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"Database Home" and "Instance Home" (the difference)

I had to run DB2 on Win2k. After installation it puts a directory
under c:\DB2 and c:\DB2Log and C:\Program Files\SQLLIB
Now am all confused which is instance home, db2 home etc. I had
to configure tivoli inventory and its all *@#$ up because of this
confusion. Can someone please clarify which is which? TIA

c:\DB2>wgetrim invdh_1
RIM Host: user88
RDBMS User: user881
RDBMS Vendor: DB2
Database ID: RIM
Database Home: c:/Program Files/SQLLIB
Server ID:
Instance Home: c:/DB2
Instance Name: jk
C:\DB2>wrimtest -l invdh_1
Resource Type : RIM
Resource Label : invdh_1
Host Name : user88
User Name : user881
Vendor : DB2
Database : RIM
Database Home : C:/Program Files/SQLLIB
Server ID :
Instance Home : C:/DB2
Instance Name : ibmcis
Opening Regular Session...FRWRA0012E The RDBMS server call has failed.
The operation was: Unable to obtain DB2 Error Message
The RDBMS server call's return code was: -1
Nov 12 '05 #1
1 8045
Kenjis Kaan wrote:
I had to run DB2 on Win2k. After installation it puts a directory
under c:\DB2 and c:\DB2Log and C:\Program Files\SQLLIB
Now am all confused which is instance home, db2 home etc. I had
to configure tivoli inventory and its all *@#$ up because of this
confusion. Can someone please clarify which is which? TIA

C:\Program Files\SQLLIB
Has the DB2 software, as well as the instance "home directories."
Example: ...\SQLLIB\DB2 is where the default instance named 'DB2'
keeps instance-level files; ...\SQLLIB\DB2DAS00 is where the
default Admin Server instance ('DB2DAS00') is located.

This is the location where the installation log files are placed.
This is safe to remove, provided you haven't configured your
database(s) to put their log files here. :-)

This is the default location for any databases you created, i.e.
the 'database directory'. This directory will have (by default)
all of the tablespace containers and some other files related to
each of your databases.

Good luck,

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Nov 12 '05 #2

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