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database market share 2003


Interesting to see that database sales for windows is more than
Nov 12 '05
346 16701
Noons <wi*******@yaho o.com.au.nospam > wrote in message news:<40******* *************** @news.optusnet. com.au>...
Madison Pruet allegedly said,on my timestamp of 11/06/2004 1:09 PM:
Then we can all get back to postings about things of import such as
Pink Floyd vs. Bach.

I'm a Mozart fan myself... ;-)

and brother Ray Charles passed away today.
A minute of silence, boys and girls.
The world is now a smaller place, as far as I'm concerned...

Don't know if you had Super Dave down there, but they did one bit (at
least, I _think_ it was Super Dave) where this stunt car drives around
tilted up on two wheels, then comes to a stop and it's Ray Charles at
the wheel, with a big grin :)

@home.com is bogus.
Nov 12 '05 #231
"Mark A" <ma@switchboard .net> wrote in message news:<Sk******* *********@news. uswest.net>...
When IBM mainframes (or plug compatibles) already have 90% penetration in the Fortune 500 (in terms of accounts), how many new accounts are you

None. It's called a monopoly. Something Reaganomics favored.

Nuno Souto

IBM became a monopoly on the mainframe platform long before Reagan was
president. Their biggest growth period was the 1960's and 1970's when there
were quite a few Democratic presidents, and when Democrats completely
controlled the House of Representatives , and usually controlled the Senate.

The 1956 consent decree, which all the subsequent market opening
derived from because it required IBM to sell, rather than lease, was
under Eisenhower. The biggest growth happened in spite of the
monopoly breakdown, because of trust formation, which Johnson famously
busted, and IBM being able to come up with far more capital than
competitors, both for technological standardization and sales force


@home.com is bogus.
Net libel lawsuit: http://www.signonsandiego.com/uniont...n11pledge.html
Nov 12 '05 #232
Gert van der Kooij wrote:
In article <40************ ***********@new s.optusnet.com. au>, Noons
(wi*******@yaho o.com.au.nospam ) says...
crapcrapcrap. ...

remarkably, the phrase is:

"as we use a single code base across the DB2 family"


Roger: Many of the enterprise applications are using Java. V8 Java
support is more consistent across platforms as we use a single code
base across the DB2 family.

Cool, let's go beat up Sun now :-)

Serge Rielau
DB2 SQL Compiler Development
IBM Toronto Lab
Nov 12 '05 #233
Noons wrote:
Mark A allegedly said,on my timestamp of 11/06/2004 11:01 PM:
I never claimed that there were no DB2 to Oracle conversions. However YOU
DID CLAIM that were no Oracle to DB2 conversions because you did not
see any
of them.

No. Stay within the Queen's language, please. I said there are very few
(if any) commercial app conversions AWAY from Oracle. What there is
is PORTING AS WELL to SQL Server and DB2. Perfectly kosher in anyone's
book and only you could come up with the derivation that it is
a "conversion from Oracle".

Porting is certainly the vast majority of work that is going on, and
that is healthy for the market, IMHO.
But there is also a good deal of conversion as I know first hand.
Especially the BI space is highly contested between Oracle, DB2 for LUW
and Teradata. The product offerings differ sufficiently as well as the
prices to make the investments into a conversion worthwhile.
Reality is no customer converts a custom app without good reason. It
requires a lot of sweat.
Packaged apps are a different story due to the abstraction layer. A lot


Serge Rielau
DB2 SQL Compiler Development
IBM Toronto Lab
Nov 12 '05 #234
Joel Garry wrote:

I'm waiting to see who's going to be the first to lose the argument
according to Godwin's Law (first law of Usenet).

But this thread seems to be proving Garry's Paradox:


I dunno - noon is starting to get very personal. I'm tempted to weigh in and
nudge him towards vast sweeping generalisations of corporate personalities,
to see if he stumbles over the abyss. I wouldn't want to activate Quirk, as
was pointed out in your link.
Nov 12 '05 #235
Gert van der Kooij apparently said,on my timestamp of 12/06/2004 1:31 AM:


Roger: Many of the enterprise applications are using Java. V8 Java
support is more consistent across platforms as we use a single code
base across the DB2 family.

you the latest one now?

Nuno Souto
wi*******@yahoo .com.au.nospam
Nov 12 '05 #236
Last I head, Micfocus and the two Unix ODBC companies (Visigenic and Intersolv)
had all linked up in a menage a trois.

Daniel Morgan's assertion that code for some RDBMS's can be moved across without
recompilation perhaps implies intrepretive languages that have no compiler.
IBM's Rexx fits into this class.

Is he mean's C, then I'd love to hear how endianess is not an issue for C
applications. I'd also like to hear about life on Mars.

Mark Townsend wrote:
> The OS/390 (MVS or whatever) COBOL compiler you might
have used with Oracle on OS/390 is not compatible with any Windows, Linux,
or UNIX COBOL compiler (assuming you even wanted to use COBOL on those

I seem to remember (from faded memory) that Microfocus had a compiler
that was (reasonably) compatible. Or was that just to the OS/2 ? I know
we moved a swag of Cobol FinServs apps onto HP a decade ago without
significant rewrite. Is microfocs even around anymore - CA-Microfocus ?

Nov 12 '05 #237
A dependence? I guess that's why successful software companies, like pushers,
refer to their customers as users. Picture those poor DBA's, like crack addicts,
stumbling down the alley ways to their next hit of DB2.

Noons wrote:
Mark A allegedly said,on my timestamp of 11/06/2004 3:02 PM:
You make it sound like IBM has the power of the mafia. I don't think so.

I very much think so, having been on the receiving end of their
sales techniques for a looooooong time....
Actually, a surprising number of companies have purchased Oracle for OS/390.
Oracle gave me 5 references in the Fortune top 25 companies in the US. I
checked all 5 out, and all 5 purchased it, but not one was using it for a
production system.

That to me spells one thing and one thing only: there is a surprising
number of companies that are looking at ANY way of becoming LESS
dependent on IBM. I wonder why...
Unfortunately, there are very few people left around that know
exactly how to take advantage of that.
Nuno Souto
wi*******@yahoo .com.au.nospam

Nov 12 '05 #238
Well, SAP R3, and applications from Peoplesoft, Siebel and JD Edwards, many of
which were written for Oracle and later ported to DB2, Sybase, Informix IDS and
SQL Server in the 1990's, have had extensive investment from their owners to be
"anything but Oracle" as their internal RDBMS development platform.

Noons wrote:
Which apps have
been "ported" AWAY from Oracle?

Nov 12 '05 #239
iSeries does have a conference called Common (http://www.common.org/).

BTW, while the DB2 database engines on iSeries and zOS are different code
bases, the client for all DB2 serves is the same, so the cross platform topics
below would be of interest to DB2 users on almost any supported platform. And,
as always, it's nice to see Mark T so fluent in all the great DB2 topics
offered by IBM and the DB2 User's Group. I still think you could pass that DB2
Certification exam Mark, and that accomplishment would really spice up your

Mark Townsend wrote:
Ian wrote:
Mark Townsend wrote:

If one submitts an article to IDUG or DBM Tech it is _mandatory_ to
clarify the applicability in the title if a talk is not cross-platform.

Here are session titles from this years IDUG Conferences - very few of
them cross platform, and not a single one with any sign of platform
applicability. I guess we need to differ of what _mandatory_ means as

You're being disingenuous.

Well, only slightly. You really can't tell from the titles, as Serge
postulated was a mandatory requirement. And even with a seperate
categorization, some papers do seem to be mis-categorized, which I'm
sure is just finger trouble

C1: DB2 UDB Internals for Administrators : Complete with V8 Details
Matt Huras , IBM Toronto Lab

Speaker: Matt Huras, IBM Toronto Lab

Full Abstract: This presentation will give administrators the key
information they need to most effectively manage their installations. It
will provide the inside scoop on how DB2 on the UNIX, Windows and Linux
platforms works internally. Special focus will be given to the new
features in V8, including: type 2 indexes, multi-dimensional clustering,
the connection concentrator, null/default compression, dynamic memory
tuning, widened 64-bit support, and other V8 features.

Presentation Platform: Cross Platform

What is interesting is that at the Orlando event there are 82 papers
marked as OS/390, 53 as LUW(Ser), and 61 as Cross Platform. Do the
iSeries folk get their own conference, just not travel, or just not care
? So how much of the original market share numbers were attributable to
the iSeries platform again ?

Nov 12 '05 #240

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