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10 ways to improve sales of your online store

Here are several ways to attract customers and increase conversion of your online store.

1.Build credibility with your customers. The store should contain elements to gain the trust of your customers and increase the desire to buy from your store. It can be done with the help of reviews. Encourage online feedbacks about your store. According to statistics, 85% of consumers read reviews about the product before purchase, and 79% completely trust in what they read. Also Create a Great Customer Service. All you need is a customer service representative who cares about what to say and addresses users concerns in the right way.

2. Store navigation. Good navigation improves the online shopping experience and helps merchants increase sales and profits.

3. Рop-up windows. Pop-ups are everywhere because they are an effective tool for generating leads and sales for your company.

4. User interface of your online store (UI). Although every eCommerce website is unique and targets a particular group of people with very specific needs, there are several UI design elements that every online store must have, for example, Transparent Call To Action (CTA) – buttons.

5.Call to Action. Buttons allow the call to action to guide shoppers in the process of purchasing. For example, in product pages, this could be a button labeled “Buy Now” or “Add to Cart.”

6. Perception of the store. There are a number of factors that affect customers’ perception of your business. Due to this, every online store should have a clear distribution of products into categories, description of goods, user-friendly navigation on every page and call to action buttons.

7. Authorization. Users can hesitate whether to fill out forms or no, so you should make this process as easy as possible for a better shopping experience. Keep registration form short or split it into multiple steps. Make the order page clear and simple, also don’t forget about payment and delivery options.

8. User Experience (UX). It includes aspects such as utility, ease of use and efficiency. There is a method that determines the most effective page on your site – A/B testing.

9. “Marketing traps”. You can implement such catches as price tags, tricks with free additions to the main purchase (delivery, for example), discounts for large amounts. Also, you can add blocks of bestsellers, hits and more.

10. Optimization of lead generation. Google Analytics – the best and most popular tool for tracking of key indicators of your online store. Taking advantage of this service will improve lead generation.

Increasing sales is the key to any successful business. If you have a great product or service and you provide commendable customer service, you can boost your sales and become a leader in your retail industry.
Jul 5 '19 #1
5 4500
Thanks, the article is good, very interesting.
Jan 2 '20 #2
69 64KB
Honest advice to the average reader:

Tell the truth. Have an honestly described product or service. Do not lie. Advertise wisely. Avoid gimmicks. Avoid "get rich doing [...]" schemes. Do not invest any more in any business venture than you are willing to lose.

Jan 20 '20 #3
Well explained. According to me UI is most important factor to consider because if a person had a bad experience with your interface then he/she will never come to your site again.So based on targeted demographics UI has to be simple and clear.
Jan 24 '20 #4
69 64KB
michaellyam was wrong.
"if a person had a bad experience with your interface then he/she will never come to your site again"
That is not true. Many people use search engines and click on generally what shows up. They may or may not look at the link specifics. They may or may not remember that they like or dislike something in the link specifics. To say that they will "never come to your site again" seems to either show ineptness in understanding common use of the internet, or it seems to be an attempt to pretend to be innocent of human nature. This seems to be a site for facts and not for pretense.

Your answer is rejected.
Jan 28 '20 #5
4 Nibble
I manage an online training business (iLoveCoding) and I hope these tips would be profitable. Thank you for your article.
Jul 8 '20 #6

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