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Runtime client installed ....

How do I know whether the 'runtime client' and the 'application
development client' are installed on my machine? When I issue the
command "db2licm -l", it gives the following output:

Product Name = "DB2 Personal Edition"
Product Password = "DB2PE"
Version Information = "8.1"
Expiry Date = "Permanent"
Annotation = ""
Other information = ""

Nov 12 '05 #1
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Raquel wrote:
How do I know whether the 'runtime client' and the 'application
development client' are installed on my machine? When I issue the
command "db2licm -l", it gives the following output:

Product Name = "DB2 Personal Edition"
Product Password = "DB2PE"
Version Information = "8.1"
Expiry Date = "Permanent"
Annotation = ""
Other information = ""


I get exactly the same thing.

I can develop applications.
I can run clients and the server(s) serve them.

Is that enough?

BTW: I upgraded to 8.1.5, but db2licm does not seem to know or care.

OTOH, on this Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 ES system, rpm has this to say:

trillian:jdbeye r[~/stocks/src]$ rpm -qa | grep db2

I assume the "-48" is the upgrade. IIRC, the 8.1 from the CD-ROM say just
IBM_db2cliv81-8.1.0-0, etc.

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Nov 12 '05 #2
Raquel wrote:
How do I know whether the 'runtime client' and the 'application
development client' are installed on my machine? When I issue the
command "db2licm -l", it gives the following output:

Product Name = "DB2 Personal Edition"
Product Password = "DB2PE"
Version Information = "8.1"
Expiry Date = "Permanent"
Annotation = ""
Other information = ""


[Snippet from some text I wrote... hope to publish it, but it's too
relevant here.]

DB2 comes in a number of client formats. Each one is designed for
different levels of needs.

The DB2 Runtime Client is designed for computers which simply need the
DB2 client to enable communications with remote DB2 servers, but do not
need to administer any server. No graphical tools are provided.
However, any application which uses DB2 should be able to run with just
this product.

The DB2 Administration Client is designed for DB2 Administrators. It
has all the abilities of the Runtime Client, plus all the graphical
tools. Note that a compact install of the Administration Client is
functionally equivalent to a compact install of the Runtime Client.

The DB2 Application Development Client is designed for software
developers writing software to use with DB2, or compiling software
against DB2. It has all the abilities of the Administration Client,
including the graphical tools. It has additional graphical tools for
application development.

[DB2 Connect Personal Edition snipped]

As each client includes all of the functionality of the clients
preceding it, there is rarely a reason to have more than one client
installed on a single machine. Multiple clients are usually only
installed when a machine's purpose is being changed - for example, a
user being promoted to being a DBA, and thus may need to move from a
Runtime Client to an Administration Client, or a user now needing to
access host databases and thus may need to move to DB2 Connect Personal
Edition. In these cases, simply installing the new client over top of
the old one and reapplying any fixpaks will perform this upgrade.

DB2 Servers
DB2's servers are intended to scale in much a similar fashion as the
clients. All servers are licensed.

DB2 UDB Personal Edition is a restricted server product as it does not
permit connections from remote clients. It is otherwise identical to
the Application Development Client with the added ability to have a
local database and local clients only.

[All other servers snipped]
As you can see, Personal Edition includes all the App Dev client
functionality - at least as part of a custom installation. The best
way to determine if you have the App Dev tools installed is to look for
the include files in sqllib\include. If you have those, you have the
tools. For determining runtime client functionality, that is core to
all of DB2 - even DB2 communicates with itself via that functionality,
so it must be installed with everything.

Hope that helps
Nov 12 '05 #3

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