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Ajax Developers' Day added to XTech 2006 agenda

Ajax Developers' Day added to XTech 2006 agenda

XTech 2006 - 17-19 May - Hotel Grand Krasnopolsky - Amsterdam, The

An Ajax Developers' Day has been added to the schedule of events at
XTech 2006. In response to the rapidly developing world of Ajax user
interfaces on the browser, XTech has put together a day for Ajax
developers to meet, discuss and learn.

Who should attend - Web developers involved in or planning the creation
of dynamic Ajax-based web user interfaces, or involved in the creation
of Ajax toolkits.

The preliminary schedule includes:

9:00 Keynote talk (to be confirmed)

9:45 The Yahoo! User Interface Library, Simon Willison, Yahoo!

The Yahoo! User Interface Library is a set of utilities and controls,
written in JavaScript, for building richly interactive web applications
using techniques such as DOM scripting, HTML and Ajax. This session
will provide an overview of the library's components and provide
examples of the common problems that they are designed to handle.

11:00 OpenLaszlo as an Ajax platform, Max Carlson

This session discusses the upcoming plans for OpenLaszlo and how they
relate to the Ajax community at large. It includes an overview of the
language, a demo of the current Ajax support, and talks about the
future of OpenLaszlo as a platform.

11:45 Hijax: Progressive Enhancement with Ajax, Jeremy Keith

Ajax is hot topic. Behind the hype lies a technology that can greatly
enhance websites. Those enhancements can and should degrade gracefully.
By applying the principle of progressive enhancement, you can ensure
that no visitor is left behind.

14:00 Beefy Web App seeks Sexy Ajax stunner for interface fun and maybe
Simon Wistow

Coders make apps and Designers make things usable and pretty. Yet never
the twain shall meet - which is a shame because there are good ideas
out there begging for some collaboration. This talk examines why and
what can be done to rectify this.

14:45 Developing Enterprise Applications with Ajax and XUL,
Sebastian Schürmann

This talk describes the daily experience of developing an Ajax
Framework and Applications for Sixt Car Rental in XUL and Javascript.
It will give you an insight in the practical lessons we learned in the
last 2 Years.

16:00 Combining E4X and Ajax, Kurt Cagle

ECMAScript for XML provides a way to use XML as a native datatype, and
is being adopted by most major players in the industry. Join Kurt Cagle
as he explores how the use of Ajax and E4X together will simplify
programming web applications.

16:45 AjaX with a Capital X! , Mark Schiefelbein

Ajax developers are relying heavily on JavaScript to make web
interfaces richer. But JavaScript has drawbacks. XML technologies such
as XPath and XSLT are a great alternative and can be used efficiently
for managing Ajax-style interactivity.

The full day for just $225, discounts available for IDEAlliance
members. Don't hesitate to register:
http://xtech06.usefulinc.com/content/registration We expect the Ajax
Developers' Day to be a sellout.

Make you hotel reservations today. The cut-off for Xtech negotiated
room rates is 14 April. For information on the hotel and to make
reservations see: http://xtech06.usefulinc.com/content/venue

To view the full Xtech agenda, visit

Xtech is produced by IDEAlliance. IDEAlliance (International Digital
Enterprise Alliance) is an established industry organization with a
diverse and impressive membership that has been developing, educating
and validating best practices in publishing and information technology
for 40 years. Through special interest groups, conferences and its
active membership, IDEAlliance offers its members an inside track into
how the publishing and content-driven supply chain can and will be
exploited to respond to both traditional and emerging pressures to
reduce cost, increase the top line, and develop new lines of business.
To learn more about IDEAlliance, please visit www.idealliance.org/, or
call 703-837-1070.

Marion L. Elledge

VP, Information Technologies Programs

IDEAlliance http://www.idealliance.org

Celebrating 40 years - 1966 - 2006

Watch for upcoming events:

XTech 2006

Building Web 2.0

16-19 May - Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky

Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Extreme Markup Languages

7-11 August

Montreal, Quebec, Canada


XML 2006

December 5-7 - Sheraton Boston Hotel

Boston, MA

Watch for details coming soon!

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