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Sitemap generation using JSTL and Infoglue

I'm a novice in JSTL and Infoglue.
Could anyone please let me know how I can generate a Sitemap component using these two? I need the component to have just one property ie the HomePage. Given the home-page of the website developed using infoglue, the component should be able to generate links to all the pages in the website irrespective of the page's depth.

I can generate it using the <structure:childPages> tag in infoglue-structure tag library but the problem is that I don't know how to go to indefinite depth using basic JSTL. So if possible help me with a code snippet.

Thanks in advance.
Jan 6 '10 #1
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I started looking up the topics so that I could help you when I suddenly realized that it should be you that's looking up the topics and learning how to do this for yourself.

Hera are 2 useful links that will get you started:
JSTL API Specifications
InfoGlue Manual Reference

Please take the time to research the problem before you post your question. The experts here are more than willing to help you with a specific problem but you have to do your part to learn the basics and also formulate a specific question we can help with. Please take the time to read over the Posting Guidelines, specifically the section on Before you Post your Question.

Jan 6 '10 #2
Got it.
It wasn't much of a question. It was more like seeking help in something I didn't have time to research about and wanted to get some job "out of the door" anyways.
My bad.
Jan 6 '10 #3
Hi, I hope this isn't against the rules, but since you're kind of saying that the question didn't belong here I can recommend the official InfoGlue forum over at the InfoGlue official forum <url snipped>

We have just over 100 posts at the moment, but we just started :) And this kind of question fits right in there...
Jan 15 '10 #4
9,735 Expert Mod 8TB
I'm sorry snowlord, it is against the forum rules to post links to forums in direct competition to us (that's why I linked to the documentation instead). I've removed the link and edited your post to say "the InfoGlue forum" instead.

I've moved this question to the CMS forum.

Jan 15 '10 #5
No problem!

My message was too short apparently - it needs to be 20 characters at least...
Jan 15 '10 #6

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