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MSIE 6 bugs, floats under each other

7 New Member
hi, i'm new to all this css stuff. just did a small very simple site for a friend and in msie5, 5.5 and 6 the right float (another div) within the container slips down to below the left float. sometimes it goes directly under the left float and sometimes it just hangs there below everything, but floated to the right.

it is driving me nuts, i've spent hours on this. i'm trying to learn css, but if this is a sample of the problems, i'm going back to tables!

can anyone help me?

many, many thanks!

Aug 26 '07 #1
9 1554
7,435 Recognized Expert Expert
Check the total width of all the contained elements and see if they add up exactly to the total width of the container. If so, then you may have extra margins, padding or a rounding error. Either make the total width a few px wider or one of the interior elements a few px smaller.

Do you know anyone that really uses IE5?
Aug 26 '07 #2
just a feeling
87 New Member
Try what drhowarddrfine said. If you are still facing the problem, write the complete markup or link to ur page, so that experts can help u.
Aug 27 '07 #3
7 New Member
Hi, Thanks for the tips. Everything seems to check out with regard to margins, padding, size, etc. Of course, when I make the container larger a gap appears between the to top images, the large blue block and the picture of the truck, which isn't what we wanted.

So, here's the link to the page. Thanks so much for your help.

http://www.alldrynow.c om/about.html

I used a Dreamweaver template to start with. This is the only page on the site with this problem.

Many Thanks!

Aug 27 '07 #4
7 New Member

Me again. I've been reading quite a few sites and answers and I am totally confused now as to why this page doesn't work in IE6.

http://www.alldrynow.c om/about.html

I am sure I am missing something very simple. I've gotten to this point without help, but could really use some now. It's the only page on the site that breaks down in IE 6. My friend's laptop has IE 6 and that's why he's concerned. (I know, he should upgrade, but it would be good for me to know that the page works in IE 6 for those others who may see it.)

Please help! I'd be eternally grateful.


Desperate jollyrabbit
Aug 28 '07 #5
7,435 Recognized Expert Expert
Validate your html and css for your list of errors there. Remember that IE6 has bugs that IE7 does not bug let's get all the invalid code fixed first.
Aug 28 '07 #6
7 New Member
Thank you for the help.

I went to the W3C Validators and fixed the errors. The xhtml code and CSS code is has been validated.

One of the xhtml errors said that 'absbottom' could not be used be used in the align tag, that it had to be "top", "middle", "bottom", "left" or "right". Which is fine, except not there is a 1 pixel space between the sun gif animation and the image below it that I am clueless as to how to get rid of.

This is my first site in css. It is major coup when I do something right.

I do understand that the bugs are different in IE6 and IE7, I just don't understand how to work around them (yet).....espec ially this problem where the right column in below the left column, but still aligned right. My other pages work fine. That is what is so upsetting.

Many thanks,
Aug 28 '07 #7
7 New Member
url = http://www.alldrynow.c om/about.html

Aug 28 '07 #8
7 New Member
Hello again,

I'm still trying to get my page http://www.alldrynow.c om/about.html to work in MSIE 6. It works in everything except that (and MSIE 5 and 5.5 which I am not going to worry about).

I have validated my whole site in the W3C html and css validators and cleaned up the code - especially in the page listed above and the right column STILL shows up below the left column even though the page is basically the same as the page after it, infrard.html. Now, I know this tells me that the problem is with the coding of about.html, but I have no idea where to look since I have checked and the sizes are all correct and there is no extraneous padding, margins or borders that I haven't taken into account.

Also, now that the W3C validator has told me that the attribute "absbottom" cannot be used (must be top, bottom, right or left only) I cannot line up the gif animation so there is no space between it and the line directly below it. Again, it works just fine (no space) in Opera, Firefox, Netscape and Safari, the space only appears in the dreaded Internet Explorer. However, using "absbottom" - the option given me by Dreamweaver CS3, takes care of this extra space problem in Internet Explorer. What to do? Be correct according to W3C or have the site work in IE?????

This is my sad story. 2 problems that I have no one to ask about....can anyone there shed some light on this? I have put in hours and looked all over the net - I really don't know what to do.

Please help!

jollyrabbit@roc hester.rr.com
Aug 30 '07 #9
7 New Member

I'm giving up on this one. I've reprogrammed it about 20 times and I am having the same results.

Thanks for the help!
Sep 1 '07 #10

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