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Restore backup performed on Unix server to a Windows server

Hi All,

I understand in older versions of DB2/UDB this was not possible. The
following article explains how I might do this


Is this still a restriction in version 9.x? I'd specifically like to
restore a backup performed on an AIX server to a Windows server.

Christian Maslen

Aug 28 '07 #1
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On Aug 28, 1:55 am, Christian Maslen <christian.mas...@techie.com>
Hi All,

I understand in older versions of DB2/UDB this was not possible. The
following article explains how I might do this


Is this still a restriction in version 9.x? I'd specifically like to
restore a backup performed on an AIX server to a Windows server.

Christian Maslen
I don't know if V9 lets you do this, but definitely not in version 8.
AIX is big-endian and Windows is little-endian (among other problems).

The best way is to use db2look to pull the schema definition, and
db2move export/load to move the data. When doing this, I usually split
the db2look into 2 files, one without the foreign keys, and one with
only foreign keys. I do the following:

1. get db2look on source server (specify your own delimiter other than
semi-colon so triggers and stored procs will be created properly).
2. pull out the foreign keys from db2look into a separate file
3. edit db2look output for new containers for target server
4. run db2look on target server (without foreign keys)
5. run db2move export and zip up all db2move files and send to target
server (optional)
6. unzip db2move files and run db2move load replace on target server
7. create foreign keys extracted from db2look.

Aug 28 '07 #2
On Mon, 27 Aug 2007 22:55:29 -0700, Christian Maslen scribbled:
Hi All,

I understand in older versions of DB2/UDB this was not possible. The
following article explains how I might do this


Sorry, I don't think that article does explain how to backup/restore
between platforms (unless I've misunderstood your intent in referencing

From the article: "In the example provided later, we will be using two
Windows machines that are mapped to each other via a local network (it is
required that both machines have the same OS platform)" and later on: "If
you plan to use a UNIX environment, the same rules apply. Both machines
must have the same OS platform (an exception is a restore between SunOS
and HP)"
Is this still a restriction in version 9.x? I'd specifically like to
restore a backup performed on an AIX server to a Windows server.
The article's talking about v7. As Mark's already pointed out it's
definitely a restriction in v8. Looking at the v9 InfoCenter, the topic
"Backup and restore operations between different operating systems and
hardware platforms" [1] contains the following:

The supported platforms for DB2 backup and restore operations can be
grouped into one of three families:

* Big-endian Linux and UNIX
* Little-endian Linux and UNIX
* Windows

The fact that Windows is its own family doesn't bode well for your
particular situation, and indeed the following seems to confirm that
backup & restore from AIX -Windows is not possible in v9:

A database backup from one platform family can be restored on any system
within the same platform family. For Windows operating systems, you can
restore a database created on DB2 UDB V8 on a DB2 Version 9 database
system. For Linux and UNIX operating systems, as long as the endianness
(big endian or little endian) of the backup and restore platforms is the
same, you can restore backups that were produced on DB2 UDB V8 on DB2
Version 9.

Hence, some combination of db2look & db2move (as detailed in Mark's
response) would seem to be simplest way forward.

[1] http://publib.boulder.ibm.com/infoce...2luw/v9/topic/

Aug 28 '07 #3
My thanks to Mark and Dave for their answers. I suspected it wouldn't
work. The ref quoted from by Dave is at (for others to ref):


Gotta love that word "Endianness"

We develop and deploy on AIX but often want to take a database with
data home on Windows. I thought I could cover this by using the same
table spaces on both. To the DB2 developers, consider this post a
feature request ;o)


Aug 29 '07 #4
Backups can only be restored in the same "family" of OS.
Backup in WIN and restore to a AIX box won't work.
You can use db2move to do this...

Sep 3 '07 #5

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