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The database manager is not able to accept new requests, has terminated all requests

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Hi all,

When ever i am trying to connect my application it's giving below error message:

RemoteException occurred in server thread; nested exception is: java.rmi.RemoteException: ; nested exception is: javax.ejb.EJBException: Connection to pool failed! - [IBM][CLI Driver] SQL1224N The database manager is not able to accept new requests, has terminated all requests in progress, or has terminated your particular request due to a problem with your request. SQLSTATE=55032

I am Unable to connect to my database also
it's giving same error message
"The database manager is not able to accept new requests, has terminated all requests in progress, or has terminated your particular request due to a problem with your request".

This is My system configuration:

This is my db2level:

DB21085I Instance "DB2" uses "32" bits and DB2 code release "SQL09010" with

level identifier "02010107".

Informational tokens are "DB2 v9.1.0.356", "s060629", "NT32", and Fix Pack "0".

Product is installed at "D:\PROGRA~1\IBM\SQLLIB\" with DB2 Copy Name


This is my System OS:

Microsoft windows server 2003 R2,
Service Pack1.

This is My DB CFG:

Database Manager Configuration

Node type = Database Server with local and remote clients

Database manager configuration release level = 0x0b00

Maximum total of files open (MAXTOTFILOP) = 16000

CPU speed (millisec/instruction) (CPUSPEED) = 2.755341e-007

Max number of concurrently active databases (NUMDB) = 8

Federated Database System Support (FEDERATED) = NO

Transaction processor monitor name (TP_MON_NAME) =

Default charge-back account (DFT_ACCOUNT_STR) =

Java Development Kit installation path (JDK_PATH) = D:\Program Files\IBM\SQLLIB\java\jdk

Diagnostic error capture level (DIAGLEVEL) = 3

Notify Level (NOTIFYLEVEL) = 3

Diagnostic data directory path (DIAGPATH) =

Default database monitor switches

Buffer pool (DFT_MON_BUFPOOL) = OFF



Statement (DFT_MON_STMT) = OFF



Unit of work (DFT_MON_UOW) = OFF

Monitor health of instance and databases (HEALTH_MON) = ON

SYSADM group name (SYSADM_GROUP) =



SYSMON group name (SYSMON_GROUP) =

Client Userid-Password Plugin (CLNT_PW_PLUGIN) =

Client Kerberos Plugin (CLNT_KRB_PLUGIN) = IBMkrb5

Group Plugin (GROUP_PLUGIN) =

GSS Plugin for Local Authorization (LOCAL_GSSPLUGIN) =


Server List of GSS Plugins (SRVCON_GSSPLUGIN_LIST) =

Server Userid-Password Plugin (SRVCON_PW_PLUGIN) =

Server Connection Authentication (SRVCON_AUTH) = NOT_SPECIFIED

Database manager authentication (AUTHENTICATION) = SERVER

Cataloging allowed without authority (CATALOG_NOAUTH) = NO

Trust all clients (TRUST_ALLCLNTS) = YES

Trusted client authentication (TRUST_CLNTAUTH) = CLIENT

Bypass federated authentication (FED_NOAUTH) = NO

Default database path (DFTDBPATH) = D:

Database monitor heap size (4KB) (MON_HEAP_SZ) = 66

Java Virtual Machine heap size (4KB) (JAVA_HEAP_SZ) = 512

Audit buffer size (4KB) (AUDIT_BUF_SZ) = 0

Size of instance shared memory (4KB) (INSTANCE_MEMORY) = AUTOMATIC

Backup buffer default size (4KB) (BACKBUFSZ) = 1024

Restore buffer default size (4KB) (RESTBUFSZ) = 1024

Agent stack size (AGENT_STACK_SZ) = 16

Minimum committed private memory (4KB) (MIN_PRIV_MEM) = 32

Private memory threshold (4KB) (PRIV_MEM_THRESH) = 20000

Sort heap threshold (4KB) (SHEAPTHRES) = 0

Directory cache support (DIR_CACHE) = YES

Application support layer heap size (4KB) (ASLHEAPSZ) = 15

Max requester I/O block size (bytes) (RQRIOBLK) = 32767

DOS requester I/O block size (bytes) (DOS_RQRIOBLK) = 4096

Query heap size (4KB) (QUERY_HEAP_SZ) = 1000

Workload impact by throttled utilities(UTIL_IMPACT_LIM) = 10

Priority of agents (AGENTPRI) = SYSTEM

Max number of existing agents (MAXAGENTS) = 600

Agent pool size (NUM_POOLAGENTS) = 300(calculated)

Initial number of agents in pool (NUM_INITAGENTS) = 0

Max number of coordinating agents (MAX_COORDAGENTS) = (MAXAGENTS - NUM_INITAGENTS)

Max no. of concurrent coordinating agents (MAXCAGENTS) = MAX_COORDAGENTS

Max number of client connections (MAX_CONNECTIONS) = MAX_COORDAGENTS

Keep fenced process (KEEPFENCED) = YES

Number of pooled fenced processes (FENCED_POOL) = MAX_COORDAGENTS

Initial number of fenced processes (NUM_INITFENCED) = 0

Index re-creation time and redo index build (INDEXREC) = RESTART

Transaction manager database name (TM_DATABASE) = 1ST_CONN

Transaction resync interval (sec) (RESYNC_INTERVAL) = 180


SPM log size (SPM_LOG_FILE_SZ) = 256

SPM resync agent limit (SPM_MAX_RESYNC) = 20

SPM log path (SPM_LOG_PATH) =

NetBIOS Workstation name (NNAME) =

TCP/IP Service name (SVCENAME) = db2c_DB2

Discovery mode (DISCOVER) = SEARCH

Discover server instance (DISCOVER_INST) = ENABLE

Maximum query degree of parallelism (MAX_QUERYDEGREE) = ANY

Enable intra-partition parallelism (INTRA_PARALLEL) = YES

No. of int. communication buffers(4KB)(FCM_NUM_BUFFERS) = AUTOMATIC

No. of int. communication channels (FCM_NUM_CHANNELS) = AUTOMATIC

db2start/db2stop timeout (min) (START_STOP_TIME) = 10

Pls help me.

Jun 26 '07 #1
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