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how to use sql to query from different database

hi, we use db2 udb v8.1 on windows, i am trying to use federated
database objects to create wrapper, even though i have update dbm cfg
using federated yes, i still get error "the instance for the db is not
enable for the specified action", do i miss sth else?
Nov 12 '05
20 17648
I think this is gonna be about naming conventions...w as that you with
assembler programming language background?

Here we go:

machine A, db X, user xixi, password one
machine B, db X, user xixi, password two
machine C, db X, user xixi, password three

X := database X on machine A
XB := database X on machine B
XC := database X on machine C

you sit at machine A:

db2 catalog tcpip node B remote B server 50000
db2 catalog tcpip node C remote C server 50000

db2 catalog db X as XB at node B
db2 catalog db X as XC at node C

db2 connect to X user xixi using one
db2 create wrapper NJIPD
db2 create server SB type DB2/NT version 8.1 wrapper NJIPD authorization
"xixi" password "two" options (node 'B', dbname 'XB')
db2 create server SC type DB2/NT version 8.1 wrapper NJIPD authorization
"xixi" password "three" options (node 'C', dbname 'XC')

db2 create user mapping for xixi server SB options (remote_authid 'xixi',
remote_password 'two')
db2 create user mapping for xixi server SC options (remote_authid 'xixi',
remote_password 'three')

db2 create nickname SB.sysdummy1 for SB.sysibm.sysdu mmy1
db2 create nickname SC.sysdummy1 for SC.sysibm.sysdu mmy1

db2 create view xixi (c1,c2) as select SB.ibmreqd, SC.ibmreqd from
SB.sysdummy1 SB, SC.sysdummy1 SC
db2 select * from xixi

compare the output.


"xixi" schrieb im Newsbeitrag
news:c0******** *************** ***@posting.goo gle.com...
ok, i have my local machine a and catalog remote server b, and c on
it, then i successfully create a server, user mapping and nickname
from database x on b (which i worked on my machine with database Y on
b machines(in order to select from different database at the same
time), now i try to compare two different database exist on different
machine (database X on machine b and database Y on machine c), so i
create a new wrapper under database x on b, try to create server ,
user mapping on database Y on c machine, when i say create server
command, with the new wrapper name i created, what authid and password
i should put, is remote server c's or remote server b's?, and for the
dbname, is remote server c's database Y name or alias name i cataloged
under my machine a?

"aka" <ak*@aka-soft.de> wrote in message news:<ca******* ***@online.de>. ..
"xixi" schrieb im Newsbeitrag
news:c0******** *************** ***@posting.goo gle.com...
hi, i have three db2 server running on three machine, one is my local
(a) , the other two is on differet server (node b and node c), i have
cataloged b and c database to my local a. b and c has same database
sets x, y, so i try to create a wrapper on b machine's x database,
create a server , which points to b machine database Y, then create
user mapping and nicknames successfully. then i try to do the same
thing from b machine x database to c machine y database (which has
alias name GN), so i still use the wrapper i created, try to do create
server command as you instructed, but gives me error SQL0204N "DRDA"

ok, DRDA was just an example, you did just right when changing this to the name of the wrapper that you created
is an undefined name. SQLSTATE=42704

then i change to this

D:\Program Files\IBM\SQLLI B\BIN>db2 create server S type DB2/UDB
version 8.1 wra
pper "NJIPD" authid "admin" password "diamond" options (node
'WEBDEMO', dbname '

the authid is remote server c's authid and password, node 'WEBDEMO" is
the remote server c 's node name i cataloged on my local machine a ,
but gives me error SQL1013N The database alias name or database name
"GN" could not be found. SQLSTATE=42705

please help.

as I understand you are now dealing with 3 nodes :) I'm also quite happy
that you obviously made your wrapper and server and nicknames on machine (a) successfully, right?
what I stated about the number of wrappers you should create was not very accurate. you have to create one wrapper on each database in which you will create servers. as long as you have only db2 family databases to access only the wrapper of type drda is needed.
now, with 3 node environment you potentiate your possibilities of mixing and matching. I see no problem in creating another server on your machine (a) wich wraps a database on machine (c), since this would be analog to what you already have done with a database on machine (b). so in my example you
change S to S2, R to R2 and Y to Y2 and of course the correct name of your wrapper. should work the same as with machine (b).
another possibility would be to create a wrapper, server, user mapping and nicknames from machine (b) to machine (c). you could achieve this easy by running the same steps as before in a db2 cmd window on machine (b). catalog machine (c) and the remote database, this time with db2 instance on machine (b) acting as client against (c).
as an excercise to you I let you figure out by yourself how to create a
wrapper on machine (a) that accesses an object on machine (b) which in turn is only another wrapper of an object from machine (c)...


Nov 12 '05 #21

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