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Blockchain for beginners?

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The idea behind blockchain fascinated me and I believe it would captivate my attention to learn more and create my own blockchain. Is this too lofty of a goal who has almost zero programming background? Would I need to learn a language prior to learning about blockchain(if so, which one?)?

I’m hoping someone here could help offer me actionable steps or directions to create and learn more about blockchain. Any free recommended online courses would also be helpful if you can share.
Thank you
Feb 6 '21 #1
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It's not a lofty goal, well within your reach. There is plenty of information that should help you start exploring.

Start at https://hyperledger.org

There are tutorials and overview videos on how to think about Blockchain.

Setting up your own block chain using Hyperledger Fabric:

Languages and technologies that will help you:
Go (Golang)
Javascript (Node)
Linux & Docker Containers

Good luck on your journey.
Feb 6 '21 #2
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To learn Blockchain as a beginner, I will suggest starting with the basics of Blockchain and how it works. Go through the concepts like mining, minting, consensus, Cryptography, nodes, decentralization, etc. For a good understanding, it is better to start a course from any online source like Udemy, Khanacadmey, cryptozombies, etc.
Feb 18 '21 #3
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I'm curious is there a specific reason you're interested in the blockchain? I feel like if you have something you want to accomplish, or some project you want to do - project-based learning allows for something called just-in-time learning which helps you learn in a way that's tailored completely to your interests. A book can't really do that.
Mar 24 '21 #4
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Divyan; "Would I need to learn a language prior to learning about blockchain(if so, which one?)?"

Great attitude!

Programming language: I suggest C++11, via CODE::BLOCKS 17.12 without any use of wxWidgets.

Blockchain: It is mostly based upon a little bit of math. Not calculus. Not Algebra, Not trigonometry. Not even pre-Algebra. Simple high-school math.

If you do not want your programming code actively, and purposely, and premeditated, stolen, then use Microsoft Windows XP (Service Pack 2 with NO other further updates) or Microsoft Windows 7 (Service Pack 1 with NO other further updates) and do not use any motherboard or hard drive or solid state drive that is hardware that has any UEFI or firmware released after 2003.

A Blockchain type of program/system is easy to write. It is not a complicated system. To have a functional system, I expect that you will basically need to be able to use GUI and CLI and vectors and double buffering and blitting and file read/write processes. There are some other more advanced things that are nice and helpful, but not required. Blockchain, in my opinion is a simple program with simple processes and a huge amount of advertising. This is a foundational type of program/system that is very simple.

But, from your question, it looks to me like you are already far ahead of most other people in that you see the challenge of learning to program and are already mentally prepared to work through it.

Until you learn those things, you have no need to learn any more about Blockchain itself.

Do it. I think that you will probably enjoy the challenge and learn some economically valuable skills.

mariehuet mentioned Just In Time leaning. I anticiapate that is what you will be doing. The concepts that I explained can be found via the internet. Do a duckduckgo.com search on this site's postings (bytes.com) for help. Other sites have more hard-core syntax. This site has more real-world applications of syntax.

That is, unless you were a set-up for dreamtext to inject spam advertising; which I very much do suspect is the case.
Mar 24 '21 #5

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