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ant and db2cmd help please

Hi I am having a problem passing some sql to the db2cmd via ant. This
is very confusing as I am doing this exact thing elseware with no
problem (just differant sql, and I have verified the sql is valid) but
in this one I am having problems. Any time I run this I get the
folowing message from the db2 clp window that opens up.

SQL0104N An unexpected token "SET" was found following
"<identifie r>".
Expected tokens may include: "NEW". SQLSTATE=42601
C:\eclipse_work space\massSQL>
I don't know what is going on here but I am by no means familiar with
db2cmd and all that so any help is apreachated. If I could get this to
work in a batch file or from a command line I am sure I could get the
ant part of it on my own. it is the db2 that is giving me issues.

thanks. Dwayne

this is the console log from ant of what is being passed.
Apache Ant version 1.7.0 compiled on December 13 2006
Buildfile: C:\eclipse_work space\massSQL\c ount.xml
parsing buildfile C:\eclipse_work space\massSQL\c ount.xml with URI =
file:/C:/eclipse_workspa ce/massSQL/count.xml
Project base dir set to: C:\eclipse_work space\massSQL
Build sequence for target(s) `query' is [init, query]
Complete build sequence is [init, query, query3, query2, ]
[antlib:org.apac he.tools.ant] Could not load definitions from resource
org/apache/tools/ant/antlib.xml. It could not be found.
[loadfile] loading C:\eclipse_work space\massSQL\t ransactionCount .sql
into property sql
[loadfile] loaded 383 characters
[echoproperties] #Ant properties
[echoproperties] #Mon Apr 09 11:12:51 CDT 2007
[echoproperties] DSTAMP=20070409
[echoproperties] TODAY=April 9 2007
[echoproperties] TSTAMP=1112
[echoproperties] ant.core.lib=C\ :\\eclipse\\plu gins\
\org.apache.ant _1.7.0\\lib\\an t.jar
[echoproperties] ant.file=C\:\\e clipse_workspac e\\massSQL\\cou nt.xml
[echoproperties] ant.file.dailyT ransactions=C\: \\eclipse_works pace\
\massSQL\\count .xml
[echoproperties] ant.home=C\:\\e clipse\\plugins \\org.apache.an t_1.7.0
[echoproperties] ant.java.versio n=1.5
[echoproperties] ant.library.dir =C\:\\eclipse\\ plugins\
\org.apache.ant _1.7.0\\lib
[echoproperties] ant.project.nam e=dailyTransact ions
[echoproperties] ant.version=Apa che Ant version 1.7.0 compiled on
December 13 2006
[echoproperties] awt.toolkit=sun .awt.windows.WT oolkit
[echoproperties] basedir=C\:\\ec lipse_workspace \\massSQL
[echoproperties] database=db0z
[echoproperties] eclipse.pdebuil d.home=/C\:/eclipse/plugins/
org.eclipse.pde .build_3.2.1.r3 21_v20060823/./
[echoproperties] eclipse.pdebuil d.scripts=/C\:/eclipse/plugins/
org.eclipse.pde .build_3.2.1.r3 21_v20060823/scripts/
[echoproperties] eclipse.pdebuil d.templates=/C\:/eclipse/plugins/
org.eclipse.pde .build_3.2.1.r3 21_v20060823/templates/
[echoproperties] errorFile=daily TransactionsErr or.txt
[echoproperties] file.encoding=C p1252
[echoproperties] file.encoding.p kg=sun.io
[echoproperties] file.separator= \\
[echoproperties] java.awt.graphi csenv=sun.awt.W in32GraphicsEnv ironment
[echoproperties] java.awt.printe rjob=sun.awt.wi ndows.WPrinterJ ob
[echoproperties] java.class.path =C\:\\eclipse\\ plugins\
\org.apache.ant _1.7.0\\lib\\an t-antlr.jar;C\:\\ eclipse\\plugin s\
\org.apache.ant _1.7.0\\lib\\an t-apache-bcel.jar;C\:\\e clipse\\plugins \
\org.apache.ant _1.7.0\\lib\\an t-apache-bsf.jar;C\:\\ec lipse\\plugins\
\org.apache.ant _1.7.0\\lib\\an t-apache-log4j.jar;C\:\\ eclipse\\plugin s\
\org.apache.ant _1.7.0\\lib\\an t-apache-oro.jar;C\:\\ec lipse\\plugins\
\org.apache.ant _1.7.0\\lib\\an t-apache-regexp.jar;C\:\ \eclipse\\plugi ns
\\org.apache.an t_1.7.0\\lib\\a nt-apache-resolver.jar;C\ :\\eclipse\
\plugins\\org.a pache.ant_1.7.0 \\lib\\ant-commons-logging.jar;C\: \
\eclipse\\plugi ns\\org.apache. ant_1.7.0\\lib\ \ant-commons-net.jar;C\:\
\eclipse\\plugi ns\\org.apache. ant_1.7.0\\lib\ \ant-jai.jar;C\:\\ec lipse\
\plugins\\org.a pache.ant_1.7.0 \\lib\\ant-javamail.jar;C\ :\\eclipse\
\plugins\\org.a pache.ant_1.7.0 \\lib\\ant-jdepend.jar;C\: \\eclipse\
\plugins\\org.a pache.ant_1.7.0 \\lib\\ant-jmf.jar;C\:\\ec lipse\\plugins\
\org.apache.ant _1.7.0\\lib\\an t-jsch.jar;C\:\\e clipse\\plugins \
\org.apache.ant _1.7.0\\lib\\an t-junit.jar;C\:\\ eclipse\\plugin s\
\org.apache.ant _1.7.0\\lib\\an t-launcher.jar;C\ :\\eclipse\\plu gins\
\org.apache.ant _1.7.0\\lib\\an t-netrexx.jar;C\: \\eclipse\\plug ins\
\org.apache.ant _1.7.0\\lib\\an t-nodeps.jar;C\:\ \eclipse\\plugi ns\
\org.apache.ant _1.7.0\\lib\\an t-starteam.jar;C\ :\\eclipse\\plu gins\
\org.apache.ant _1.7.0\\lib\\an t-stylebook.jar;C \:\\eclipse\\pl ugins\
\org.apache.ant _1.7.0\\lib\\an t-swing.jar;C\:\\ eclipse\\plugin s\
\org.apache.ant _1.7.0\\lib\\an t-testutil.jar;C\ :\\eclipse\\plu gins\
\org.apache.ant _1.7.0\\lib\\an t-trax.jar;C\:\\e clipse\\plugins \
\org.apache.ant _1.7.0\\lib\\an t-weblogic.jar;C\ :\\eclipse\\plu gins\
\org.apache.ant _1.7.0\\lib\\an t.jar;C\:\\ecli pse\\plugins\
\org.apache.ant _1.7.0\\lib\\co mmons-net-1.4.1.jar;C\:\\ eclipse\\plugin s
\\org.apache.an t_1.7.0\\lib\\j akarta-oro-2.0.8.jar;C\:\\ eclipse\
\plugins\\org.a pache.ant_1.7.0 \\lib\\xercesIm pl.jar;C\:\\ecl ipse\
\plugins\\org.a pache.ant_1.7.0 \\lib\\xml-apis.jar;C\:\\e clipse\
\configuration\ \org.eclipse.os gi\\bundles\\10 \\1\\.cp\\lib\
\remoteAnt.jar; C\:\\IBM\\WebSp here\\AppServer \\java\\lib\\to ols.jar;C\:
\\eclipse\\plug ins\\org.eclips e.swt.win32.win 32.x86_3.2.2.v3 235a.jar
[echoproperties] java.class.vers ion=49.0
[echoproperties] java.endorsed.d irs=C\:\\Progra m Files\\Java\
\jre1.5.0_06\\l ib\\endorsed
[echoproperties] java.ext.dirs=C \:\\Program Files\\Java\\jr e1.5.0_06\
[echoproperties] java.home=C\:\\ Program Files\\Java\\jr e1.5.0_06
[echoproperties] java.io.tmpdir= C\:\\DOCUME~1\\ WalkeD\\LOCALS~ 1\\Temp\
[echoproperties] java.library.pa th=C\:\\WINDOWS \\system32;.;C\ :\
\WINDOWS\\syste m32;C\:\\WINDOW S;C\:\\Program Files\\IBM\\Web Sphere MQ\
\Java\\lib;C\:\ \WINDOWS\\syste m32;C\:\\WINDOW S;C\:\\WINDOWS\ \System32\
\Wbem;C\:\\Prog ram Files\\IBM\\IBM CICS Transaction Gateway\\BIN;C\ :\
\apache-ant-1.7.0\\bin;C\:\ \j2sdk1.4.1_01\ \bin;C\:\\Progr am Files\\IBM\
\WebSphere MQ\\bin;C\:\\Pr ogram Files\\IBM\\Web Sphere MQ\\WEMPS\\bin; C
\:\\Program Files\\TextPad 4;C\:\\Program Files\\PuTTY;C\ :\\PROGRA~1\
\IBM\\SQLLIB\\S AMPLES\\REPL;;C \:\\Program Files\\Visual Explain\\lib;C
\:\\Program Files\\CVSNT\\; C\:\\eclipse\\c onfiguration\
\org.eclipse.os gi\\bundles\\71 8\\1\\.cp
[echoproperties] java.runtime.na me=Java(TM) 2 Runtime Environment,
Standard Edition
[echoproperties] java.runtime.ve rsion=1.5.0_06-b05
[echoproperties] java.specificat ion.name=Java Platform API
[echoproperties] java.specificat ion.vendor=Sun Microsystems Inc.
[echoproperties] java.specificat ion.version=1.5
[echoproperties] java.vendor=Sun Microsystems Inc.
[echoproperties] java.vendor.url =http\://java.sun.com/
[echoproperties] java.vendor.url .bug=http\://java.sun.com/cgi-bin/
[echoproperties] java.version=1. 5.0_06
[echoproperties] java.vm.info=mi xed mode
[echoproperties] java.vm.name=Ja va HotSpot(TM) Client VM
[echoproperties] java.vm.specifi cation.name=Jav a Virtual Machine
[echoproperties] java.vm.specifi cation.vendor=S un Microsystems Inc.
[echoproperties] java.vm.specifi cation.version= 1.0
[echoproperties] java.vm.vendor= Sun Microsystems Inc.
[echoproperties] java.vm.version =1.5.0_06-b05
[echoproperties] line.separator= \r\n
[echoproperties] os.arch=x86
[echoproperties] os.name=Windows XP
[echoproperties] os.version=5.1
[echoproperties] outputFile=dail yTransactions.o ut.txt
[echoproperties] path.separator= ;
[echoproperties] schema=isdb1
[echoproperties] sql=connect to db0z user dmfstr1 using dfstr101; SET
SCHEMA isdb1; Select count (*) from isdb1.SUBTRANSA CTION s,
isdb1.subtransa ctiontype st where s.SUBTRANSACTIO NTYPE_SUBTRANSA 12 \=
st.subtransacti ontypeid and s.subtransactio nstatusid \= 2 and
st.SUBTRANSACTI ONMODULEID in (1,2,5,7,8,9) and s.createdon between
'2007-04-09 00\:01\:01.0000 00' and '2007-04-09 23\:59\:01.4240 00';\t
\t \t quit;
[echoproperties] sqlCommands=tra nsactionCount.s ql
[echoproperties] sun.arch.data.m odel=32
[echoproperties] sun.boot.class. path=C\:\\Progr am Files\\Java\
\jre1.5.0_06\\l ib\\rt.jar;C\:\ \Program Files\\Java\\jr e1.5.0_06\\lib\
\i18n.jar;C\:\\ Program Files\\Java\\jr e1.5.0_06\\lib\ \sunrsasign.jar ;C
\:\\Program Files\\Java\\jr e1.5.0_06\\lib\ \jsse.jar;C\:\\ Program Files\
\Java\\jre1.5.0 _06\\lib\\jce.j ar;C\:\\Program Files\\Java\\jr e1.5.0_06\
\lib\\charsets. jar;C\:\\Progra m Files\\Java\\jr e1.5.0_06\\clas ses
[echoproperties] sun.boot.librar y.path=C\:\\Pro gram Files\\Java\
\jre1.5.0_06\\b in
[echoproperties] sun.cpu.endian= little
[echoproperties] sun.cpu.isalist =
[echoproperties] sun.desktop=win dows
[echoproperties] sun.io.unicode. encoding=Unicod eLittle
[echoproperties] sun.jnu.encodin g=Cp1252
[echoproperties] sun.management. compiler=HotSpo t Client Compiler
[echoproperties] sun.os.patch.le vel=Service Pack 2
[echoproperties] today=2007-04-09
[echoproperties] user.country=US
[echoproperties] user.dir=C\:\\e clipse_workspac e\\massSQL
[echoproperties] user.home=C\:\\ Documents and Settings\\Walke D
[echoproperties] user.language=e n
[echoproperties] user.name=walke d2
[echoproperties] user.timezone=
[echoproperties] user.variant=
[echoproperties] userName=****** **
[echoproperties] userPass=****** **
[delete] Could not find file C:\eclipse_work space\massSQL
\dailyTransacti ons.out.txt to delete.
[exec] Current OS is Windows XP
[exec] Error redirected to C:\eclipse_work space\massSQL
\dailyTransacti onsError.txt
[exec] Executing 'cmd.exe' with arguments:
[exec] '/c db2cmd db2 -tx connect to db0z user ******* using
*******; SET SCHEMA isdb1; Select count (*) from isdb1.SUBTRANSA CTION
s, isdb1.subtransa ctiontype st where s.SUBTRANSACTIO NTYPE_SUBTRANSA 12
= st.subtransacti ontypeid and s.subtransactio nstatusid = 2 and
st.SUBTRANSACTI ONMODULEID in (1,2,5,7,8,9) and s.createdon between
'2007-04-09 00:01:01.000000 ' and '2007-04-09 23:59:01.424000 ';
quit; -z dailyTransactio ns.out.txt'
[exec] The ' characters around the executable and arguments are
[exec] not part of the command.
[sleep] sleeping for 20000 milliseconds
Total time: 20 seconds

the contents of the folowing files are being used.
===count.xml=== (pass and username have been blanked for posting)
<project name="dailyTran sactions" default="query" basedir=".">

<target name="init" description="pr ep directories and set times
<format property="today " pattern="yyyy-MM-dd" />
<property name="schema" value="isdb1" />
<property name="database" value="db0z" />
<property name="userName" value="*******" />
<property name="userPass" value="******" />
<property name="outputFil e" value="dailyTra nsactions.out.t xt" />
<property name="sqlComman ds" value="transact ionCount.sql" />
<property name="errorFile " value="dailyTra nsactionsError. txt" />
<loadfile property="sql" srcFile="transa ctionCount.sql" >
<striplinebreak s/>
<replacestrin g from="THESCHEMA " to="${schema}" />
<replacestrin g from="DATABASE" to="${database} " />
<replacestrin g from="THEUSERNA ME" to="${userName} " />
<replacestrin g from="THEPASSWO RD" to="${userPass} " />
<replacestrin g from="THEDATE" to="${today}" />
<echoproperti es />

<target name="query" depends="init" description="ex ecute sql quarrey
<delete file="${outputF ile}" />
<exec executable="cmd .exe" os="Windows XP" error="${errorF ile}"
resultproperty= "queryResul t" failonerror="fa lse" timeout="180000 ">
<arg value="/c db2cmd db2 -tx ${sql} -z ${outputFile}" />
<sleep seconds="20" />

===transactionc ount.sql===


Select count (*)
from THESCHEMA.SUBTR ANSACTION s, THESCHEMA.subtr ansactiontype st
where s.SUBTRANSACTIO NTYPE_SUBTRANSA 12 = st.subtransacti ontypeid and
s.subtransactio nstatusid = 2 and
st.SUBTRANSACTI ONMODULEID in (1,2,5,7,8,9) and
s.createdon between 'THEDATE 00:01:01.000000 ' and 'THEDATE
23:59:01.424000 ';


Apr 9 '07 #1
0 4005

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