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List Box issue

6 New Member

I am using a listBox which has 31 items.

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  3. <SELECT NAME=lst_id size=1>
  4.   <OPTION> 1 </OPTION> 
  5.   <OPTION> 2 </OPTION> 
  6.   <OPTION> 3 </OPTION> 
  7.   <OPTION> 4 </OPTION> 
  8.   <OPTION> 5 </OPTION> 
  9.   <OPTION> 6 </OPTION> 
  10.   <OPTION> 7 </OPTION> 
  11.   <OPTION> 8 </OPTION> 
  12.   <OPTION> 9 </OPTION> 
  13.   <OPTION> 10 </OPTION> 
  14.   <OPTION> 11 </OPTION> 
  15.   <OPTION> 12 </OPTION> 
  16.   <OPTION> 13 </OPTION> 
  17.   <OPTION> 14 </OPTION> 
  18.   <OPTION> 15 </OPTION> 
  19.   <OPTION> 16 </OPTION> 
  20.   <OPTION> 17 </OPTION> 
  21.   <OPTION> 18 </OPTION> 
  22.   <OPTION> 19 </OPTION> 
  23.   <OPTION> 20 </OPTION> 
  24.   <OPTION> 21 </OPTION> 
  25.   <OPTION> 22 </OPTION> 
  26.   <OPTION> 23 </OPTION> 
  27.   <OPTION> 24 </OPTION> 
  28.   <OPTION> 25 </OPTION> 
  29.   <OPTION> 26 </OPTION> 
  30.   <OPTION> 27 </OPTION> 
  31.   <OPTION> 28 </OPTION> 
  32.   <OPTION> 29 </OPTION> 
  33.   <OPTION> 30 </OPTION> 
  34.   <OPTION> 31 </OPTION> 
  35.  </SELECT>
I get a scroll if the items are more than 30.This is the default scroll.
If i have less than 30 items i dont get a scroll.

Is it possible to set the count value for which the scroll must appear. i.e say can i get a scroll after my number of items are more than10.

But i dont want to use "multiple" tag and my "size" attribute must be fixed as 1.
=>With these conditions, how can i make it possible.

Nov 23 '07 #1
4 1494
7,435 Recognized Expert Expert
It's not possible. That's what the size attribute is for.
Nov 23 '07 #2
4 New Member

You need to do like this

1. <html>
2. <head>
3. <style type="text/css">
4. .select_size
5. {
6. font-size: 50;
7. }
8. </style>
9. </head>
10. <body>
11.<SELECT NAME="lst_id" CLASS="select_s ize">
12. <OPTION> 1 </OPTION>
13. <OPTION> 2 </OPTION>
14. <OPTION> 3 </OPTION>
15. <OPTION> 4 </OPTION>
16. <OPTION> 5 </OPTION>
17. <OPTION> 6 </OPTION>
18. <OPTION> 7 </OPTION>
19. <OPTION> 8 </OPTION>
20. <OPTION> 9 </OPTION>
21. <OPTION> 10 </OPTION>
22. <OPTION> 11 </OPTION>
23. <OPTION> 12 </OPTION>
24. <OPTION> 13 </OPTION>
25. <OPTION> 14 </OPTION>
26. <OPTION> 15 </OPTION>
27. <OPTION> 16 </OPTION>
28. <OPTION> 17 </OPTION>
29. <OPTION> 18 </OPTION>
30. <OPTION> 19 </OPTION>
31. <OPTION> 20 </OPTION>
32. <OPTION> 21 </OPTION>
33. <OPTION> 22 </OPTION>
34. <OPTION> 23 </OPTION>
35. <OPTION> 24 </OPTION>
36. <OPTION> 25 </OPTION>
37. <OPTION> 26 </OPTION>
38. <OPTION> 27 </OPTION>
39. <OPTION> 28 </OPTION>
40. <OPTION> 29 </OPTION>
41. <OPTION> 30 </OPTION>
42. <OPTION> 31 </OPTION>
43. </SELECT>
44. </body>
Nov 27 '07 #3
7,435 Recognized Expert Expert
That is not what he is trying to accomplish and the markup is invalid.
Nov 27 '07 #4
Death Slaught
1,137 Top Contributor
nirchuck please use proper CODE tags around your code.

Also there's no need to capitalize your tags like (this goes to the origonal poster aswell).

Thanks, Death
Nov 27 '07 #5

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