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Advice and information on careers in the tech industry.
thread by: Niheel | last post Oct 23 '10 by: MMcCarthy
Our firm is growing and we're quickly in need of better client management tools. What are some recommended software solutions to help manage meetings, billings, deliverables and such.
thread by: jobsrod | last post Mar 5 '24 by: Cyrilesther
Give me some suggestion, How do jobs sites make money?
thread by: Palyadav | last post Dec 20 '11 by: Palyadav
I am studying in ICWAI final..now i want to go in Management trainee.so what kind of Interview preparation I should ? I mean which book or material is best for Interview.
thread by: Niheel | last post Sep 11 '10 by: MMcCarthy
http://bytes.com/images/howtos/freelance_millions.jpgAccording to India Times, there are groups of freelancers in India making over a millions dollars by providing development and IT services to their counterparts in the US. The freelancers results were intriguing enough for us to dig a bit deeper and put together a nice fact sheet for...
thread by: Niheel | last post Jul 23 '10 by: Jyoti Ballabh
http://bytes.com/images/howtos/information_overloaded.jpgPaul Graham wrote an interesting article a few months back about how the internet is leading to information overload for information workers of today. He is not alone in his thinking. Similarly, In July of 2008 IBM, Intel, Microsoft and Xerox announced that they were joining forces with...
thread by: Arielg | last post Jun 9 '22 by: Elliefagel
I've learned and coded for fun a few apps on js, all in full stack. how much do you think it is possible to get a job, and what kind of experience/apps should i presented to even be looked at?
thread by: shivajikobardan | last post Jan 12 '24 by: AlexBarkat
I'm in the verge of giving up programming and wondering what could I do before I give up to make sure I did what everyone did. I've a bachelors degree in computer science. I didn't do it as well as I'd have liked to do, but that degree has gave me familiarity with most terms used in basic programming. I spent last 3 months working on web...
thread by: Sofianoren | last post Jan 3 '24 by: jacelynsia
Hi there! I'm trying to connect with developers that are skilled in working with react, python, AWS, and have an agile way of working. I'm working at Star Stable Entertainment and looking for colleagues that can help us develop the user experience of our product. I'm thankful for all tips and tricks to understand this community and not just...
thread by: michaellyam | last post Jan 22 '24 by: Cyrilesther
Major milestones will be achieved through quantum computing that a normal classical computer cannot, claims Sundar Pichai, Alphabet CEO. Speaking at the World Economic Forum (WEF) 2020, Sundar said the world needs to assemble and work under a common regulatory framework for artificial intelligence (AI). As such, to extol the benefits of new...
thread by: sravan chalikonda | last post Aug 3 '18 by: zmbd
Hi, Am sravan, a graduate in IT. i ever wanted to become a programmer but haven't had the taste of it.. but the world of technology demands logic, and thats what i miss.. i really need help.. let me explain what my experience thought me is 1.most of the programmer are good at math, logic, solving puzzles, cool minded ..then it started...
thread by: ThePeach | last post Oct 29 '23 by: yanluya
'm looking for people interested in working on a project to create a BFHeroes and BfPF4 private server. both games already have ways to create a private server but it's not close to complete the limitations at the moment is the old server available (2010) preventing complete server functionality would need to create an emulator for the latest...
thread by: MMcCarthy | last post Aug 30 '07 by: MMcCarthy
Organizing a Resume Pertinent information included on your resume may be organized in a variety of ways. Regardless of the type of resume used, you should include the following: Contact Information: Include your name (on every page), phone number, email, address, and postal code. Objective: Address the positions that you are currently...
thread by: Niheel | last post Aug 7 '09 by: freelance programmer
http://bytes.com/images/howtos/career_opps_online_profswanted.jpgFor tech professionals, the best opportunities are being posted on online job boards. In a recent survey of 1,000 HR professionals and managers, conducted by Inavero Institute for Service Research, 72 percent of salaried employee recruiting involved online job boards. Online...
thread by: nearlyhub | last post Sep 11 '23 by: AdmontYanko
can anyone please tell me the best option, How do I know when job openings are available?
thread by: ansar208 | last post Dec 9 '15 by: gvlgeswaran555
I am an MBA graduate and i am looking for a career in Accounts and Finance . How i could get a job in a good company.
thread by: anu401 | last post Sep 4 '10 by: MMcCarthy
what is the use of studying c,c++,,java? how they are used in work place? what is the purpose?
thread by: MarcoPi | last post Nov 20 '21 by: dreamtext
Hi, dear Software Developers. Iím currently 23 years old, second year robotics engineer student. Iím finishing my second year now and I realized, that itís not what I really want to do in life. I really have a passion for software development. Currently, I have some skills in C++ oriented programming and C. Also learned HTML and CSS, before...
thread by: Niheel | last post Mar 16 '09 by: HanClinto
3 months ago we all decided it would be best to work in an actual office, instead of from home. In order to increase the level of professionalism and productivity in our day to day work, one thing we decided we wanted to do right from the start was try to track our productivity in the new work environment. We gathered our entire office into...
thread by: komminedi | last post Nov 10 '10 by: Deepthi shankar
I am working on Classic ASP and I want to change my technology into ERP or any other best tools. Please suggest the best tool or technology to learn for bright career ? Thanks in advance....
thread by: mush1578 | last post Jul 25 '10 by: cr4sh
What are the major application of computer graphics?
thread by: cppcompiler1000 | last post Jul 25 '10 by: iohos
How should i learn programming and what is the best way of learning c and c++? which is the best book of c and c++ programming language? I have been studying from the book " the complete c++ reference" written by "Mr. Herbert Schildt".
thread by: Studlyami | last post Jun 22 '11 by: MMcCarthy
Hi guys, I've been working for a company as a full time employee (FTE) and have recently lost my job (no a big deal its a good market). I've been looking at a couple positions and been contacted by contracting firms/ staffing firms to fill contracts at various companies. I know the general market rate in my area and what I can get as a FTE and...
thread by: dlite922 | last post Jul 25 '10 by: iohos
I'm new to Drupal but i'm an expert PHP programmer. I just want to know how much the average Drupal site costs to the client so I can charge in more parellel. I might spend twice as many hours on it so that's why I can't charge per hour, (actually I can't even estimate it) but All the drupal site needs is update pictures, text, a contact...
thread by: SumanSingh | last post May 27 '24 by: olivasmith
Hey everyone! I'm a college student (Engineering in computer science) super eager to dive into the world of Data Science for my career. Any tips or advice from your own journey? What are some must-know things, and where should I start? Your genuine insights mean a lot! Thanks a bunch!
thread by: accessibilitysp | last post Oct 23 '22 by: zmbd
Hello everyone! So today I will be asking some very important questions which many others might relate to. Your advice might influence my decision so its a request to answer this if you have reasonable amount of experience in the IT industry. My short intro: I am 26 year old. Completed my Bachelors in Cs with a cgpa 2.8/4 in July and now doing...

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