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Can we install Joomla (Xampp) on windows platform.?

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My site is under windows hosting, Can we install Joomla (Xampp) on windows platform.?
Mar 19 '10 #1
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Yes .
Mar 19 '10 #2
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The X in XAMPP means it's cross-platform, so you can install Apache, MySQL, PHP and Perl (AMPP) on Windows with no problems, both Markus & I have experience in managing WAMPP installations.
You can download WampServer which is an all-in-one Windows equivalent of XAMPP, or download the individual components and self-install. If you're not an experienced sysadmin then I recommend WampServer but if you're looking for a learning curve then try and self-install the components.


Apr 25 '10 #3
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Thankyou guys for your kind reply,

Actually i was not able to install Joomla on windows platform. My hosting provider asked me to buy linux platform and install Joomla.
Apr 26 '10 #4
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Hi there,

I'm sorry, I misunderstood your question - yes you can install Joomla on a Windows hosting account, although it will not be an optimal configuration because URL rewriting capabilities on Windows (IIS) hosting tend to be less flexible compared to using mod_rewrite rules in .htaccess files on Apache. However, if you have a Windows hosting account and your hosting provides PHP through IIS/Windows hosting then there is no reason that it cannot be installed.


Apr 27 '10 #5
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XAMPP is actually (soft-of) platform-agnostic. The X in its title means 'change this X to whatever OS you're running, and XAMPP will work on it' - if you get me? The XAMPP website provides installers for Linux, Windows and Mac platforms.

So nerrr *sticks tongue out*

I don't understand *why* you couldn't install Joomla on Windows. What problems did you run into?
Apr 27 '10 #6
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Thank you guys..

I don’t exactly remember what problem i faced, i called hosting company customer support and explained them about my query. They just told me that i cannot install Joomla on windows server.. I was very surprised by this answer form a "Technical guy".. So i posted my question in this forum.

Finally i had to move to some other hosting provider and bought linux platform for installing Joomla.

Apr 28 '10 #7
Yes,of course.
Jun 18 '10 #8
Yes you can install Joomla(Xampp) on windows plateform. In Xampp the charactor 'X' stands for cross plateform, so it can be installed on any plateform. Second charactor 'a' stands for apache, last two 'p's represent php and perl respectively..

Manish Choudhary
Oct 12 '11 #9
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You don't need to use Xampp to install Joomla on a Windows platform.

I didn't use Xampp for this CMS.

Then again, I wasn't dealing with a company hosting my website. The web server was under my control.

Thanks to codegecko I was able to get my environment set up properly.
Oct 12 '11 #10
Yeah Joomla and Xampp server could be install on windows operating system.
Jan 9 '12 #11
Yes, xampp support all the CMS build over php.
Feb 8 '12 #12

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