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Cursor Load fails with SQL0964C error

Env: DB2 UDB 8.2, AIX 5.3
While trying to load data (73 Million rows, Medium size table uses 4K
tablespace) into a table using cursor it fails with "SQL0964C The
transaction log for the database is full. SQLSTATE=57011"

But I felt that Load utility wont log any acvitities on the database.

Here it what I tried to do
db2 "declare c1 cursor for select CAST(PARTITIONI NG_NBR AS CHAR(10)),

db2 "load from c1 of cursor insert into target_table (PARTITIONING_N BR,

Error :
SQL0964C The transaction log for the database is full. SQLSTATE=57011
Agent Type Node SQL Code Result
_______________ _______________ _______________ _______________ _______________ ___
LOAD 000 -00000964 Error. RESTART required.
_______________ _______________ _______________ _______________ _______________ ___
RESULTS: 0 of 1 LOADs completed successfully.
_______________ _______________ _______________ _______________ _______________ ___

Summary of LOAD Agents:
Number of rows read = 0
Number of rows skipped = 0
Number of rows loaded = 0
Number of rows rejected = 0
Number of rows deleted = 0
Number of rows committed = 0

Please advice
Thanks, db2udbgirl

Mar 20 '06 #1
3 7194
I've found out that it is becuase a tablespace is becoiming 100% full
hence it failed. But dont know as why it gave me a weird message that
Transaction log is full.

Thanks,db2udbgi rl

Mar 21 '06 #2
Load Does logging at the DELETE phase ...

This is from DB2 Manual

Load, during which the data is written to the table.
During the load phase, data is loaded into the table, and index keys
and table statistics are collected, if necessary. Save points, or
points of consistency, are established at intervals specified through
the SAVECOUNT parameter in the LOAD command. Messages are generated,
indicating how many input rows were successfully loaded at the time of
the save point. For DATALINK columns defined with FILE LINK CONTROL,
link operations are performed for non-NULL column values. If a failure
occurs, you can restart the load operation; the RESTART option
automatically restarts the load operation from the last successful
consistency point. The TERMINATE option rolls back the failed load

Figure 1. The Four Phases of the Load Process: Load, Build, Delete, and
Index Copy. While the load operation is taking place, the target table
is in the load in progress state. If the table has constraints, the
table will also be in the check pending state. If the ALLOW READ ACCESS
option was specified, the table will also be in the read access only

Build, during which indexes are produced.
During the build phase, indexes are produced based on the index keys
collected during the load phase. The index keys are sorted during the
load phase, and index statistics are collected (if the STATISTICS YES
with INDEXES option was specified). The statistics are similar to those
collected through the RUNSTATS command. If a failure occurs during the
build phase, the RESTART option automatically restarts the load
operation at the appropriate point.

Delete, during which the rows that caused a unique key violation or a
DATALINK violation are removed from the table. Unique key violations
are placed into the exception table, if one was specified, and messages
about rejected rows are written to the message file. Following the
completion of the load process, review these messages, resolve any
problems, and insert corrected rows into the table.
Do not attempt to delete or to modify any temporary files created by
the load utility. Some temporary files are critical to the delete
phase. If a failure occurs during the delete phase, the RESTART option
automatically restarts the load operation at the appropriate point.

Each deletion event is logged. If you have a large number of records
that violate the uniqueness condition, the log could fill up during the
delete phase.
Index copy, during which the index data is copied from a system
temporary table space to the original table space. This will only occur
if a system temporary table space was specified for index creation
during a load operation with the READ ACCESS option specified.
Shashi Mannepalli

Mar 21 '06 #3
ok, Thanks for sharing this info.


Mar 22 '06 #4

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