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div widths not correct in opera/firefox

5 New Member
I am trying to create two rows, each 100% wide.
the first has three dvis, the first is 20% wide, the second is 60% wide, the third is 20% wide.
THe second row is the same except the first element is now two elements, each 10% wide.
sort of like so:

-----x---- ---------y1--------- -----z1---
x1 x2 ---------y2--------- -----z2---

what i am getting in operqa and mozilla is:

x y z
x1 x2 y z

i am using

div class= head
div class= row
div class= x width 20%
div class= y1 width 60%
div class= z1 width 20%

div class= head
div class= row
div class= x1 width 10%
div class= x2 width 10%
div class= y2 width 60%
div class= z2 width 10%

explorer makes the middle elements the right size, but opera and mozilla don't.

But the code is simple enough.

<link rel="stylesheet " type="text/css" href="davidpict urepages.css" />
<title>08.Hospi talAcrossTheStr eetFromUs.JPG</title>

<body >
<div id="row">
<div id="backthumbs " class="nav">
<A HREF="WalkAroun dTheNeighborhoo d.html" style="text-decoration:none ">
Back to Thumbnails

<div id="title">A Walk Through The Neighborhood

<div id="backtohome " class="nav" >
<A HREF="http://asllearner.meme bot.com" style="text-decoration:none ">
Back to David's Japan Home

<div id="row">
<div id="prev" class="nav" >
<A HREF="07.Lookin gRightOutTheFro ntGateupright.h tml">
<div id="next" class="nav">
<A HREF="09.TheEnd OfTheWorld.html " style="text-decoration:none ">

<div id="ImageName" >
08.HospitalAcro ssTheStreetFrom Us.JPG

<div id="LargeImage " class="nav">
<a href="./pics/08.HospitalAcro ssTheStreetFrom Us.JPG" target="new">
Click here for a full size image


my css is as follows

Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. #row {
  2. vertical-align:middle;
  3. padding:5;
  4. width:100%;
  5. height:2.5em;
  6. }
  10. #backthumbs {
  11. width: 20%;
  12. border-width: 2px;
  13. border-color: red;
  14. border-style: solid;
  15. vertical-align:middle;
  16. display:inline;
  17. margin:0;
  18. padding:0;
  20. #title {
  21. width:60%;
  22. text-align:center;
  23. border-width: 2px;
  24. border-color: red;
  25. border-style: solid;
  26. vertical-align:middle;
  27. display:inline;
  28. margin:0;
  29. padding:0;
  30. }
  33. #backtohome {
  34. width: 20%;
  35. height:2.5em;
  36. vertical-align:middle;
  37. border-width: 2px;
  38. border-color: red;
  39. border-style: solid;
  40. display:inline;
  41. margin:0;
  42. padding:0;
  43. }
  45. #prev , #next {
  46. width:10%;
  47. height:2.5em;
  48. vertical-align:middle;
  49. display:inline;
  50. margin:0;
  51. padding:0;
  52. border-width: 2px;
  53. border-color: red;
  54. border-style: solid;
  55. }
  57. #ImageName {
  58. width:60%;
  59. text-align:center;
  60. vertical-align:middle;
  61. display:inline;
  62. padding:0;
  63. margin:0;
  64. border-width: 2px;
  65. border-color: red;
  66. border-style: solid;
  67. }
  70. #LargeImage {
  71. width: 20%;
  72. display:inline;
  73. padding:0;
  74. margin:0;
  75. border-width: 2px;
  76. border-color: red;
  77. border-style: solid;
  78. }
I have tried playing with display many ways and nothing helps. If I put display block, then each element is put on a new line, I also tried inline-block. I tried display:table , table cell etc, and so on.

This shouldn:t be that difficult.
Jul 2 '06 #1
11 9710
9,065 Recognized Expert Moderator Expert
I suspect that you have designed in explorer and then you have checked to see if they work in mozillia etc.

The problem is that you have no DOCTYPE statement at the top of youR HTML, an example would be

[html<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN"
"http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dt d">[/html]

but all the common ones are listed at


use either an HTML 4.01 or XHTML 1.0 one.

The problem is that without a DOCTYPE all browsers work in quirks mode, with a DOCTYPE they work in standards mode. In standards mode the browser runs in a manor compilent with the specified standard (bugs not with standing).

However in quirks mode the browsers sometimes do some things that are not complient with the standards. Explorer is particularly bad for this and in quirks mode it has a broken box model, that is it interprets the width, padding size and border size incorrectly.

Add a DOCTYPE, you should see a change in the way explorer works, you may then need to change your CSS so that is displays correctly.

In general terms it is not a good idea to design to a pixel perfect design as it is hard to achieve on all browsers. It is also not a good idea to design to a 100% design because rounding errors can cause the design to go to >100% and then things start wrapping onto new lines that you don't wont. It is safer to design to just under 100% (that would be 99%) to avoid these problems.
Jul 3 '06 #2
5 New Member
Thanks for the reply.
I started out previewing it in opera, actually, but couldn:t get it to work and switched to explorer.


I tried every single doctype and none of them made any difference in how the document was presented. All worked fine in explorer and terribly in firefox. I think the problem is in my css or html...i changed the 60% to 40%, and that made no difference either, so it is not a question of running off the side, it's just not registering the width command...but I dont see why it isn:t.

thanks for the tips though.I will be sure to include doctypes from now on....
Jul 4 '06 #3
9,065 Recognized Expert Moderator Expert
In that case post a link to the page (preferably) or post the html and CSS code and we'll see if we can see something you missed.
Jul 4 '06 #4
5 New Member
Sure...I have posted it at http://asllearner.i.ph/tester/frame%...20working.html

the html and css are in my original post?!
Jul 4 '06 #5
1 New Member
I was wondering if asllearner resolved the issues he had with width and css classes on different browsers. I have a similar issue where after including the transitional doctype, <DIV> sections on the same page and with width: 99% are not aligned. I am using CSS classes and IE is the browser.
Nov 8 '06 #6
7,435 Recognized Expert Expert
You answered your own question. Never, ever use IE to design a web site. It is old, buggy and non-standards compliant. Always, always use a modern browser, such as Firefox or Opera or Safari or ANYTHING but IE. And IE7 is not much better.

Once you get it working in a modern browser, then you can adjust for IEs quirks and bugs.

Use a strict doctype. New pages should not be created with transitional. Then validate both your html and css to check for errors.

If you need help, post the link (preferably) or the complete code.
Nov 8 '06 #7
5 New Member
I believe I ended up just using approximate percentages and going with it as it was, alas..sorry i cant help.

Nov 8 '06 #8
1 New Member
As with me, also having trouble between EI and FF. I am laying out a page or two for use intended for offline... I don't believe the DOCTYPE will have any effect. What can be done in a case like this. Maybe the above fellow is also offline.
Nov 13 '06 #9
7,435 Recognized Expert Expert
The doctype may be making ALL the difference. The doctype is the set of rules you are telling the browser you are using. No doctype and you let the browser set the rules which may not be the same as what you are following. Wrong doctype and you don't get what you want.

In particular, with no doctype or an improper one, IE will go into quirks mode and use a broken box model.

If you want help, we need a link, preferably, or the complete code.
Nov 13 '06 #10

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