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Coldfusion (Adobe) application server and scripting language - Ask questions about ColdFusion scripting, IDE, databases, SQl, components, CFCs, syntax, server setup, Coldfusion 6 / 7 / 8 and more.
thread by: acoder | last post Jan 20 '07 by: acoder
This page will link to a number of tutorials. Coldfusion Language Coldfusion Variables Using Coldfusion Variables Coldfusion Image Gallery How to upload a file in Coldfusion Watch this space...
thread by: prasad joshi | last post Jul 25 '23 by: erikbower65
can anybody tell me what is coldfusion
thread by: madhurii | last post Mar 21 '19 by: madhurii
addcategory.cfml <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd"> <html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml"> <head> <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1" /> <title>AddCategory</title> </head> <script type="text/javascript"...
thread by: davidjayce | last post Oct 1 '18 by: davidjayce
The following text is not mine; it's a summary of Weinberg's essay on egoless programming; read it and realize how true it all is. The Ten Commandments 1) Understand and accept that you will make mistakes. The point is to find them early, before they make it into production. Fortunately, except for the few of us developing rocket...
thread by: alisyed | last post Oct 20 '15 by: alisyed
Here are three recent error messages: Survey2.cfm Type: Expression Message: Element CONTACTNAME is undefined in FORM. Survey3.cfm Type: Expression Message: Element FIELDNAMES is undefined in FORM.
thread by: javasuniltyata | last post Feb 5 '15 by: javasuniltyata
Form: <!-- Sign up FORM --> <cfoutput> <form method="post" action="HomeShow_submit.cfm"> <input type="hidden" name="UserID" value="#RemoveChars(CGI.Auth_User, 1, Find('\', CGI.Auth_User))#"> <input type="hidden" name="Fname" value="#User.fname#"> <input type="hidden" name="Lname" value="#User.lname#"> <input type="hidden"...
thread by: ndeeley | last post Jun 2 '14 by: ndeeley
Hi, I'm trying to create a stacked series chart using cfchart where the stack has multiple values. For example, my columns could be feedback codes, with the values being a stack of the count of the type of action taken. I can generate the columns, but can't find a way to split the stack into the count of the action taken type. Any...
thread by: SSFusion | last post Apr 29 '14 by: SSFusion
I have a coldfusion .cfm page for creating a new request where a select dropdown is placed which populates a list of users from the database, While creating a new request, the current user will check the select user drop down for user names, if the specific user is not present, he will click to add a new user hyper link next to it and open a pop...
thread by: taunt | last post Apr 10 '14 by: taunt
OK now I'm having issues when an item is edited. I got the new items to work in upper case. Now I can't get it to covert the edited field to alway be in upper case. Here's the coding: <cfupdate Datasource="#datasource#" tablename="Items" formfields="ItemID,Artist>. I tried both Ucase(Artist) and UPPER(Artist). Ucase has no errors, but doesn't do...
thread by: taunt | last post Apr 10 '14 by: taunt
Hello I have a Coldfusion page that goes to a sql 2008 server. I'm trying to make it convert what ever the user enters to all upper case. So far I tried this Values ('#Form.UPPER(Artist)#', but so far it errors out saying "The UPPER method was not found". How would I go about so it will change anything in the Artist field to upper case? Thanks
thread by: masterp6 | last post Apr 2 '14 by: masterp6
Below is my action page: Please help, <cfquery datasource="digitalnewspapers1" name="digitalnewspapers1"> SELECT digitalnewspapers1.filename, digitalnewspapers1.dateofissue, digitalnewspapers1.county, digitalnewspapers1.title From digitalnewspapers1 WHERE 0=0 <cfif #FORM.filename# is not ""> AND FILENAME LIKE...
thread by: rjd1 | last post Feb 15 '14 by: rjd1
I'm not highly technical, and this is probably something simple, but here is my dilemma, where I am attempting to retrieve a single record using a variable name in the query. First, I define some variables: <cfset datasource = 'MyDatabase'> <cfset query_tbl = 'MyDatabaseTable'> <cfset field1 = 'actual_fieldname1'><!--- FIRST field in...
thread by: nagaraju18 | last post Oct 24 '13 by: nagaraju18
Hi i am having a issue, when i run it on crome and firefox executing same. but when i opened IE7 the table alignment is callapsed,can you any one helpout to oveer come this issue and it also working on IE8 and IE9.
thread by: bozzpaw | last post Aug 9 '13 by: bozzpaw
I have the class file below that will get a PDF file and converts into 64 bit format. package com.washgas.kubra.client; import java.io.FileNotFoundException; import java.io.FileOutputStream; import java.io.IOException; import java.net.MalformedURLException; import java.net.URL; import java.text.DateFormat;
thread by: sulemankhan | last post Jun 6 '13 by: sulemankhan
hi, I am working on survey App in this i have to collect answers i have one problem while saving multiplechoice with other type of question.<cfcase value="multiplechoicemultiother"> <cfif StructkeyExists(answer,"answerValue") AND NOT isNumeric(answer.answervalue) AND Find("other,",answer.answervalue)> <cfquery name="insertresult">...
thread by: kingka2 | last post Apr 9 '13 by: acoder
Hi all, I have created three radio buttons in my coldfusion page and working fine. But now i want to execute query, depending on the button selected. ex: <td><input type="radio" name="Env" value="DEV" checked > Dev</td> <td><input type="radio" name="Env" value="STG" checked > STG</td> <td><input type="radio"...
thread by: jsungmin | last post Mar 7 '13 by: acoder
hey there. really need ur help.. my problem is I want to insert all value into db in uppercase this is my code.. <cfquery name="insrt_srvy" datasource="#ds#"> INSERT INTO SURVEY_HEADER (REF_NO) VALUES(<cfqueryparam cfsqltype="cf_sql_varchar" value="#ref_no#">) </cfquery>
thread by: jsungmin | last post Mar 6 '13 by: acoder
I want to create a javascript which check reference no from database eg: first user insert reference no in textbox, mouse. and the second user insert reference no also in textbox, mouse. so here I want to create an alert which display the popup to the second user that reference no "mouse" is already taken. really need ur help thanks :)
thread by: jsungmin | last post Feb 22 '13 by: jsungmin
Hye all.. In my html, it display the value of average for each question in table. So the problem is the value of average for each question is in the looping function. So how can I pass the value of average for each question into bar chart which is out of the looping? <form name="survey_form" method="post" action="#currentfile#"> <table>...
thread by: jsungmin | last post Feb 21 '13 by: jsungmin
what can be the problem? Since i tried to write this values like: <cfset totResponse = #GETTOTSCORE1.a# + #GETTOTSCORE2.b# + #GETTOTSCORE3.c#> <cfset avg = #GetSum1.score1# + #GetSum2.score2# + #GetSum3.score3#> <cfset totAVG = avg / #totResponse#> first calculation to calculate total response and I got error in value...
thread by: golddigger50 | last post Jan 26 '13 by: acoder
Hello, I am trying to autosubmit a hidden form. So far I have...... but it sends me into an infinite loop. Anyone got any ideas. I am such a noob... <form method="post" name="form1" action="<cfoutput>#CurrentPage#</cfoutput>">
thread by: jsungmin | last post Jan 22 '13 by: acoder
I have query which count all data in table and I try to display the output of count but I got an error here the code <cfquery name="countDATA" datasource="#ds#"> select count(quest_id) from survey_question </cfquery> <cfset t = #countDATA#> #t#
thread by: jsungmin | last post Jan 18 '13 by: acoder
hye. I have a little problem about loopping statement. This is the code.. <cfloop query="getQuest"> <cfset count=0> <cfquery name="chechking" datasource="#ds#"> select status_flag from survey_question where status_flag = 'N' </cfquery> count = count+1;
thread by: jsungmin | last post Jan 16 '13 by: acoder
I have a table which display quest_id,quest_no, quest_malay, quest_eng and delete. After I click button delete I want to set my table row quest_malay and quest_eng into null. this is my coding UPDATE SURVEY_QUESTION SET quest_malay = <cfqueryparam cfsqltype="cf_sql_varchar" value="">, quest_eng = <cfqueryparam cfsqltype="cf_sql_varchar"...
thread by: fazdebuzz | last post Jul 26 '12 by: fazdebuzz
I have created two tables Films and Expenses. The variables Films table Ė FilmsID, MovieTitle, PitchText, AmountBudgeted, RatingID, Summary, and DateInTheathers And in Expenses table Ė ExpenseID, FilmsID, ExpenseAmount, Description, ExpenseDate. FilmsID need to be entered to these two tables as itís the unique id. I canít find the...
thread by: taunt | last post May 23 '12 by: acoder
Hello i"m trying to use two check boxes when selected I want it to change how it does the order by. So far I have this: <CFIF isDefined("Form.artist") IS "YES"> ORDER BY products.artist </CFIF> <CFIF isDefined("Form.qoo") IS "YES"> ORDER BY products.QtyOnOrder DESC </CFIF>

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