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Problem converting Coldfusion array variable to Javascript array variable

4 New Member
I am coding in Coldfusion MX7 and using Javascript for some of the functionality. The basic functionality I'm coding is, based on a value the user chooses from a dropdown box, I populate address fields with the associated data. I am using the onChange attribute of the dropdown box for the call to a Javascript function. I prepopulate a Coldfusion array with the address data and am using cfwddx to convert the Coldfusion array to a Javascript array. My problem is that the conversion doesn't seem to be working. The length of the Javascript array is 0, when it should be 3. Any suggestions?

Here's the relevant code:

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  1. <head>
  2. function setRepositoryLocation(formValue)
  3. {
  4.      <CFWDDX action="CFML2JS" input="#repositoryArray#" toplevelvariable="jsrepositoryArray">
  5.      alert(jsrepositoryArray.length);
  6.      for(i=0; i<jsrepositoryArray.length; i++)
  7.      {
  8.     if (jsrepositoryArray[i][0] == formValue)
  9.     {
  10.                       document.frmInputSources.txtAddress1.value = jsrepositoryArray[i][1];
  11.             document.frmInputSources.txtAddress2.value = jsrepositoryArray[i][2];
  12.          document.frmInputSources.txtIDCountry.value = jsrepositoryArray[i][3];
  13.          document.frmInputSources.txtIDState_Province.value = jsrepositoryArray[i][4];
  14.          document.frmInputSources.txtCity.value = jsrepositoryArray[i][5];         document.frmInputSources.txtPostal_Code.value = jsrepositoryArray[i][6];
  15.     }
  16.      }
  17. }
  18. </script>
  19. </head>
  20. <body>
  22. <CFSET arrIndex = 1>
  23. <CFSET repositoryArray = ArrayNew(2)>
  24. <CFOUTPUT QUERY="retSourceRepositories">
  25.     <CFSET repositoryArray[arrIndex][1] = #idSource_Repository#>
  26.     <CFSET repositoryArray[arrIndex][2] = #Address1#>
  27.     <CFSET repositoryArray[arrIndex][3] = #Address2#>
  28.     <CFSET repositoryArray[arrIndex][4] = #Country#>
  29.     <CFSET repositoryArray[arrIndex][5] = #State_Province#>
  30.     <CFSET repositoryArray[arrIndex][6] = #City#>
  31.     <CFSET repositoryArray[arrIndex][7] = #Postal_Code#>
  32.     <CFSET arrIndex = #arrIndex# + 1>
  33. </CFOUTPUT>
  35. <select style="float:left" name="txtIDSource_Repository" id="" class=""
  36.     onchange="javascript:if(this.value != 0) {setRepositoryLocation(this.value);}">
  37. .
  38. .
  39. .
  40. </select>
  41. </body>
Jun 17 '07 #1
7 8772
16,027 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
Welcome to TSDN!

This is more suitable for the Coldfusion forum to which I've moved this thread.
Jun 18 '07 #2
303 Recognized Expert Contributor
The first thing I notice in your code is that you have an </script> tag but no beginning script tag.
Jun 18 '07 #3
4 New Member
Oops. Copy-and-paste mistake. Here's the beginning <script> tag:

<script language="javas cript" type="text/javascript">

Thanks for pointing that out.
Jun 18 '07 #4
303 Recognized Expert Contributor
I'm not familiar with CFWDDX, so I probably can't be of much help. Does the CF repositoryArray fill correctly? Does jsrepositoryArr ay need to be declared before the CFWDDX tag?
Jun 18 '07 #5
4 New Member
The CF repositoryArray is populating correctly. Regarding declaring jsrepositoryArr ay prior to the CFWDDX statement, The examples I've seen of CFWDDX didn't show that prior declaring of variables was required. I tried declaring the variable jsrepositoryArr ay first and it still doesn't work.
Jun 19 '07 #6
303 Recognized Expert Contributor
One thing to try may be adding a src to the javascript tag:

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  1. <script type="text/javascript" language="javascript" src="/CFIDE/scripts/wddx.js">
  2. </script>
The wddx.js file might be required for the cfwddx tag. If that is no help, you might be able to use the output attribute with the cfwddx tag, which should be able to tell you the output of the operation.
Jun 19 '07 #7
4 New Member
Thanks for the suggestion. I did add that line. I also found my other problem. I shouldn't have put the <cfwddx tag within the javascript, but after i populated the coldfusion array.

Here are the code lines I put after populating the repositoryArray :

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  1. <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="javascript" TYPE="text/javascript">
  3. <CFWDDX action="CFML2JS" input="#repositoryArray#" toplevelvariable="jsrepositoryArray" output="jsArray">
  5. <CFOUTPUT>#jsArray#</CFOUTPUT>
  7. </SCRIPT>
Thanks for all the suggestions.
Jun 24 '07 #8

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