlap*M mbrHt}
PosMenu(Mmbr.Ch ildCntnr,SubTp, SubLt)}
Mmbr=Mmbr.PrvMb r;
if(Mmbr){ MmbrStyle=!Nav4 ?Mmbr.style:Mmb r;
PadL=Mmbr.value .indexOf('<')==-1?LftXtra:0;
PadT=Mmbr.value .indexOf('<')==-1?TpXtra:0;
MmbrWt=!Nav4?pa rseInt(MmbrStyl e.width)+PadL:M mbrStyle.clip.w idth;
MmbrHt=!Nav4?pa rseInt(MmbrStyl e.height)+PadT: MmbrStyle.clip. height;
Hori?Lefti-=BorderBtwnElmn ts?(MmbrWt+Bord erWidth):(MmbrW t):Topi-=BorderBtwnElmn ts?(MmbrHt+Bord erWidth):(MmbrH t)}}

function Initiate(){
if(IniFlg){ Init(FrstCntnr) ;IniFlg=0;
if(ShwFlg)After CloseAll();ShwF lg=0}}

function Init(CntnrPntr) {
var Mmbr=CntnrPntr. FrstMbr;
var MCStyle=Nav4?Cn tnrPntr:CntnrPn tr.style;
MCStyle.visibil ity=RcrsLvl==1? M_Show:M_Hide;
while(Mmbr!=nul l){
if(Mmbr.Hilite) {Mmbr.Hilite=0; if(KeepHilite)L owItem(Mmbr)}
if(Mmbr.ChildCn tnr) Init(Mmbr.Child Cntnr);
Mmbr=Mmbr.PrvMb r}

function ClearAllChilds( Pntr){
var CPCCStyle;
while (Pntr){
if(Pntr.Hilite) {
if(KeepHilite)L owItem(Pntr);
if(Pntr.ChildCn tnr){
CPCCStyle=Nav4? Pntr.ChildCntnr :Pntr.ChildCntn r.style;
CPCCStyle.visib ility=M_Hide;
ClearAllChilds( Pntr.ChildCntnr .FrstMbr)}
Pntr=Pntr.PrvMb r}}

function GoTo(){
if(this.LinkTxt ){
var HP=Nav4?this.Lo wLyr:this;
this.LinkTxt.in dexOf('javascri pt:')!=-1?eval(this.Lin kTxt):DcLoc.loc ation.href=this .LinkTxt}}

function HiliteItem(P){
if(P.ro)P.docum ent.images[P.rid].src=P.ri2;
else{ if(P.HiBck)P.bg Color=P.HiBck;
if(P.value.inde xOf('<img')==-1){
P.document.writ e(P.Ovalue);
P.document.clos e()}}}
else{ if(P.ro){ var Lc=P.Level==1?F rstLoc:ScLoc;
Lc.document.ima ges[P.rid].src=P.ri2}
else{ if(P.HiBck)P.st yle.backgroundC olor=P.HiBck;
if(P.HiFntClr)P .style.color=P. HiFntClr}}

function LowItem(P){
if(P.ro){ if(Nav4)P.docum ent.images[P.rid].src=P.ri1;
else{ var Lc=P.Level==1?F rstLoc:ScLoc;
Lc.document.ima ges[P.rid].src=P.ri1}}
else{ if(Nav4){ if(P.LoBck)P.bg Color=P.LoBck;
if(P.value.inde xOf('<img')==-1){
P.document.writ e(P.value);
P.document.clos e()}}
else{ if(P.LoBck)P.st yle.backgroundC olor=P.LoBck;
if(P.LwFntClr)P .style.color=P. LwFntClr}}}

function OpenMenu(){
if(!Loadd||!Cre atd) return;
var TpScrlld=ExpYes ?ScLoc.document .body.scrollTop :ScLoc.pageYOff set;
var LScrlld=ExpYes? ScLoc.document. body.scrollLeft :ScLoc.pageXOff set;
var CCnt=Nav4?this. LowLyr.ChildCnt nr:this.ChildCn tnr;
var ThisHt=Nav4?thi s.clip.height:p arseInt(this.st yle.height);
var ThisWt=Nav4?thi s.clip.width:pa rseInt(this.sty le.width);
var ThisLft=AcrssFr ms&&this.Level= =1&&!FirstLineH orizontal?0:Nav 4?this.Containe r.left:parseInt (this.Container .style.left);
var ThisTp=AcrssFrm s&&this.Level== 1&&FirstLineHor izontal?0:Nav4? this.Container. top:parseInt(th is.Container.st yle.top);
var HP=Nav4?this.Lo wLyr:this;
ClearAllChilds( this.Container. FrstMbr);
if(!ShwFlg){Shw Flg=1; BeforeFirstOpen ()}
var CCW=Nav4?this.L owLyr.ChildCntn r.clip.width:pa rseInt(this.Chi ldCntnr.style.w idth);
var CCH=Nav4?this.L owLyr.ChildCntn r.clip.height:p arseInt(this.Ch ildCntnr.style. height);
var ChCntTL=Nav4?th is.LowLyr.Child Cntnr:this.Chil dCntnr.style;
var SubLt=AcrssFrms &&this.Level==1 ?CCnt.OrgLeft+T hisLft+LScrlld: CCnt.OrgLeft+Th isLft;
var SubTp=AcrssFrms &&this.Level==1 ?CCnt.OrgTop+Th isTp+TpScrlld:C Cnt.OrgTop+This Tp;
if(RightToLeft) {
if(SubLt<LScrll d)SubLt=this.Le vel==1?LScrlld: SubLt+(CCW+(1-2*ChildOverlap) *ThisWt);
if(SubLt+CCW>Sc WinWdth+LScrlld )SubLt=ScWinWdt h+LScrlld-CCW}
else{ if(SubLt+CCW>Sc WinWdth+LScrlld )SubLt=this.Lev el==1?ScWinWdth +LScrlld-CCW:SubLt-(CCW+(1-2*ChildOverlap) *ThisWt);
if(SubLt<LScrll d)SubLt=LScrlld }
if(SubTp+CCH>Tp Scrlld+ScWinHgh t)SubTp=this.Le vel==1?SubTp=Tp Scrlld+ScWinHgh t-CCH:SubTp-CCH+(1-2*ChildVertical Overlap)*ThisHt ;
if(SubTp<TpScrl ld)SubTp=TpScrl ld}
ChCntTL.top=Sub Tp;ChCntTL.left =SubLt;ChCntTL. visibility=M_Sh ow}
status=this.Lin kTxt}

function OpenMenuClick() {
if(!Loadd||!Cre atd) return;
var HP=Nav4?this.Lo wLyr:this;
ClearAllChilds( this.Container. FrstMbr);
status=this.Lin kTxt}

function CloseMenu(){
if(!Loadd||!Cre atd) return;
if(!KeepHilite) {
var HP=Nav4?this.Lo wLyr:this;
if(this==Currnt Ovr){
if(CloseTmr)cle arTimeout(Close Tmr);
CloseTmr=setTim eout('Initiate( CurrntOvr)',Dis sapearDelay)}}

function CntnrSetUp(Wdth ,Hght,NoOff){
var x=RcrsLvl==1?Bo rderColor:Borde rSubColor;
this.FrstMbr=nu ll;
this.OrgLeft=th is.OrgTop=0;
if(x)this.bgCol or=x;
if(Nav4){ this.visibility ='hide';
this.resizeTo(W dth,Hght)}
else{ if(x)this.style .backgroundColo r=x;
this.style.widt h=Wdth;
this.style.heig ht=Hght;
this.style.font Family=FontFami ly;
this.style.font Weight=FontBold ?'bold':'normal ';
this.style.font Style=FontItali c?'italic':'nor mal';
this.style.font Size=FontSize+' pt';
this.style.zInd ex=RcrsLvl+Ztop }}

function MbrSetUp(MmbrCn tnr,PrMmbr,What Menu,Wdth,Hght) {
var Location=RcrsLv l==1?FrstLoc:Sc Loc;
var MemVal=eval(Wha tMenu+'[0]');
var t,T,L,W,H,S;
var a,b,c,d;
this.PrvMbr=PrM mbr;
this.Level=Rcrs Lvl;
this.LinkTxt=ev al(WhatMenu+'[1]');
this.Container= MmbrCntnr;
this.ChildCntnr =null;
this.style.over flow='hidden';
this.style.curs or=ExpYes&&(thi s.LinkTxt||(Rcr sLvl==1&&Unfold sOnClick))?'han d':'default';
if(MemVal.index Of('rollover')! =-1){
this.ri1=MemVal .substring(MemV al.indexOf(':') +1,MemVal.lastI ndexOf(':'));
this.ri2=MemVal .substring(MemV al.lastIndexOf( ':')+1,MemVal.l ength);
this.rid=WhatMe nu+'i';MemVal=" <img src='"+this.ri1 +"'
name='"+this.ri d+"'>"}
this.value=MemV al;
d=FontHighColor }
else{ a=LowSubBgColor ;
b=HighSubBgColo r;
c=FontSubLowCol or;
d=FontSubHighCo lor}
this.LwFntClr=c ;
this.HiFntClr=d ;
this.style.colo r=this.LwFntClr ;
if(this.LoBck)t his.style.backg roundColor=this .LoBck;
this.style.text Align=MenuTextC entered;
if(eval(WhatMen u+'[2]'))this.style.b ackgroundImage= "url(\'"+eval(W hatMenu+'[2]')+"\')";
if(MemVal.index Of('<')==-1){
this.style.widt h=Wdth-LftXtra;
this.style.heig ht=Hght-TpXtra;
this.style.padd ingLeft=LeftPad dng;
this.style.padd ingTop=TopPaddn g}
else{ this.style.widt h=Wdth;
this.style.heig ht=Hght}
if(MemVal.index Of('<')==-1&&DomYes){
t=Location.docu ment.createText Node(MemVal);
this.appendChil d(t)}
else this.innerHTML= MemVal;
if(eval(WhatMen u+'[3]')&&ShowArrow) {
a=RcrsLvl==1&&F irstLineHorizon tal?3:RightToLe ft?6:0;
T=RcrsLvl==1&&F irstLineHorizon tal?Hght-H-2:(Hght-H)/2;
L=RightToLeft?2 :Wdth-W-2;

t=Location.docu ment.createElem ent('img');
this.appendChil d(t);
t.style.positio n='absolute';

t.style.width=W ;
t.style.height= H;
else{ MemVal+="<div style='position :absolute; top:"+T+"; left:"+L+";
width:"+W+"; height:"+H+";vi sibility:inheri t'><img src='"+S+"'></
this.innerHTML= MemVal}}
if(ExpYes){this .onselectstart= CnclSlct;
this.onmouseove r=RcrsLvl==1&&U nfoldsOnClick?O penMenuClick:Op enMenu;
this.onmouseout =CloseMenu;
this.onclick=Rc rsLvl==1&&Unfol dsOnClick&&eval (WhatMenu+'[3]')?OpenMenu:GoT o
else{ RcrsLvl==1&&Unf oldsOnClick?thi s.addEventListe ner('mouseover' ,OpenMenuClick, false):this.add EventListener(' mouseover',Open Menu,false);
this.addEventLi stener('mouseou t',CloseMenu,fa lse);
RcrsLvl==1&&Unf oldsOnClick&&ev al(WhatMenu+'[3]')?this.addEven tListener('clic k',OpenMenu,fal se):this.addEve ntListener('cli ck',GoTo,false) }}

function NavMbrSetUp(Mmb rCntnr,PrMmbr,W hatMenu,Wdth,Hg ht){
var a,b,c,d;
d=FontHighColor }
else { a=LowSubBgColor ;
b=HighSubBgColo r;
c=FontSubLowCol or;
d=FontSubHighCo lor }
this.value=eval (WhatMenu+'[0]');
if(this.value.i ndexOf('rollove r')!=-1){
this.ri1=this.v alue.substring( this.value.inde xOf(':')+1,this .value.lastInde xOf(':'));
this.ri2=this.v alue.substring( this.value.last IndexOf(':')+1, this.value.leng th);
this.rid=WhatMe nu+'i';this.val ue="<img src='"+this.ri1 +"'
name='"+this.ri d+"'>"}
if(LeftPaddng&& this.value.inde xOf('<')==-1&&MenuTextCent ered=='left')th is.value='&nbsp \;'+this.value;
if(FontBold)thi s.value=this.va lue.bold();
if(FontItalic)t his.value=this. value.italics() ;
this.Ovalue=thi s.value;
this.value=this .value.fontcolo r(c);
this.Ovalue=thi s.Ovalue.fontco lor(d);
this.value=Cntr Txt+"<font face='"+FontFam ily+"'
point-size='"+FontSiz e+"'>"+this.val ue+TxtClose;
this.Ovalue=Cnt rTxt+"<font face='"+FontFam ily+"'
point-size='"+FontSiz e+"'>"+this.Ova lue+TxtClose;
this.ChildCntnr =null;
this.PrvMbr=PrM mbr;
this.visibility ='inherit';
if(this.LoBck)t his.bgColor=thi s.LoBck;
this.resizeTo(W dth,Hght);
if(!AcrssFrms&& eval(WhatMenu+'[2]'))this.backgro und.src=eval(Wh atMenu+'[2]');
this.document.w rite(this.value );
this.document.c lose();
this.CmdLyr=new Layer(Wdth,Mmbr Cntnr);
this.CmdLyr.Lev el=RcrsLvl;
this.CmdLyr.Lin kTxt=eval(WhatM enu+'[1]');
this.CmdLyr.vis ibility='inheri t';
this.CmdLyr.onm ouseover=RcrsLv l==1&&UnfoldsOn Click?OpenMenuC lick:OpenMenu;
this.CmdLyr.onm ouseout=CloseMe nu;
this.CmdLyr.cap tureEvents(Even t.MOUSEUP);
this.CmdLyr.onm ouseup=RcrsLvl= =1&&UnfoldsOnCl ick&&eval(WhatM enu+'[3]')?OpenMenu:GoT o;
this.CmdLyr.Low Lyr=this;
this.CmdLyr.res izeTo(Wdth,Hght );
this.CmdLyr.Con tainer=MmbrCntn r;
if(eval(WhatMen u+'[3]')&&ShowArrow) {
a=RcrsLvl==1&&F irstLineHorizon tal?3:RightToLe ft?6:0;
this.CmdLyr.Img Lyr=new Layer(Arrws[a+1],this.CmdLyr);
this.CmdLyr.Img Lyr.visibility= 'inherit';
this.CmdLyr.Img Lyr.top=RcrsLvl ==1&&FirstLineH orizontal?Hght-Arrws[a+2]-2:(Hght-Arrws[a+2])/2;
this.CmdLyr.Img Lyr.left=RightT oLeft?2:Wdth-Arrws[a+1]-2;
this.CmdLyr.Img Lyr.width=Arrws[a+1];
this.CmdLyr.Img Lyr.height=Arrw s[a+2];
ImgStr="<img src='"+Arrws[a]+"' width='"+Arrws[a+1]+"'
this.CmdLyr.Img Lyr.document.wr ite(ImgStr);
this.CmdLyr.Img Lyr.document.cl ose()}}

function CreateMenuStruc ture(MName,Numb erOf){
var i,NoOffSubs,Mbr ,Wdth=0,Hght=0;
var PrvMmbr=null;
var WMnu=MName+'1';
var MenuWidth=eval( WMnu+'[5]');
var MenuHeight=eval (WMnu+'[4]');
var Location=RcrsLv l==1?FrstLoc:Sc Loc;
if (RcrsLvl==1&&Fi rstLineHorizont al){
for(i=1;i<Numbe rOf+1;i++){
WMnu=MName+eval (i);
Wdth=eval(WMnu+ '[5]')?Wdth+eval(WM nu+'[5]'):Wdth+MenuWid th}
Wdth=BorderBtwn Elmnts?Wdth+(Nu mberOf+1)*Borde rWidth:Wdth+2*B orderWidth;Hght =MenuHeight+2*B orderWidth}
else{ for(i=1;i<Numbe rOf+1;i++){
WMnu=MName+eval (i);
Hght=eval(WMnu+ '[4]')?Hght+eval(WM nu+'[4]'):Hght+MenuHei ght}
Hght=BorderBtwn Elmnts?Hght+(Nu mberOf+1)*Borde rWidth:Hght+2*B orderWidth;Wdth =MenuWidth+2*Bo rderWidth}
var MmbrCntnr=Locat ion.document.cr eateElement("di v");
MmbrCntnr.style .position='abso lute';
MmbrCntnr.style .visibility='hi dden';
Location.docume nt.body.appendC hild(MmbrCntnr) }
else{ if(Nav4) var MmbrCntnr=new Layer(Wdth,Loca tion)
else{ WMnu+='c';
Location.docume nt.body.insertA djacentHTML("Af terBegin","<div
id='"+WMnu+"' style='visibili ty:hidden; position:absolu te;'><\/div>");
var MmbrCntnr=Locat ion.document.al l[WMnu]}}
MmbrCntnr.SetUp =CntnrSetUp;
MmbrCntnr.SetUp (Wdth,Hght,Numb erOf);
if(Exp4){ MmbrCntnr.Inner String='';
for(i=1;i<Numbe rOf+1;i++){
WMnu=MName+eval (i);
MmbrCntnr.Inner String+="<div id='"+WMnu+"'
style='position :absolute;'><\/div>"}
MmbrCntnr.inner HTML=MmbrCntnr. InnerString}
for(i=1;i<Numbe rOf+1;i++){
WMnu=MName+eval (i);
NoOffSubs=eval( WMnu+'[3]');
Wdth=RcrsLvl==1 &&FirstLineHori zontal?eval(WMn u+'[5]')?eval(WMnu+'[5]'):MenuWidth:Me nuWidth;
Hght=RcrsLvl==1 &&FirstLineHori zontal?MenuHeig ht:eval(WMnu+'[4]')?eval(WMnu+'[4]'):MenuHeight;
Mbr=Location.do cument.createEl ement("div");
Mbr.style.posit ion='absolute';
Mbr.style.visib ility='inherit' ;
MmbrCntnr.appen dChild(Mbr)}
else Mbr=Nav4?new Layer(Wdth,Mmbr Cntnr):Location .document.all[WMnu];
Mbr.SetUp=Nav4? NavMbrSetUp:Mbr SetUp;
Mbr.SetUp(MmbrC ntnr,PrvMmbr,WM nu,Wdth,Hght);
if(NoOffSubs) Mbr.ChildCntnr= CreateMenuStruc ture(WMnu+'_',N oOffSubs);
MmbrCntnr.FrstM br=Mbr;
return(MmbrCntn r)}

function CreateMenuStruc tureAgain(MName ,NumberOf){
var i,WMnu,NoOffSub s,PrvMmbr,Mbr=F rstCntnr.FrstMb r;
for(i=NumberOf; i>0;i--){
WMnu=MName+eval (i);
NoOffSubs=eval( WMnu+'[3]');
if(NoOffSubs)Mb r.ChildCntnr=Cr eateMenuStructu re(WMnu+'_',NoO ffSubs);

function BeforeStart(){r eturn}
function AfterBuild(){re turn}
function BeforeFirstOpen (){return}
function AfterCloseAll() {return}



<noscript>You r
browser does not support script</noscript>
Jul 20 '05 #1
1 4326
ajay wrote:
I have following code for a slide menu but i twiked it to work for a
single level menu. Open it in a Browser to get a clear picture.

Good gosh, no. How about a url instead?

Brian (remove "invalid" from my address to email me)
Jul 20 '05 #2

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