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Which Programming Book is Best to Learn Code

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Hello All, I am a 2019 year passout and I want to learn coding, So i am looking for an online programming book. Can anyone suggest me which author book is best for beginner's point of view?
Oct 13 '20 #1
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You did not stipulate the programming language. Thus, I will give some general advice (of my own opinion).

Start with either C,
Start with jumping directly into C++11.

You asked for online, but I did not find any that I would recommend at this time.

For C:
C Programming Absolute Beginner's Guide (3rd Edition)’ by Greg Perry and Dean Miller,
and The C Programming Language’ by Brian W. Kernighan and Dennis M. Ritchie.
For C++11:
Programming: Principles and Practice Using C++ 1st (or 2nd) Edition by Bjarne Stroustrup,
and A Tour of C++ (C++ In-Depth Series) 2nd Edition by Bjarne Stroustrup.
Learning C first can be maybe the most valuable to a new programmer.

Jumping directly into C++11 (and skipping learning C first) can (for some people) be very difficult. For someone pushing themselves hard with a lot of time and dedication, it can be a much faster way to become an intermediate and advanced programmer. This is the way that I am doing it and I am glad that I am using this process (see this [Beginning C++11] article). I also use this [C++ Reference] site for hard core online directions.

I found this [C++ examples] site to be useful, but not so comfortable when I was just beginning.

I found this [Programming questions] site to be difficult to get usable answers from as they tended to try to impress with how complicated their answers can be and they were (at that time) way beyond me.

As a beginner, if you want to learn to code and not use shortcuts, then stay away from Visual Studio (any version) and stay away from ".NET" (any version and any code that uses it). I came from that environment, created many programs in those, and I like being out of it.

I suggest that you read all of the answers that you get on this site to this one question that you have asked as there are a lot of amazing people posting here, with many years of experience each, and then decide for yourself. I spend a lot of time on this site reading the discussions.
Oct 13 '20 #2
Hi Shivam,

This is a really interesting question, it totally biased towards the writer whom you can be familiar with and whom you can understand very well.

But I loved reading this book: Pragmatic Programmer, The: From Journeyman to Master Kindle Edition

If you want to go with a list of books then you can visit this blog post which will help you to get the best books to learn to program.
Nov 4 '20 #3
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To answer your question, I need some more information, such as your preferred programming language. It would be best if you choose a programming language in which you want to learn to program. I prefer you to start with Python. I will also suggest you watch video lectures along with reading books.
Nov 28 '20 #4
12 Byte
I would say, CODE COMPLETE by Steve McConnell. This classic book provides a lot of new code samples to describe software development's art and science.

The author also goes over the go-to techniques and staple principles into transparent and practical guidance. This book will also help to stir your thinking and help you craft the highest quality code.

This is a best book on coding if you want to solve critical construction issues early, properly, and effectively debug problems.
Dec 3 '20 #5

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