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database market share 2003


Interesting to see that database sales for windows is more than
Nov 12 '05
346 16717
Paul Vernon apparently said,on my timestamp of 17/06/2004 7:23 PM:

Not a great analogy. I'ld certainly put down a sports car if it had say a
kitchen sink in the boot/trunk.

you don't have kids yet, do you? :)

Nuno Souto
wi*******@yahoo .com.au.nospam
Nov 12 '05 #321
Noons wrote:
"Andrew Hamm" <ah***@mail.com > wrote in message news:<2j******* *****@uni-berlin.de>...
Noon, Serge has already backed off.
No, they have continued. Clearly, you have NO CLUE
how to check a thread.

I have dropped c.d.i of this thread after the first complaints.
Either way I've said all there is to say.
The only value I still derive from this thread is to polish up my
English in directions I was never encouraged to.

Over and out
Serge Rielau
DB2 SQL Compiler Development
IBM Toronto Lab
Nov 12 '05 #322
Daniel Morgan <da******@x.was hington.edu> wrote in message news:<108744268 3.523716@yasure >...
Serge Rielau wrote:
This may well send a few blue suiters into apoplexy but I'll list just
a few:

Is that an accidental acknowledgment of IBMers having brains?
Don't worry I'm hardy, got to be, living in Canada.

German lesson #1: the meaning of "Einen Bock schiessen"
user defined data types with inheritance and methods

First DB2 Datajoiner, then merged into DB2 UDB V7 for LUW
I did Q.A. for structured types as a student in Almaden 8 years ago
- implemented inline SQL PL for efficient methods - loads of fun,
learning SQL from Don Chamberlin himself.
object-relational views

First in DB2 UDB V5.2 for LUW.
My first born, aren't they beautyful :-)
object tables

First in DB2 UDB V5.2 for LUW.
Oracle 10g still doesn't seem to have subtables. No UNDER clause...
array processing

There you go. Oracle invented the array ;-)
One point for participation.
Of which I am very thankful for all.

You're welcome. I'm glad you like it. IBM put a lot of love into these.
Hi Daniel, my name is Serge, I know first aid, can I help you?
Dispatch we have an _unresponsive_ UC-Wa (Extension) teacher!

Either way, I have nothing to add to this thread.

This wasn't about who got there first. It was about non-relational
extensions to the relational engine. If you are proudly proclaiming
that DB2 is also non-relational ... then it leads to wondering why
the person that challenged Mark Townsend did so at all doesn't it.

it took the better part of two decades for the COBOL folk to be ripped
kicking and screaming out of the land of VSAM, and into the world
of application independent data. all courtesy of Dr. Codd and his
twelve kids.

now, the java twinks, in particular though not exclusively, are
trying *real hard* to put us back to 1964 where data is defined and
accessible only through *their* application. locked up tight. don't
even attempt to look at it. think, for just a second: is a data
object defined in java code any different from a VSAM record
defined in a data division?? of course not; in both cases
one must have the application to interpret the byte (unicode)
stream. etcetera.

this pisses me off. it should piss off application buyers; it
probably would, if only they knew up front. it should piss off data
wonks, because it bifurcates data concurrency and integrity. there
is no good point to it. we should all be screaming at the twinks:
you're naked, and so's your emperor.

to the extent that oracle, ibm, m$ et alia add non-relational crap to
empower the java twinks, then they ought to be called on the carpet
for it. the data folks are supposed to be smarter than the code
folks, when it comes to data. lead, don't follow like moronic lemmings.

Dr. Codd conceived his twelve kids because the hierarchical data
structure (calling it a model is too effusive) couldn't handle real
world needs.

now the java twinks think they have invented something brave and new
in XQUERY, XPATH, and the like. all they've done is make an attempt to
build relational navigation on top of a hierarchical data structure.
no matter how much they kick and scream, won't work.

to the extent that Don Chamberlin is pushing the XML-in-the-DB crap;
he too, should be slapped upside the head. and not everyone (see:
pascal, date, etc) thinks that his SQL is such a great accomplishment. <G>

there, i feel so much better.

Nov 12 '05 #323
wi*******@yahoo .com.au (Noons) wrote in message news:<73******* *************** ****@posting.go ogle.com>...
"Data Goob" <da******@hotma il.com> wrote in message news:<aF******* *******@fe40.us enetserver.com> ...
<snip>> Actually, you don't have a CLUE about how infrastructure
products are developed or used. Here is a hint: databases
are NOT to be used by end users.
au contrair (contrare??) mon cheri. while i generally agree
with your rants (they often sound like me, but we are not i);
the *major* point of the 3NF relational database is that *anyone*,
be they human or application code, can access the data at will,
and the database and its constraints *guarantee* correctness of the
result. if not, we may as well stay in the quaint world of
COBOL/VSAM. application independent data is Dr. Codd's gift.

the application is the *data*, not the *code*. the best we can hope
for is that coders won't screw it up beyond repair. the roots of
the object notion lie in the relational database: all that need be
known to ensure data integrity is in the data and its manager. kind
of like an object knows what it is, and controls its existence.

Unless they are called Access and are a joke of a toy. Got it?

Nov 12 '05 #324
"Data Goob" <da******@hotma il.com> wrote in message news:<aF******* *******@fe40.us enetserver.com> ...

Actually, the necessity for training is a lot like the need
for a help desk for your software. If the software is built
correctly, the user-interface and online help should deter the
need for a lot of 'training' or help-desk support. If your
help desk is inundated with a lot of calls, what does that
say about your software? If you need a lot of training, what
does that say about the design of the interface?
HR clerk: "Hellow help desk? All the payroll data disappeared, and I
can't find anything about that in the help."

Help desk: "Uh, you better call the payroll software vendor about

To the credit of Microsoft, they have a pretty darn good database
for the mid-range market, especially for SMB's that can't afford
a DBA. SQL-Server is very robust, takes a lot of abuse, and is
pretty good with a lot of different applications. It can literally
run for years without much attendance by anyone knowing what they
are doing with it--this comes from my own personal use of the
product in our environment and we have done a lot with it. It's
not my favorite, but certainly it's not difficult to use or abuse,
and has rarely if ever failed us. Failures were always user
HR Clerk: "Hello, all my payroll data disappeared. What do I do?"
[back and forth of a few details.]
Vendor: "Well, you better restore the master database."
HR Clerk: "Restore... ?"

User problems. No DBA needed. Riiiiiiight.
An Oracle Fellow, that would be hilarious.

No more than a MCSE...

Can't argue with that.

Yeah, they're trying to call them Oracle Masters, but few are taking
the bait.

@home.com is bogus.
Lord save us from marketspeak that takes our jobs.
Nov 12 '05 #325
Data Goob wrote:

Keep smokin!

This is the kind of posting that I knew you were capable
of delivering. Good job! Creative, succinct, poignant,
humorous, accurate, it's all in there.

[put's on elvis impersonation] wahhh thankya vurry mush....

I don't want to leave you in an entertainment vacuum, filled only by rants
and personal attacks from social misfits hiding behind the anonymity of the
Nov 12 '05 #326
Noons wrote:
"Andrew Hamm" <ah***@mail.com > wrote...

Oh, I feel priviledged - I thought you were ignoring me. I think we've had a
run-in in the past, and I thought you performed the dramatic and
horrifyingly isolating act of plonking me a year ago. Perhaps you are a
saint of a person who routinely forgives people and removed them from your
kill file. We are blessed by your internet presence.
Noon, Serge has already backed off.

No, they have continued. Clearly, you have NO CLUE
how to check a thread.

Gosh, the last posting I see from Serge in c.d.i is the 12th, and I made my
posting on the 17th. To me that sounds like he's backed off and stopped

I am so tempted to keep winding you up for a few more days, but that would
only prolong this thread. I think many new people have seen you as the
tanty-throwing fool that you are, and I guess the members of c.d.o.s have
known this for a long time.
Nov 12 '05 #327
Serge Rielau wrote:

I have dropped c.d.i of this thread after the first complaints.

Right. And if I was from IBM, I also wouldn't want to p*ss off the
Informixers anymore than I had too (I mean, there is only so much they
can take, right ?).

Nov 12 '05 #328
Here dickhead, read and weep:

DB2 Information Management Software in the News

IBM Keeps the Crown -- DBMS Market Share Results for 2003

For 2003, IBM is once again the new license revenue market share
leader for the DBMS software market, says Gartner Dataquest in their
May 2004 analyses. Overall new license DBMS sales for the industry
increased 5.5%, from $8.3 billion (U.S.) to $8.8 billion, while
overall RDBMS sales increased 5.1%, from $6.7 billion to $7.1 billion,
compared to a 7.2% DBMS market decline in 2002. Dataquest attributes
this growth to the elimination of excess capacity purchased in 2000
and 2001, investment in data warehouse and strategic business
intelligence initiatives, and currency conversion benefits.
Dataquest sees a "return to normalcy for the mature DBMS market"
with market growth expected in the "mid-single digits through 2008."
Learn more at the website.

This is not nearly as important as understanding that DB2 runs
the same code base across all platforms and that Larry Ellison
uses SQL-Server on all the Oracle web sites. SQL-Server by
the way runs the same code base on alll platforms too. Oracle
is dead, it's over for the big red one, less than half what DB2
did in the market. Oracle is old school, over and done.

"Noons" <wi*******@yaho o.com.au.nospam > wrote in message news:40******** *************** @news.optusnet. com.au...
Data Goob apparently said,on my timestamp of 17/06/2004 9:14 PM:
I was going to try to come up with some poetry of my own,
but I'm not as good at it as you are.

Please, spare us all....

The point is Nano-Nano that DB2 runs the same code base

The point is two-dicks: you don't have a clue.

across all platforms, as well as SQL-Server, and I believe
even Informix.

Absolutely. Care to talk about computers instead of shoes?

I thought we covered this.

You covered nothing. Stop deluding yourself.
strange is why you felt compelled to take personal shots at
just about everyone who has been in this conversation. It

It's not strange. It's the obvious consequence
when an idiot tries to use personal attacks on me.
is also strange why Oracle doesn't run well on mainframes,

Who cares about mainframes?
and cannot scale their clustering beyond 8 servers, which

by the way is documented in Oracles' own literature.


Larry Ellison uses SQL-Server on all the Oracle web sites,

What a pile of crap. Get over the personal attacks, it might
work in the Microslop groups you frequent but doesn't stick
with professionals.
so I don't understand the vitriole coming from you.

Nuno Souto
wi*******@yahoo .com.au.nospam

Nov 12 '05 #329
Data Goob wrote:
Here dickhead, read and weep:
Strangely enough, the IBM website didn't link this report that come out
in the same month. Guess they haven't got round to it yet.


Here's some excerpts from the press release

According to IDC, the market continues to be dominated by Oracle, IBM,
and Microsoft. As the leading vendors for 2003, these three companies
control about three-quarters of the total market revenue. In 2003,
Oracle achieved 39.8% market share, IBM achieved 31.3% and Microsoft 12.1%.

"Oracle has preserved its first-place position in the market," said Carl
Olofson, research director for IDC's Information Management and Data
Integration Software service. "IBM has slipped slightly, with its growth
coming mainly from customers' recommitment to mainframe DB2, and
continued strong growth of mainframe DB2 tools for DBAs. Microsoft's
growth is tapering in a manner consistent with the growth curve of a
strong but maturing vendor."
This is not nearly as important as understanding that DB2 runs
the same code base across all platforms
I don't think so - see http://tinyurl.com/2a3ss
and that Larry Ellison
uses SQL-Server on all the Oracle web sites.
I don't think so - see

SQL-Server by
the way runs the same code base on alll platforms too.
I don't think so - see
is dead, it's over for the big red one, less than half what DB2
did in the market.
I don't think so - even the Gartner report (which only tracks new
licence revenues, and then makes guesses on unreported revenue for all
DB2 supported platforms, including the AS/400, shows Oracle doing a
reported 2,299.3 million vs an IBM 2,518.8.

0.01% difference is a little less than half.
Oracle is old school, over and done.

Right. Oracle's 360% growth on Linux (which is growing at 158% itself)
is definately old school, definately over and done.

MS growth on Linux ? - 0%.
IBM's growth on Linux ? - a massive 29.1 points of marketshare decline.

So what does goob actually mean ?
Nov 12 '05 #330

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