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What’s your opinion on the eCommerce trends?

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During my internship, I made a report gathering all the e-commerce startups that have raised funds in the last 6 months (Sep 2021 - March 2022).
We thought it was interesting because the companies that raise funds today are the product and services that everyone might use in a few years or have a competitive advantage with right now, so it’s a good idea to know what happen and keep up with the trends - especially in eCommerce, where a lot is happening!!

I am surprised to see that no one talked about this topic on this forum! So I thought I would share our report with you, maybe it can interest a few of you :)

Alongside the data, we did some analysis and shared our thought about the new companies being built - do we think it’s worth it, useful, or not at all … for example, we talked about the aggregators raising a crazy amount of money to buy eCommerce brands.
But, I would love to hear your opinion and what you think as well :) I think it can be a pretty interesting conversation.

Here is the report (we made a YouTube video) :

Thank you!
Apr 25 '22 #1
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24 Expert 16bit
Thank you for sharing this. Can you tell us more about the video report and the analysis? some of the major points? I know you'd rather have us watch it, but it's an hour long.

When it comes to aggregating ecommerce brands, what are the biggest benefits? Is there a reason one company should run them vs many individual operators that could cater to the diverse needs of shoppers?

Apr 28 '22 #2
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There are many eCommerce trends that are currently in circulation, and it is important to stay up-to-date with them if you wish to succeed as an online retailer. Some of the most popular include cross-platform integration, personalized customer service, mobile shopping, and virtual reality shopping.

It is also important to remember that not all trends will be suitable for every business, so make sure to test out different ideas before implementing them fully. Be vocal about your brand and what makes your store unique from others on the market, and use innovative marketing techniques like social media advertising to engage your customers. It can often be difficult staying ahead of the curve, but by keeping a vigilant eye on current trends and adapting accordingly, you can ensure that your business succeeds in this competitive environment.
May 13 '22 #3
14 Byte
Interesting theme. Could you please publish a few main key points from your report?
May 13 '22 #4
Ecommerce trends is growing very fast now a days. Consumers able to browse and make purchase online easily. Now a days, number of businesses are going online and create storefronts to complete sales. The ecommerce space is becoming crowded. After pandemic, the growth of ecommerce business is increasing at a lightning speed. Social media is also one of the reasons for the growth of ecommerce trends. Because social media helps the process to make purchase directly from its platform. Ecommerce trends
Aug 25 '22 #5
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Just a spot on video!

In addition, I'd just like to add that ecommerce is moving from product & catalog focused to consumer-first. In this future, consumers will expect realtime personalized experiences - no matter what channel they are at. This requires a customer-first platform with generative capabilities that will deliver the right shopping experiences at the right time - from discovery to engagement to conversion to retention.

Look forward to more such resources!
Apr 4 '23 #6
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My opinion is that the main trends of e-commerce depend on many factors. Design, loading speed, and user-friendliness. I recommend watching the process of developing an e-commerce website:
May 1 '23 #7
Wow, that sounds like an awesome internship project! Thanks for sharing your report on e-commerce startups and their funding trends. It's true; keeping an eye on these companies can give us a glimpse of what the future holds for the e-commerce industry.
Jul 21 '23 #8
Your analysis of the new companies and their potential impact is fascinating! It's always exciting to see how these startups might shape the way we shop and engage with brands in the future. You too can read the information I want to share https://transformagency.com/woocomme...m-development/. I think it is very useful for the development of your business. I'm definitely interested in checking out your report and the insights you've gathered. It's cool that you've even mentioned the aggregators and their funding strategies – that could have a huge influence on the e-commerce landscape.
Jul 21 '23 #9

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